Valencia on a budget: 9 travel hacks to save on your trip

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Valencia on a budget

If you have always wanted to visit Valencia but have been held back by worries that you don't have a big enough budget to go, don't worry. You can definitely visit Valencia on a budget. Many of the best things to do and see in Valencia, like the Valencia Cathedral, the Old Town, or even the Mercado Central Market, can be visited without breaking the bank.

You will just need to be sure that you make an effort to save money in the right places so that your trip can be a blast without costing an arm and a leg. This means cutting costs on things like accommodation, food and drinks, and sightseeing. In no time, you'll be wondering how it's possible to have so much money left over.

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Affordable hotels in Valencia

Cheap places to stay in Valencia

Choosing the right neighborhood in Valencia for your hotel can make all the difference in your trip. Having access to free wi-fi or being near attractions like Valencia Cathedral might be important to you. You might also care about being able to head to Old Town or a fine arts museum. This guide to the best neighborhoods in Valencia can ensure that you have a great trip that you won't soon forget.

The River Hostel

Rooms at this lovely hostel start at $65 a night. You can get private rooms for slightly more money as well. There is a cafe, a bar, and a guest kitchen. This is one of the best tips in any budget traveller's guide. If you can make some of your meals at your hotel, this will save you lots of money during your trip.

You will be a ten-minute walk from Jardín del Turia and the Mercado Central here, and you can also easily use your Valencia tourist card to get into some of the local museums for a discounted rate.

Cama Del Mar

This cool hostel offers private rooms as well as dorm accommodations. You can stay here for about $60 a night, and you will be within walking distance of the City of Arts and Sciences Park complex and the Oceanogràfic Valencia aquarium. The hotel offers free wifi, and you will also get to enjoy being near lots of bars, eateries, and shopping that is in the area. You will also be able to head over to the Mediterranean Sea from this location to enjoy some great views.

B&B Hi València Cánovas

Another hostel, this lovely older home, offers you access to private rooms as well as shared dorm spaces, all for about $75 a night. There is a rooftop terrace and a TV lounge in the building, and the rooms are quite large and spacious. Wifi and breakfast are free here, and you will be near Valencia Cathedral, as well as Old Town and street art tours that leave from this area.

Cheap things to do in Valencia

Cheap things to do in Valencia

There are many things that you can do in Valencia on a budget, and you won't have to worry about missing out on anything while you are in town just because of your budget. These attractions and activities can be done on a tight budget, and there are many other activities that might surprise you with their affordability.

Lonja de la Seda

This beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important historic sites in the Old Town area. This is where the silk exchange was located in the 15th and 16th centuries. It only costs €2 to see this incredible building and to learn all about this important foundational trade good that put Valencia on the map.

Plaza de la Virgen

Just like the Plaza de la Reina and the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, this location is a great place to enjoy shopping, see street art, and see local street performers. The Plaza de la Virgen is also close to the City of Arts and Sciences building, which you might have on your list of things to do. On Sundays in this plaza, there is a flea market, and you can also head over to the Valencia Cathedral from here easily.

City of Arts and Sciences

While this cool attraction costs about €8 to enter, it is worth the money. You can also sometimes get a combined ticket for this attraction and some of the other things that you might have on your wish list. The City of Arts and Sciences is a great attraction to take kids to, as they can participate in experiments and projects and also interact with many of the science museum exhibitions here. This is a place where you can easily spend the larger part of a day, and people of all ages can have a great time here.

Budget-friendly restaurants in Valencia

Cheap places to eat in Valencia

If you love street food, then Valencia has you covered. Street food is always really fun to enjoy in big cities, and you can't really say you've visited Valencia if you haven't eaten at least one meal from one of the best street food vendors in the city. Other than street food, here are a few affordable food options:

La Finestra

If you love pizza, then you need to make sure that you head to this lovely little restaurant. You can enjoy delicious food here of all kinds, from personal pizzas to pasta, beer, and wine. The total cost of your meal will be about €10, and sometimes there are dinner specials that can save you quite a bit on some of the fancier things on the menu.

