Best Brunch In Vienna: The Definitive Guide

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As the capital of Austria, Vienna is a very popular tourist town as well as a great place to live. Just ask the two million residents! Located in eastern Austria, it is close to Hungary, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic as well. All of these places connect to each other in what is called a Centerope to establish a multinational region.

The city has a lot to see and do but one of the best things to do in Vienna is to eat. Viennese cuisine includes some of the most delicious dishes like the wiener schnitzel, apfelstrudel, and goulash. But their brunch foods are amazing too with dishes like crepes, eggs Benedict, and French toast to name a few.

Whether you want to enjoy a healthy breakfast with great food in an amazing atmosphere or a weekend brunch of egg dishes and other good food, you can find all that and more. You will be pleasantly surprised at all the choices you will have for great food for brunch in Vienna.

You can get a great breakfast at one of the quaint cafés or another breakfast place or enjoy a nice brunch at a brunch spot anywhere in the city. Whether you like to eat an early morning lunch or a late day breakfast, it does not matter.

Some people wonder why brunch is even a thing. Those are the people who get up early and eat breakfast and do not get hungry again until lunchtime. For those of us who sleep late but still want a breakfast dish, brunch is important, even in Vienna. In fact, brunch is the best meal of the day because you get to have a burger and a stack of pancakes at the same time. So drop your bags and belongings at a Vienna luggage storage location and enjoy an incredible meal!

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Gerstner Café Restaurant

Museum lovers will adore this spot. The Gerstner Café Restaurant is another great breakfast spot with a brunch menu on Sundays. The place has been serving delicious treats since the late 1800s and the food is famous all around Vienna. In fact, they serve food to the Vienna Music Society and State Opera.

Their buffet is full of scrumptious appetizers to enjoy while you wait for the main course to be brought to your table. They even have a dessert case to choose tasty treats from. And the drink menu includes tea, coffee, soft drinks, beer, and Schlumberger sparkling wine.

Café Drechsler 

Café Drechsler is another place with a great breakfast all day long and freshly roasted coffee. It is located close to the most popular market in town, Naschmarkt. The fluffy blueberry pancakes and peanut butter porridge are both delicious and the creamy potato omelets are like no other.

The best breakfast dish on the menu is the brioche French toast drenched in rich vanilla sauce, though. This dish is something you will never forget and is exactly what makes the place so special as far as many are concerned. But don't miss the avocado toast either.

Ritz Carlton Brunch

Inside the Ritz Carlton, you will find six different restaurants featuring the best brunch spots in town including the Blaue Bar, Sacher Eck, the Café Sacher Wien, and the 1920s-style Salon Sacher. At the café, breakfast is served all day which includes good food like pancakes with apricot jam, omelets, and an array of decadent pastries.

At Sacher Eck, you will be bowled over by the sophisticated decor and friendly staff but the food will really blow you away. The apple strudel and cheesecake are both magnificent for a sweet tooth but the unique sacher torte and three pages of coffee drinks are what many people come for.

Motto am Fluss

With its relaxed atmosphere and large sunny terrace, Motto am Fluss has an adorable café with a great breakfast menu featuring avocado pancakes and a variety of egg dishes like fried eggs and omelets. This is where everyone likes to have a nice breakfast during the summer because it is on a ship on the Danube Canal. It is also one of the best brunch spots any time of year.

Also on the ship, the restaurant has a splendid menu from breakfast to dinner and everything in between. They may not have the best breakfast menu but their lunch food is decadent with light fluffy bread, juicy burgers, and on Saturday they have a buffet. The coffee is good too.

The Health Kitchen

All week long, The Health Kitchen serves the best brunch and breakfast foods as well as lunch and dinner made with an array of local and organic ingredients. Try their savory protein breakfast burger with creamy coleslaw, their splendid acai bowls, or the big veggie combo made with hummus, falafel, zucchini noodles, and marmalade.

One of the popular brunch spots in Vienna, this restaurant also serves six different salad bowl dishes including the Mexican taco bowl with tortilla chips and sour cream and an Oriental bowl with couscous, hummus, and cranberries. For dessert, try the apple strudel or cheesecake with a cup of coffee or juice.

Babula Hotel

Wondering where to stay in Vienna? Brunch is the favorite meal for everyone at Babula Hotel where they serve breakfast until late in the day on weekends. Some of the favorites include blueberry peanut butter porridge, the randale omelet sandwich with two eggs, the brioche French toast, and the lil' royal sandwich made with avocado, cottage cheese, and tomatoes.

