Music Festivals in Warsaw in 2022

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Concert in Warsaw

If you have planned a trip to Warsaw Poland, you probably already have a lot of things on your list of places to visit and things to experience while you are in this city. You might want to add the possibility to your considerations that you could be in town when there are music events going on. There are so many really great Warsaw concerts to enjoy each year, and you might be able to get tickets for one of these events during your trip. The summer is the prime time for this kind of attraction, but there are events before and after the summer weather starts that you might be able to catch when you come to the city as well.

No matter what your plans are for your trip to Warsaw, make sure that you have your luggage sorted out before you think of anything else. You will not be allowed to bring your bags with you to the music festivals, and concerts will also limit what you can bring with you to the venue. You don't want to miss out on your favorite artist or the Warsaw music events you have tickets to just because you did not take care of your luggage properly.

Storing your luggage safely in Warsaw Poland is easy when you work with us! We can offer you the peace of mind that your bags are safe and out of the way where no one will bother them while you enjoy music festivals and other events during your time in Warsaw Poland. Once your bags are stored, you will be ready to head out on Warsaw's public transport system to have lots of fun during your stay in Warsaw!

The best music festivals in Warsaw in 2022


Billed as the biggest concert event of the year, this June music festival starts the concert season out with a bang. This is the kind of mega music festival that offers you access to huge names in the music business. Red Hot Chili Peppers have headlined in the past, as have Florence + The Machine. This is an outdoor event with loads of space to wander and sit down or camp, so you will not feel cramped or pressed into huge crowds unless you want to be.

This concert is in Gdynia, which is not a long way from Warsaw Poland. Being some distance away from this four-day event can be nice if you want to avoid some of the noise and chaos, but you might want to stay right in the thick of things. The website for the concert leads you to helpful camping options if you are looking for a trailer or a campsite during the event.


This event takes place in July at nearby Plock, Poland in the Vistula River Park. This lovely venue provides shade from old-growth trees, and you will be able to wander between the various stages and the vendors as you enjoy the electronic music that this event is known for. This is an event that is well established in this area and you will love that you can see such famous electronic artists here.

Enjoy Basch, The Blaze, LSDXOXO, and many more artists during the 2-day event. This is a really charming location for an outdoor concert, and you will love the venue just as much as the event itself. July can be toasty here in Warsaw, but you will be protected from the sun in the park. You can choose to camp at this event as well, which makes for a much more immersive concert experience.

Suwalki Blue Festival

Also part of the July lineup of concerts in and around Krakow, this is a blues-specific event that you will love if this is your music genre of choice. The event is four days long and there are many local artists on the list of headliners, so you can learn about the amazing blue artists in Poland when you visit. You might already be familiar with these musicians, but if not, you are in for a treat.

The atmosphere of this event is laidback, friendly, and comfortable, and you will love that everything about the venue is so welcoming. Come here for a huge blues festival event that you might not be able to access anywhere else in the world.


July is a great time for festivals, and this event that happens July 21-24 in Katowice is one of the best options if you love indie artists and mixed genres of music at your music festival. This is one of the biggest events for new artists, as well as cutting-edge creators, and there is more than one stage in use during the various days of this concert event.

This event is billed as a boutique concert event, and you will see that this is the case as soon as you arrive at the site of the festival. There are few venues so intimate or so well-established for this kind of event and you will have a great time if you are in Warsaw in July and head to this music festival.

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Live music in Warsaw


If you are in Poland later in the year, this August event is perfect for you! This is one of the three biggest music festivals in the world, and it has been billed as the Polish Woodstock. You can camp here, hang out and drink and partake of some really good local food, and enjoy all kinds of different musical genres that are on offer during the event. This year's event features Wolf Alice, Tagada Jones, Clutch, and more.

Since this is an outdoor festival, you will get the real large festival experience when you attend this event. Make sure that you bring sunscreen and plan for some warm weather, but you will also be treated to evening shows that help beat the heat. This event sells out fast each year, so be sure that you get your tickets sorted out well before you arrive in the city.

