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13 January

The 15 Best Museums In Vienna

Do you love to learn about intriguing European cities? Vienna is a terrific choice for doing so. Choose several of the museums on our extensive list and see them all!

Weekend trips from Vienna
13 January

6 easy must-do weekend trips from Vienna

Vienna's geographical location combined with a really excellent public transportation system means this lovely city also makes the ideal base for a weekend getaway. A relatively short drive or train ride from Vienna can bring you to incredible places, from scenic lakes to bustling cities to historic Roman towns.

What to eat in Vienna
13 January

What to Eat in Vienna: 13 Treats You Should Not Miss

Check out Austrian restaurants or visit one of the thousands of Viennese coffee shops in the capital, and you'll be taking part in the traditional Austrian way of life. There's much more to Austrian food than just wiener schnitzel, so try some of these delicious dishes and get a better insight into Vienna's famous food.

Wine tasting in Vienna
13 January

Wine Tasting in Vienna: 9 Places You Have to Try

From wine tours to wine tavern locations, there are so many ways to make the most of your wine tasting time in Vienna. You can get all your international favorites here along with a few local gems. Bring your palate and your sense of adventure and you're sure to have fun wine tasting your way through Vienna.

Rooftop bars in Vienna
13 January

Rooftop Bars in Vienna: 7 Places to Drink with a View

Even if you are only in Vienna for a few days, you will find that visiting a rooftop bar is an easy way to take a moment to unwind and enjoy all that this lovely part of the world has to offer. Be pampered at a sky bar location or enjoy a more laidback rooftop bar with a great beer and wine list. Whichever rooftop bar you choose, you're bound to have a memorable evening in Vienna.

13 January

The 9 Best Hikes In Vienna

Ah, Vienna! It's a magical place and that includes its hiking destinations. Make sure to check out Bisamberg or Kahlenberg and more! Whether you are looking for a hike that gives you a workout or an easy trek that's short and sweet, this list has it.

13 January

Best Brunch In Vienna: The Definitive Guide

Vienna is exquisite and so is its brunch! Savor delicious Viennese favorites over a lazy mid-day meal. It's a terrific pastime while on holiday.

13 January

Where To Stay In Vienna: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

Central Vienna is known for being luxurious while the Josefstadt Neighborhood is the place to stay for a quieter pace. This guide will tell you where to stay depending on your preferences. Read on to find out more!

13 January

15 Things To Do In Vienna With Kids

Kids loves aquariums, butterflies, and horses and you can see all of these in Vienna. Take the family to this marvelous city for a trip everyone will enjoy!

13 January

The Top 15 Free Things To Do In Vienna

Have you ever visited a Unesco World Heritage Site? How about watched a concert in one? You can enjoy this activity for free in Vienna. Try a free bike tour of the city, too. These are just two of the many free things to do in Vienna.

13 January

How to Get Around Vienna

Rent a bike and see Vienna up close. Or make it extra fun with a hop on hop off bus tour. However you like to travel, getting around Vienna is not difficult. Read on to learn how to make your way about this exceptional city!

13 January

16 Unmissable Things To Do In Vienna At Night

Vienna is absolutely stunning at night. Don't miss the Vienna State Opera or Prater Amusement Park. These are both very different types of activities, but both exceptionally enjoyable in Vienna!

13 January

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Vienna

What is Vienna famous for when one craves delicious street food? This guide will tell you where to find the best street food in Vienna! Think Viennese sausage and more tasty bites. Check out food festivals, too.

13 January

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Vienna

What is your shopping passion? Vienna will have it! Designer outlets, convenient malls, and especially the large markets in the city are must-visit places for the person who loves to browse and shop.

Best day trips from Vienna
13 January

Best Day Trips from Vienna

Vienna's location in the very heart of Europe means it's close to some truly incredible day trip locations. Whether you want to get away from it all in the countryside, admire the majesty of the Alps, or soak up the lively atmosphere of other capital cities like Bratislava and Prague, it's all doable from Vienna.

13 January

Vienna Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

Magical Christmas markets come alive in Vienna, some go to New Year's time as well. You'll have plenty of time to explore the stalls and vendor wares. But don't delay, use this guide for information on where to go.

13 January

Vienna On a Rainy Day: 11 Things To Do

A rainy day in Vienna gives you the perfect opportunity to tour museums, eat at wonderful restaurants and shop in terrific boutiques. See what to do on a rainy day in Vienna in this guide.

13 January

Music Festivals in Vienna in 2022

Seeing Vienna is a wonderful experience and celebrating sound here is a treat, too! From jazz to pop music, this lively city knows how to throw put on a music festival.

13 January

3 Days in Vienna: Everything You Should Know

From food to beaches to museums, Vienna has much to offer. See the best of Vienna in 3 days by following our itinerary!

13 January

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Vienna

For dessert, try vegan ice cream. But first, select your main course! Vegan restaurants in Vienna have breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings sure to please.

Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Vienna
13 January

Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Vienna

Vienna has a nice mix of traditional cafés where tourists are transported to decades or even centuries past and modern coffee shops where you can catch up on work so you can enjoy the rest of your visit to this historic city. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of remote work-appropriate coffee shops in Vienna.

Beaches near Vienna
12 January

6 beaches near Vienna: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

If you have never considered enjoying the beach while you are in Vienna, it's not too late to add this kind of activity to your plans! There are lots of swimming pools, riverside, and lakeside locations near the city center that are ideal for cooling off and relaxing on a hot day.

12 January

7 best hostels in Vienna

Step into a city of art, history and culture, including many other wonderful surprises. Unique and extra special hostels are part of the package when you visit Vienna.

12 January

Is Vienna safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Safety when traveling is important. Vienna is a very safe destination and this guide gives tips on how to feel secure at all times as you explore the wonders of this fabulous metropolis.

12 January

The Best Time to Visit Vienna 2024: The Ultimate Guide

Vienna is full of lovely shops, pretty cafes, and distinctive architecture. When is the right time to see it all? We'll tell you the best time to visit Vienna!

Vienna on a budget
12 January

Vienna on a budget: 12 travel hacks to save on your trip

Saving money isn't always easy in Vienna, and there's so much to see and do here that it is easy to get carried away and burn through your travel budget quickly. However, with a few travel hacks, it is possible to save money even in a city as expensive as this one.

Romantic restaurants in Vienna
12 January

6 romantic restaurants in Vienna for the best date night

Vienna, the capital of Austria, might not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of romance. But maybe it should be. Once you make your way into the historic heart of the city and see the stunning architecture that rivals cities like Paris, you'll understand that this ancient city is actually one of the most romantic places in Europe for your next date night.

12 January

9 must see parks in Vienna

Seeing the parks in Vienna is a must do on anyone's list, whether a local out for fresh air or a traveler seeing the sights. Vienna Shakespeare Garden is a definite highlight.

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