Guako Restaurante

There are many cool tapas bars in the city, and you will love how affordable the food is at these lovely little hangouts. You can enjoy Latin American-themed tapas here, as well as some fusion treats that are delightful. There is a drinks menu as well, which is pretty affordable. Plan to spend about $15 a plate here or even less if you share with the person or people you have traveled with.

Pepe Bucato

This Mediterranean restaurant offers pasta, pizza, tapas-style starters, and great service. Come here with kids or with a big group and save money on a meal while also having a really great time. There are few places that offer this many really excellent dining options for about €10 a person.

Cheap bars in Valencia

Cheap bars in Valencia

Drinking or enjoying a night out on the town might seem like it is not going to be possible in a city that is known to be expensive. However, if you know where to go for a nightcap, you should have no trouble affording a night out in Valencia. The spots that locals frequent are often the most ideal when it comes to saving money, and you will probably also make some new friends if you choose to mingle and chat with the locals.

La Flama

This chill spot offers you access to affordable drinks, as well as live music and comedy shows. The beer menu can be as cheap as €3, and there are mixed drinks that are quite affordable as well. Food is served here, and you can sometimes catch a special that combines food and specific drinks for a very reasonable price.

The Lounge

This sports bar is a great place to sit down with a very affordable beer to watch the sport of your choice. The environment here is really relaxed, and you can also get tapas and skewers to snack on when you enjoy a drink here. Beer and wine make up most of the menu, but there are also a few cocktails that you can order.

Negresco English Pub

While it might not seem like an English pub would be a good fit for Valencia, this fun and relaxed location feels like it couldn't possibly be anywhere else. Get a beer for about €3-€5 a pint and enjoy some bar food snacks while you hang out with friends or someone special. Their service is great, and the atmosphere is very welcoming here.

Robin Hood

This location is a beer hall, which can be a very fun experience to have while you are in Spain. Beer halls traditionally just serve beer, and they usually do not serve food. You can sit down for a lovely pint here, and you will often get reduced prices if you buy more than one pint at a time. Some of these locations also offer up a drinking challenge that ensures that everyone in the party gets a free beer. If you are up for drinking a large amount of beer from a very big glass or some other form of drinking challenge, you might score free drinks.

Tips for visiting Valencia on a budget

Bonus budget tips for Valencia

Take public transportation

There is just one public transportation card in Valencia. This means that you can use the same card to enjoy access to the Valencia Bus Station, trams, subways, and even bicycles. If you have tired feet from the walking tours you have taken, or you want to save money by staying in one of the budget hotels away from the city center, this can be a great solution. Affordable accommodations outside the city center are very helpful when trying to save money, and transport can be much more affordable using your public transportation card when compared to car rentals.

Free walking tours

Many of the city's free walking tour options are an excellent way to see all the sights and sounds of Valencia. These free walking tours are often outlined online, or you might be able to catch one that is led by a guide. The only cost of a guided tour will be the tip that you give to the local guide who has shown you around.

Get active

If you like a bit of a challenge, head to El Miguelete, the bell tower near the Cathedral. You will climb 207 steps to get to the top of the tower, but it's worth it when you see the views that are possible from the height of the tower. Take selfies and admire the city from this bird's eye view that is not possible anywhere else in Valencia. It costs just €2 to climb the tower. The only other thing you need to bring is some study shoes.

Travel with kids

Some of the attractions in the city offer free entry to kids and retirees on the weekends. If you are not sure if you can enjoy access to this perk at the attractions that you want to see, it is easy to ask. Even La Lonja de la Seda offers this perk on the weekends, no matter what season of the year it is.

Enjoy the outdoors

Lastly, don't forget to stroll along the beaches in the evening for a lovely way to close out your night. These are some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and they are best enjoyed at night as the sun is setting and the stars are coming out.

Traveling to Valencia on a budget


This is one of the most amazing Spanish cities to visit, and you shouldn't cheat yourself out of a trip to Valencia just because of your budget. There are so many ways to save money while you are in Valencia on a budget that you will have no trouble planning an incredible and memorable trip. From adding free things to do to your itinerary to cheap meals and bars to budget hotels, saving money while visiting Valencia is always possible.

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