Fest Festival 2022

Intended to be a camping and partying event as well as a music event, this is a really enjoyable festival that takes place in early August. Caribou, Claptone, and The Chainsmokers are among the headliners, but there are so many other musicians that will be performing during the four days of this festival. You will love the venue as well, which offers lots of space to wander, sit and listen to music, and just have fun.

This is one of the more laidback festivals in the area, which is a really big achievement for the size of this festival. You will find that you might want to just enjoy one day of the events here or you can even rent an RV so that you can stay in comfort right on site. This is a great opportunity to discover new bands, see old favorites, and have a really good time in the Krakow area.

Krakow Live Festival 2022

Late August is a great time for a music festival, and the Krakow Live Festival Event is a huge and very memorable concert to attend. Rhiana, Wiz Kalifa, and 50 Cent have played here in the past, so you can expect some really big names to turn up on the schedule for this music event. There is a link to RV rentals on the Krakow Live site, so you can decide if you want to camp here for part of the event or if you want to commute over to the concert on the days that you want to attend.

This event sells out fast, so be sure that you are prepared with tickets in hand before you head to Krakow for your trip. Being greeted with the news that you cannot get in would be heartbreaking, and you don't want to experience that kind of frustration if you have been looking forward to this event during your trip.

OFF Festival

This August festival states that it has been unspoiled by backpackers, and there does seem to be an effort to be sure that this festival does not get crowded or have some of the aspects of outdoor music festivals that can be overwhelming for some people. You can come here to enjoy music and sit on the grass and not worry about being trampled, or having to fight through huge crowds for a seat.

The lineup this year includes Iggy Pop, Squid, and Yard Act, and you will love that this event is hosted in nearby Katowice. This festival has been around for ten years, which means that it still attracts really well-known musicians as well as those who are just making a name for themselves.

On Air Festival

This is a September event that features some up-and-coming artists that are already making a big name for themselves. Plan to see Jamie XX, Jorja Smith, Polo & Pan, and more at this event. This is a festival that is right in the heart of Warsaw, which is a nice advantage if you don't want to have to travel around a lot just to get to go to your concert each day.

You can expect that this event will sell out quickly due to the popular artists that are playing here, so you will want to make sure that you get tickets as soon as you have set plans. The weather will be cooler than in July as well, which is a nice benefit to choosing a musical event when the fall weather is on its way.

 Planning to stay some more days in Warsaw?

You might have some other time leftover to enjoy Warsaw when your concert event is complete and that is great news for most people! There are so many really enjoyable museums to see here as well as delicious street food to try. Even wandering the city can be a very exciting and fun experience that can deliver all kinds of new experiences. Poland is one of the nicest places to be in July or August as well, which is great since this is when most of the music festival experiences will be going on. Live music is not unheard of within the main part of the city either, and many bars and restaurants or street performers make sure that you will enjoy musical delights even when you are not at the concert that you have tickets for.

Make sure that you check out our guide to planning three days in Warsaw. This guide will help you to get the most out of a short trip to this city, and you can easily put together some very enjoyable days that do not feel rushed, but that still let you get the full experience from this amazing place during your trip. Planning a weekend in Warsaw is easier than you might think, and if you want to share your time between the musical event you have planned and some historical sites and other kinds of adventures, you can do so with ease.

Getting around Warsaw, Poland is also really simple, so you will not have to worry about missing your event or struggling to get from one place to another. This can be a big comfort if you were concerned that you might have trouble figuring out public transit or ways to efficiently get from place to place while you were in the city.

First and foremost, no matter where you have come into the city, whether it was by train, or via the airport, you will want to get your luggage into secure storage right away. When your bags are stored safely, you will be prepared to make the most of your time in Warsaw Poland. Having the peace of mind that your things will not go missing and that you will be able to get into your concert venue without issue can make your trip so much more fun from start to finish!

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