The 9 Best Hikes In Vienna

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Vienna is a city of significant history and beauty that can be seen in its architecture and natural beauty. There are some must-sees like the Hofburg and Schönbrunn Palace, which houses the world's oldest zoo, and the dancing Lipizzaner stallions. And if you are into music you may know some of the famous musicians and groups that have resided there like Mozart, Beethoven, The Vienna Boys Choir, and Flaco.

The people of Vienna also love their nature and hiking, and it shows by the number of hiking trails within and around the city. They are so into hiking that tourists can a hiking pass that you get stamped at official stamping points along the hiking routes. When you collect enough stamps you get reward pins and certificates.

We are sure you love to hike as well, but not with your luggage or backpacks. So before you go off exploring the city and the countryside of Austria make sure you store your luggage at one of our safe and secure Vienna luggage storage locations.

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Our Top Hiking Trail Picks in Vienna

In a country of mountains and rolling hills, there are so many great trails to choose from. So how do you make up your mind which ones to try? Of course, your fitness level and experience are factors, but sometimes you just want a nice place to go for a walk or hike. We have put together a list of the best trails in and around Vienna for you.

City hiking route 1 – Kahlenberg

7 miles long this is quite possibly the most popular hiking in Vienna. It is not very difficult, although there are a few steep sections that might give you a little burning in your calves. Not to worry though, because the scenery is so beautiful it will take your mind off the burn.

The view from the top is the best in Vienna, it is why even if you don't happen to see a lot of other hikers on the trail you will when you reach the top. There are plenty of resting points along the way, including wineries, there is even one at the starting point in Nusdorf. How it takes you to finish will depend on how many rest (or wine) stops you make but it is normally between 3 and 4 hours.

The start of the looping hiking trail is nicely shaded by trees which provides great shade on summer days.

City hiking route 2 - Hermanskogel

At just over 6 miles long, this moderate circular trail will take you through the west area around Vienna called Pfaffenberg. The starting point is the Sievering bus station, walking 3 to 4 hours the route will take you through the tranquil Vienna woods and over rolling hills. There is a path that leads up to the Hermanskogel, the highest peak in Vienna.

The climb up the trail is not easy but the view from the top is worth it, especially in the autumn. If the weather conditions are right (no fog) the view of Vienna is stunning. Do a little preplanning before you set out on the hike as there are quite a few historic places along the trail.

City hiking route 4 – Jubiläumswarte

The easy 4.8-mile walk begins and ends at the Rettichgasse station of Tram 49 and takes about 3 hours. It will take you up to the Jubiläumswarte tower on a hill in the Vienna Woods. From here you will have a great look at the eastern side of the city, and if it is a clear day you can catch a glimpse of Mount Schneeberg to the south.

The hike is not a true loop as you will start out and come back on the trail that goes through the woodland recreation area of Dehnepark. Along the walk, you will pass by the Silbersee pond and a photogenic ruined villa.

City hiking route 5 – Bisamberg

The 6.5-mile terrain on this hike is easy to traverse, it is only rated moderate because of the many hills. The trail starts near Stammersdorf, where you can sip a few glasses of wine before you start. If you really want to take your time you can hit any of the food stops along the way.

When you reach Faukenberg there is a 10-hectare playing area, a perfect place for the kids to enjoy. Even with a few stops to enjoy the views, it should still take between 3 and 4 hours of hiking to complete. And if you didn't enjoy a glass of wine at the start there is a wine tavern near the end in Sterberdorf.

City hiking route 7 - Laaer Berg

An easy but longer hike that is 9.3 miles long and takes 4 to 5 hours to do, you won't see a lot of hikers on this one. Not as popular as some of the other hikes around Vienna, this trail offers nice varied scenery and some fun places to rest.

The start, and finish, is the Altes Landgut metro station, from there you will pass the Laaer Wald and an odd little 19th-century amusement park called the Bohemian Prater. You will pass through farmyards, around the city limits, and finish on some less than smooth terrain following a creek in the woods.

Most of the route is on the easy side but you will need to be wearing proper footwear for the last section. A great hike to get away from the crowds without leaving the city!

City hiking route 9 – Wiener Prater

If you are not a nature nut but you will love to get some exercise in, this is the perfect place for you to walk. The 8-mile trail encircles the Wiener Prater, a huge amusement park near the Danube River. Starting at the Praterstern subway station, the 4-hour walk will take you past Lusthaus, one of the fanciest coffee houses you will ever see.

You will even be able to see the Giant Ferris Wheel in the park. Flat and paved, it is a perfect trail for strollers. This is a great area to choose accommodation. For other interesting neighborhoods, read our guide on where to stay in Vienna.

