10 Unmissable Things To Do In Valencia At Night

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Swimming pool in Valencia, Spain

The Spanish city of Valencia is an ancient town full of fascinating history, stunning architecture, hip boutiques, and excellent cuisine. Home to the world-famous arts and sciences complex known as the Ciutat de les Arts, Valencia Cathedral, and a charming old town, there's something to do in this city for just about everyone. But after a day spent exploring the sites, you may find yourself looking for things to do at night in Valencia. Luckily, Spanish culture embraces late nights, and there are plenty of ways you can enjoy Valencia nightlife both in the city center and in other parts of the town. In fact, Valencia is a city blessed with several varied and fascinating neighborhoods, and you can learn more about them in our Valencia ultimate neighborhood guide.

Whether you choose to visit Valencia in summer or winter, you'll find the city streets packed with great venues for bar hopping along with restaurants that stay open late and some legendary Valencia clubs. But before you go out, don't forget to drop off your bags at a Valencia luggage storage spot. The last thing you want on a fun night out is to be weighed down with heavy bags.

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Tattoo shop at night

Feria de Julio

If you're lucky enough to be in Valencia in July, you have to check out the Feria de Julio. This July fair sees the city streets come to life, and has been a mainstay of the city since the late 19th century. The festival has only grown over the years to become one of the largest city celebrations in Valencia, and it incorporates many different events during both the day of the night. Perhaps the most famous is the battle of the flowers that takes place each year, the festival is also a great place to try out tasty tapas, see live concerts, sample Spanish wine, and hang out with Spanish people enjoying some fresh air recreation. The festivities go late into the night, and the young people of the city will stay out long into the morning. If you have the energy to keep up, you owe it to yourself to attend this exciting festival while visiting Valencia.

Pub Crawl

In Spain, restaurants stay open until midnight, and clubs often stay open until the sun comes up. If your time visiting Valencia is limited and you just need an easy way to see some of the city's top nightspots, consider an organized pub crawl. These fun tours will take you bar hopping through some of Valencia's most exciting neighborhoods, and they are also a great way to meet other travelers and have a good time. Knowledgeable guides will fill you in on all the best places to experience Valencia nightlife, and if you find a particular favorite, you can always come back on your own time and explore further. After a few chalices of the local wine, you'll find you make friends very easily in Valencia.

Barrio del Carmen

The Barrio del Carmen is the ancient heart of Valencia, and the city center is home to many Valencia museums, the Central Market, the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciencies, the Turia Gardens, and some of the best restaurants in the city. It's also easily reached from Valencia Train Station. That makes it a great place to explore by day, but is just as much fun by night. In fact, you'll find some of the best clubs in all of Valencia in and around el Carmen, as it's known to locals. At night, the narrow streets of the old town rock to techno music, and locals mingle with tourists to give this neighborhood a unique vibe. El Carmen is a great place for barhopping, and you'll find there's always something going on in nearby public squares such as the Plaza de la Reina and the Plaza de la Virgen. If you're not into the club scene, you could also spend a lively and entertaining evening enjoying a late-night meal in the old town and people watching from a restaurant table.

Valencia, Spain, at night

Beach Clubs

Valencia has so much to offer history buffs and culture vultures. But for a certain segment of the traveling public, Spain will always be synonymous with the beach. And given Valencia's location on the Mediterranean Sea, is no surprise that the city's seafront can offer golden sand, palm trees, and plenty of sunshine.

If you're looking for ways to enjoy Valencia nightlife, don't neglect the beach. Valencia's beach area comes to life at night thanks to the presence of many beach clubs where you can party on the sand dunes and enjoy dancing the night away on a Mediterranean beach. If you prefer to do your partying in a more natural setting outside of the city center, you have plenty of options. Marina Beach Club, for instance, is one of the most famous clubs in the entire city. By day, you can soak up the sun on the luxurious sunbeds or enjoy the city's only poolside bar. By night, Marina Beach Club transforms into a lively club that hosts a rotating selection of both local and international DJs, making it one of the best places to party and experience Valencia nightlife for yourself. And Marina is just one of the clubs you'll find near the beach when you visit Valencia.

Sunset Boat Cruise

Valencia may be a fantastic destination for bar hopping and nightclubs. But if you prefer your nighttime activities a little more sedate, you're in luck. Thanks to a quirk of history, Spain, despite its Western location, is on the same time zone in central Europe. The result is that in the summer in Valencia, the sun stays up until around 9:30 PM.

