Wine Tasting in Vienna: 9 Places You Have to Try

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Wine tasting in Vienna

If you have never been to Vienna, you probably have a whole list of things that you want to see and do while you are visiting. You probably have some historical sites that you want to see as well as museums and cultural experiences on the books. Make sure that you look at this guide to the nightlife in Vienna to help you to make fun plans during your stay.

One of the other things that you will want to do while you are in Vienna is go wine tasting or take a guided tour. There are many great ways to enjoy wine tasting, wine tour options, and more when you head to this lovely city. From secret wine cellar locations to wine tastings in the city center, wine lovers will have a great time during their trip to Vienna.

No matter what you have planned, make sure that you get your luggage securely stored before you do anything else. We can make sure that your luggage is in safe storage in Vienna. You can have a lot of fun while you are taking your Vienna tours or enjoying the city center locations on your list of things to do if you aren't worried about your things.

Once you have your luggage securely stored, you will be ready to head out to your winery visit, private tour, or local wine tasting session!

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Wineries near Vienna

Best Wine Tasting Spots in Vienna

From wine tours to wine tavern locations, there are so many ways to make the most of your wine tasting time in Vienna. Whether you have arrived via the Vienna train station or have flown in from other countries, you will find that wine tasting options are everywhere from almost the moment that you arrive. Consider checking on Vienna tours for your wine tasting fun if you want to save a little time and money, or go it alone and book your own wine tastings that suit your specific needs. There is no wrong way to enjoy wine tasting in Vienna during your trip.

These locations are all either right within the city or not far away in the Wachau Valley and surrounding countryside. You will also be treated to an amazing culinary experience at many of these locations, which can make your day trips that much more fun. Make sure that you consider taking a local guided tour or that you plan properly to squeeze in a variety of locations outside the city if you plan your own day trips to taste wines. There is so much to see in this part of the world that you do not want to miss out on the best of what Vienna has to offer during your stay.

Winery Cobenzl

Located near central Vienna, this is one of the classic stops on many of the wine tour trips you can plan. This is a winery that is focused on sustainable practices, and there is also a really nice restaurant on site here to enjoy during your visit. This is one of the locations where you can book a private tour, but even if you have just dropped in to try some Austrian wines, the helpful staff will be more than happy to offer you a mini wine tour after your tasting. This is a friendly and fun place to visit, and you can easily combine your wine tasting with a meal if you wish.

The relaxing atmosphere here is a big benefit to visiting the wine cellars here, and you will love that you do not feel pressured or hurried as you stop in at this location.


Am Cobenzl 96, 1190 Wien

Schlumberger Kellerwelten

Come to this winery if you love sparkling wines and a comfortable wine tour that makes you feel right at home. This is one of the leading producers of sparkling wine varieties in the region, and you will be delighted to head here if this is your wine preference. It can be a little chilly in the wine cellars here, so bring a coat. You will often be treated to an impromptu little small group tour if there are some other people tasting with you, making this one of the most friendly and fun family-owned wineries to visit.

Make sure that you add this to your list of local wineries to visit if you want to try some unique white wines, as well as the sparkling wines that you might already have enjoyed at dinner or lunch when you were in the city.


Heiligenstädter Str. 39, 1190 Wien

Mulled wine in Vienna


For access to quality wines at a great price, head to this lovely wine bar in the heart of the city. You will have more than a few options for your wine tour here if you wish to have someone help you to experience a variety of local wines during your visit. You can snack on a cheese and meat plate and talk about the wines that you are trying with the owners. The atmosphere here is really relaxed, and this spot makes a great choice for a start to an evening out before you head to your dinner reservation. You can also stop here for a meeting point to catch up with friends in the middle of the day.


Gölsdorfgasse 2, 1010

Eulennest Vinothek & Weinbar

This is one of the best locations to try local sweet red wines or red wines as a whole. This spot offers access to some of the best Austrian wines you can try, and the service is excellent. Pop in here anytime from lunch to dinner and get some food and a few glasses of wine that you might not be able to try anywhere else in the city. The owners are often in the shop, and you can learn all about Austrian wine from them as you try their recommended varieties. This is also a really affordable place to try out some unique wines, and you might prefer this stop to some of the more expensive tour price offerings that are out there.