The Helenental

Helenental Valley in Baden, The Helenental hiking tour is in two stages. Stage one is a moderate 11.4-miles hike that takes about 5.5 hours. It starts in Baden at the thermal baths and goes straight into a mountain stage that gives you the best panoramic view on the route. The trail will take you past the 12th century Rauheneck Castle ruins.

Passing through the Helenental Valley to reach your final destination in Alland you will find information boards on Crown Prince Rudolf. There are even some great rest stops to grab some food or a drink.

Stage two of the tour leads back from Alland to Baden via Heiligenkreuz takes a little longer. Only 2 miles longer 13.5 miles but with more steep ascents and descents the tour will take about 7.5 hours. If you have the time there are two side trips worth making, the former royal lodge Karmel Mayerling (now a convent) and Heiligenkreuz Abbey (a top attraction in Lower Austria).

With so much cultural history on these two tours it is best to take your time and do them over two days, it is the only way to really get the most out of either hike.

Raxalpe West Plateau Circuit, Rax 

To get to the start of the trail you need to take the cable car up to the plateau over 5,000 feet up. You then start out on the 6.7-mile circular route that will provide you with great views of the valley. You will also be able to see Schneeberg, the first mountain in the Lower Austria alps.

The 5-hour hike is a moderate one that passes many mountain huts and the Ottohaus, a great place to stop and refresh. This is a wonderful trail even in the winter when you can do it in snowshoes.

Siebenbrunnenkessel Circuit, Rax 

An hour and twenty-minute drive from Vienna, the hike starts in the Preiner Gscheid parking lot. Right away you are heading straight uphill following a clearly marked path of signs that will lead you around the circuit. The moderately difficult hike with a steep but secure section on the way up and a slippery one on the way down.

You won't need any special equipment but gloves and poles are recommended for the 5.5-mile route that will take about 5 hours. The view from the plateau is amazing as you go from one mountain hut to another.

Easy Hikes in Vienna

There are plenty of easy walks and trails within the city itself but for a change of pace, we thought we would take you beyond the city limits. These are a couple of excursions that won't strain you physically but will definitely satisfy your hiking soul.

Peilstein Adventure Trail

This award-winning themed trail was specifically designed with family and kids in mind. As you walk along the 3.5-mile path there are climbing stations for your kids you have dome fun on. They even get climbing passports to get stamped once a station has been completed.

At the top, you can rest and get some snacks and refreshments at the Schutzhütte mountain hut where they have an alpine playground for a little more fun for the kids. Although an easy trail it is not suited for strollers, and everyone should have proper footwear.

Circular route to Araburg

Technically not in Vienna but not too far away either, this hike is too good not to make the list. The 5.5-mile trail can be reached by public transport from Vienna. The gentle uphill walk in the foothills of the Alps to the castle Araburg ruins and through the Austrian woods is well worth the trip. The walk takes 2.5 hours if don't stop at the castle or cafes.

Intermediate Hikes in Vienna

Looking for something that will make you sweat a little bit, but not leave you completely drained at the end of the day? Here is a trail that will allow you to explore nature and still leave you the energy for a night out in Vienna.

Hagenbachklamm Circular Hike

11.5 miles of a well-paved path that leads through the Hagenbachklamm gorge will take you through picturesque woods, over footbridges, and the banks of the Hagenbach stream. It sounds like an easy trail but there are some steep ascents and descents that will raise the heart rate a bit.

During the 4.5-hour hike, you will find the largest private bird sanctuary in Europe with over 300 birds of 30 different species, plus a large kids playground. If you are in Vienna in the summer don't miss this one!

Difficult Hikes in Vienna

For those looking to break a sweat and push themselves to go beyond the everyday routes, Vienna has some truly amazing trails to check out. But here is one that is truly special that will not only make you breathe heavily but will also take your breath away.

“Pure solitude” from Laaben to Breitenfurt - hard

Nearly 21 miles long this series of trails will take you over steep mountains, along beautiful plateaus, and across bridgeless streams. It is over nine hours of walking solitude so be prepared. Waterproof hiking boots, water, snacks, a medical kit, and a cell phone are essential equipment for this one.

The trek is a long one but trading all the noise of the city for the peace and quiet of nature is a more than fair trade-off.

Hiking Routes, Trails and even City Parks

Hiking in Vienna is truly a terrific pastime. Not every trek requires expertise and each one gives the hiker a fantastic reward. Vienna hiking is really a must-try activity, whether it's meandering well-trodden paths at Schweizergarten near Vienna Train Station or traversing a mountain at one of Vienna's top hiking destinations. Give it a try!

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