One of the most pleasant things to do at night in Valencia is take a boat ride and watch the sunset over the beautiful old city. Some cruises even let you have a late dinner on the beach, making for a truly unforgettable experience and one of the best Valencia tours you could take. You may even get treated to paella, Valencia's most famous dish that takes advantage of the excellent seafood in the region. On the subject of food, if you're wondering where to find the best street food in Valencia, check out our guide.

City of Arts and Sciences

A museum may seem like one of the strangest places to go for a night out in Valencia, but the City of Arts and Sciences is a super special place that will leave you agog with amazement. Apart from the stunningly beautiful buildings it's housed in that are illuminated at night and look like something out of a futuristic sci-fi world, you can indulge in a ten-course tapas tasting menu of typical Valencian food accompanied by several glasses of Spanish wine on a rooftop terrace with awe-inspiring views of the city.  Winter nights in Valencia can be chilly, so visiting the City of Arts and Sciences' rooftop bar is best done during the summer months. With that said, the City of Arts and Sciences hosts many events year-round, so it's always worth checking in to see what's going on. The entrance fee can be surprisingly reasonable considering everything you get here.

Driving at night

How not to party in Valencia at night and still have a great time

By saying how not to party in Valencia at night doesn't mean you need to stay in your hotel or hostel staring at a TV screen babbling on in a language you're possibly struggling to get to grips with. You can still go out, but rather than going wild you can enjoy some quieter, more relaxed activities - or at least some of them will be quiet. Others not so much.  

Flamenco Shows – Going to see a flamenco show is a big part of Valencia nightlife, but could never be classed as going partying, as the ones having the party are those performing. You can catch the best flamenco shows in Valencia at the Cafe del Duende on Carrer del Turia (within walking distance of the Mercado Central, or) and at La Buleria Tablao Flamenco on Carrer del Bisbe Jaume Perez.

There are two ways to see the flamenco shows in Valencia. One is by purchasing an entrance ticket which includes a drink and costs on average twenty-five to thirty euros per person. La Buleria Tablao Flamenco also offers dinner packages that vary in price from forty-five to seventy-five euros. The Cafe del Duende operates differently and is tickets at the door only. There is an entrance fee, no reservations are accepted, first come is first served and when it's full, the doors close.

How to see Valencia by night

The heat in summertime in Valencia can be so stifling it can put you off going sightseeing even when you're desperate to see some of Valencia's main attractions. If that's the case when you arrive there, stay cool on the beach during the day then do your city sightseeing when temperatures drop in the evening.

Hop-on Hop-off Bus – Valencia's hop-on hop-off tourist bus operates until ten at night and leaves from right outside Valencia Bus Station at Nuevo Centro. Hop-on around seven-thirty in the evening and as long as you don't get off, you'll be able to make the full two-hour tour of the bus's route around the city. A ticket that's valid for 24 hours costs nineteen euros and a 48-hour ticket is just one euro more. You'll see all of the major attractions and quite honestly, places like Valencia Cathedral and the Torres de Serrano look twice as impressive when illuminated at night.

Gastro Tours – Taking an early evening food-oriented tour of Valencia is one way of getting your dinner, meeting like-minded others on a safe social level if you're traveling solo and learning more about the complexities of Spanish cuisine. The average price for a food tour that takes around three hours is thirty to forty euros and usually includes visiting several tapas bars, seafood restaurants, and tavernas. It's also a great way to see more of the Old Town and the Barrio del Carmen.

One thing you'll be guaranteed to get a sample of on any food tour in Valencia is Agua de Valencia, which is a deliciously refreshing cocktail that's made from fresh orange juice and cava with a dash of vodka and gin thrown in. After lots of tasty tapas, you'll get to try the earthy-tasting local drink called horchata too and learn how it's made as well as get introduced to turron which is a traditional Spanish sweet made from almonds.

The weirdest thing to do at night in Valencia

If you're looking for something completely unique, and one that is definitely the weirdest thing to do in Valencia at night, you'll find it in one of Valencia's most popular attractions – Oceanografic de Valencia. You can spend, if you're brave enough, a night sleeping with the sharks in the city's aquarium. As far as unique experiences in Valencia go, it would be hard to outdo this. 

What does a night sleeping with the sharks consist of? After an eight o'clock meet and greet you're given a night tour of the aquarium installation followed by dinner, after which you'll be heading for the shark tunnel where you'll spend the night in a sleeping bag – in the dark under the beady watch of circling sharks. The experience carries quite a hefty price tag, ninety euros, and you have to provide your own sleeping bag and pajamas, but dinner and breakfast are included.

So now you know all about Valencia nightlife, the things to do in Valencia at night, where the Valencia nightlife is happening and where it's not. All you have to do now is visit Valencia and have a fantastic time.

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