Operngasse 30, 1040 Wien

Hidden Wine Cellars of Vienna Tours

Perhaps one of the most fun things to do while you are in Vienna, this Austrian wine tour will take you to the city's most secretive and special wine cellars. The tour takes you to the 300-year-old Schlumberger Champagne Cellars as well as the Wine Cellar in the Palais Coburg that dates back to the 16th century! This is a really fun experience and one of the best Vienna attractions that you can book during your stay. The guides know a lot about the history of the city as well as the history of wine, and you will feel like you have emerged from another world when you head back to the city after your tour.


Alfred-Adler-Straße 11/5/391100 Vienna

Wine and food pairings in Vienna

Vienna Woods Tour

This tour is actually called the Vienna Woods and Mayerling Half-Day Tour from Vienna, and you will get a combination of walking tour and wine tour from this experience. This lovely tour takes you to medieval town locations as well as charming villages and is one of the best guided tour options that you can take. If you want to see the Austrian countryside and try Austrian wine, this is the right choice. You will be treated to time at the Mayerling Hunting Lodge, the Cistercian Abbey of Heiligenkreuz, built in 1133, and the Roman town of Baden as well.

Throughout the tour, you will be allowed to stop for wine tastings, and you will find that there is no better way to enjoy a day trip from the city. This is an amazing opportunity to see Vienna, Austria, and enjoy great wine in one single-day tour.


Meeting point at Operngasse 8

Schwirtz Weinbar

This cool and trendy little wine bar offers you the chance to try wine flights as well as unique bottles that come from the Wachau Valley and the Weinviertel wine region. You will love the helpful staff as they can serve as your tour guide for your wine flight and make recommendations for your preferences when you visit. The seating is comfortable and cozy, and the dim and slightly serious atmosphere lends a sense of peace to the experience here.

You can easily start your evening here and head out to go dancing or enjoy the city's nightlife, or you might want to just sit down here and stay for a while. This is one of the best wine-tasting locations in the city because of the atmosphere alone, but you will also get access to some really unique wines that are not offered at other locations in the city center.


Waehringer Strasse 76 Volksoper


There is something really special about rooftop bars, and this location will not disappoint. With panoramic views of the city, a really excellent drink menu, and a great wine list, there is something here for everyone. You will enjoy comfortable seating with a view no matter where you are seated, and the staff is very friendly and helpful. If you come during the winter, the outdoor seating will be closed off, but you can still sit indoors near the large windows and sip your favorite wine. They also offer really delicious mulled wine here that is made locally.

The food is also very good here, and you can count on this location to offer you dining with a sense of drama and romance. This is a great spot for a night out as well as for wine tasting, and you will love that you can try so many different wines here without having to leave the city center.


Rotenturmstrasse 15

Wine bars in Vienna

Wachau Valley Wine Tasting Bike Tour from Vienna

Do you love riding bikes and also love wine? Do you want to see the Austrian countryside from a whole new perspective? Do you want to burn off some calories while also following a local guide to various wineries in the Wachau Valley?

If you said yes to any of these questions, you will love this Wachau Valley wine tour. You will be given your own bike to use for the day, and then you and your small group tour will head out with your tour guide to see the sights and take in all that Vienna has to offer to you. The route takes you along the Danube River, and you will also be treated to a stop in the small town of Dürnstein to take a break and some free time during your day trip.

This is a great option if you have a small group and you want to make the most of the Wachau Valley, as well as all the wine tasting opportunities in the Vienna area.


Vienna Explorer tour office on Franz Josefs Kai


If you have come to Vienna with a short timeline, don't worry! There are so many ways to plan your long weekend in Vienna that will make sure that you do not miss out on a single thing that you want to do during your trip. Use our guide to 3 days in Vienna to make the most of your travel plans that will allow you to take advantage of wine tours, historical sites, and even traditionally quaint wine villages outside of the city.

Make sure that you take the time to put your bags into secure storage with us as soon as you arrive in Vienna. You will have so much more fun enjoying local wines and local adventures when you are not worried about your luggage getting in the way. You will be able to have the time of your life in Vienna without worries about your bags when you entrust your luggage to us during your trip.

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