You can even get an espresso martini shot for brunch to give you a boost of energy as you explore Vienna. Or get a steaming mug of hot chocolate, cappuccino, or macchiato. They even have lemonade, orange juice, and ginger carrot juice.

Hildebrandt Café

This stunning little eatery in the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art is a splendid way to have a breakfast or lunch meal any time of day. The backyard garden is the perfect spot to dine, especially during the summer months. Inside, you see marbled walls and cute decor with floral centerpieces, crystal wine glasses, and miniature chandeliers. The seating is rustic and the atmosphere is cozy and friendly.

The one thing on the breakfast menu that you cannot miss is the waffle tower. It is about 12 inches high with a stack of waffles crispy on the outside and light and fluffy on the inside. Covered in fruit and other delicious toppings, whatever you ask for. People actually go there just to eat without even visiting the museum, although that is a shame because it is awfully nice too.


Everything on the breakfast menu is available all day and you will be in awe of the aromas coming from the kitchen. Their creative dishes like the banana walnut french toast and danish pancakes are better than any waffles and pancakes from anywhere else. The atmosphere is fun and lively with a staff of young adults who know how to make you smile.

If you plan to eat during peak time, you may want to reserve a table because Stilbruch is one of the favorite places with the locals too. Some of their brunch dishes at this cute restaurant include sloppy joes, sandwiches, and a variety of egg dishes. The service is great and the food is impressive, so make this one of your brunch stops in Vienna.

Das Augustin

Where breakfast is served until 3:30 PM and the service is beyond nice, Das Augustin is a hidden gem you should not miss while you are in Vienna. The place is a remodeled pub, giving it a homey feel with cute touches of color here and there. But the main draw is the food, of course. This is one of those restaurants that could be placed anywhere and it would be busy.

The courtyard seating is fantastic during the summer and you will love the atmosphere as you nibble on appetizers during your wait. Try their avocado toast and fruit, fluffy pancakes, porridge, or ham and eggs. No matter what you get from this restaurant, it is bound to be delicious.


This is one of the more upscale breakfast restaurants in Vienna where you can get a chicken burger, pasta, and eggs Hollandaise as well as a bowl of porridge or gingerbread yogurt. It has a spectacular location with a terrace overlooking the Donaukanal, part of the Danube River, decorated in gorgeous greenery. Easily reached by hopping off the Westbahnhof line, when seeing the city it's a top choice for brunch.

The coffee is famous and delicious and the service is pleasant but the food is amazing. Try the chocolate pancakes, light and fluffy omelets, or scrambled eggs for breakfast, or a healthy delight like zucchini patties, dumplings, or a brisket burger on rye bread. If you enjoy a young crowd with some nice tunes and a spot over the river, try Klyo.


For an amazing Vienna café experience that boasts a wide variety of dishes, ERICH features Vienna coffee at its finest along with acai bowls, huevos ranchos, and smoothies as well as tacos and shakshuka. The menu is full of all sorts of delightful flavors whether you want avo toast, eggs, or just a cup of coffee.

If you are really hungry, try the Schoner Erich, which has rye bread, bacon, salmon, eggs, cream cheese, tomatoes, feta, cottage cheese, mushrooms, chorizo, and ham. The vegan dishes are actually better than anything you can find in Vienna. Be sure to enjoy a cup of the coffee there though, because it is sensational.

Café Telegraph

Café Telegraph is a sweet little coffee shop in the heart of Vienna. The menu will surprise you with such a variety of items from British breakfasts to avocado pancakes. The falafel and hummus are both incredible and the English breakfast boasts beans and sausages with shakshuka. Pancakes and banana porridge are also popular breakfast foods.

This restaurant is amazing with its array of choices that include three avocado dishes, pierogi, and Mediterranean eggs with feta cheese, olives, and cherry tomatoes. They also have nine kinds of coffee such as flat white, caramel latte, and espresso. Or you can enjoy a tasty mimosa, glass of wine, or a frosty craft beer.

Don't miss sweet and savory crepes

Brunch in Vienna is a nice experience no matter where you go because the establishments are almost always filled with happy and friendly people and a menu full of breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. It is almost impossible to find a place without good food and great service. Weekends, weekdays, and even public holidays, you are likely going to find the perfect place in Vienna for brunch while you are there.

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