Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Warsaw

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The captivating city of Warsaw is a big and impressive place in Poland that is definitely worth a visit. It is home to a rich history as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with beautiful scenic areas and some great tourist attractions. There are so many things to do in this amazing city, whether you like to shop, try new foods, visit historic areas and museums or go sightseeing.

Lots of people travel to the capital city of Poland every year, and for good reason. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about Warsaw shopping so you can spend days exploring the best malls and shopping streets in the city.

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Popular Shopping Malls and Outlets in Warsaw

Galeria Mokotów

This mall is one of the oldest in the city but still stands as a great place to do some shopping, and it is a popular choice among famous personalities or celebrities too. Every type of store can be found here, whether you are looking for jewelry, fashion wear, souvenirs or home décor.

If you get tired out from walking around in this large shopping center you can take a break at the multiplex cinema or recreation center. Buy a new outfit from your favorite brands or try some tasty dishes at an on-site restaurant in the Galeria Mokotów.

Złote Tarasy

Złote Tarasy is known to be one of the best shopping centers in the city. You will find this impressive complex in the downtown area of Warsaw near the Central Railway Station. It is also located nearby the Palace of Culture and Science, which can be a fun activity after you've done enough shopping.

This is a fairly new establishment and one of the most modern in the city. There are about 200 stores to explore here selling everything from fashionable clothes and accessories to fun gadgets and technology. You can do more than just shopping here, with a huge cinema, fitness zones and restaurants, like the Hard Rock Café, also on site.

Fashion House Shopping Center Klif

If you are looking for some truly exclusive brands or fashion stores you will need to visit the Fashion House Shopping Center Klif. This is a good place to find luxury shops and rare boutiques that you won't see in other areas around town.

This center has some beautiful facilities and is the best location for fashion-savvy clients to upgrade their wardrobes. You can give yourself a whole new style of clothes and accessories while exploring the floors of this Warsaw mall.

Westfield Arkadia

This modern complex is one of the best places for shopping in Warsaw and is also the biggest in the city. It makes the list for one of the third largest shopping centers in the country and is somewhere that you can go to find almost anything. Almost every brand in the whole city has a store here and there are more than 240 places to shop or dine here.

It will be hard to get through the complex in just one day because it is so big and has so many interesting shops to visit. You will have to be prepared to spend a long time here, but you can stop by a nearby restaurant to recharge when you get tired or hungry.

Designer Outlet Warszawa

One of Warsaw's top locations for shopping is in these outlets, and many of them can offer you a great deal too. There are over 100 different brands and businesses to explore and you can spend hours looking through all of them.

This area is easy to get to, as is it located only a half-hour away from the Warsaw City Centre. The buildings found here are stunning as well, with an architecture and style similar to what you would see in the Old Town.

Factory Ursus

This factory outlet is a must-visit shopping area in Warsaw. This location offers great discounts from some of the best local and international brands, making it a favorite spot among both locals and tourists who like to go shopping.

Every business that has a shop here can offer you their products for 30% to 70% off of the original price, making it a good choice if you are trying to save money.

Janki Shopping Center

Underneath the glass roof of this one-story mall, you will find more than a hundred shops, a movie theater with ten cinemas, and a food court. This mall is your go-to spot for basically anything, as it is well equipped with a hair salon, pharmacy, optician, and anything else you might need.

Anybody who likes to be active can stop by one of the sports shops and fashionistas will love to look around the many boutiques. When you get hungry, you will have your choice of fast-food stalls or fine dining restaurants.

Atrium Promenada

This modern shopping mall offers an extensive selection of quirky and stylish stores sure to please all kinds of shoppers. Atrium Promenada is equipped with shops, services and cafes selling tasty food or coffee to keep you shopping for hours.

Trendsetters are sure to find something to their liking here with some of the popular stylish brands and international chain stores. This modern mall also makes a great place for people to gather and spend time with friends.

Designer Stores Warsaw


If you don't want to buy jewelry from one of the big chain stores around Warsaw you can take a look at the small but unique Kopi boutique. This is a charming shop that sells some truly original designs that can only be found in this city.

If you want to bring back a nice souvenir or find a gift for someone else, you can definitely find something here. The handmade jewelry found in this shop has quickly become a favorite among people in all of Poland.


Yope is a hidden gem in Warsaw selling only the best body care and home cleaning products. Everything sold here is made from natural and clean ingredients, and are both safe and healthy to use on your home and body.

Trying these products just might change your life, and once you do you won't want to go back to your old generic brands. Everything in the store smells as good as they look, and you can sample the products in-store to make sure that you like them before buying.

Chylak Bags and Le Petit Trout

No outfit is complete without the perfect purse or handbag, and Chylak Bags offers some of the best in all of Warsaw. This shop has begun a sort of trend around town and each product is made with the perfect combination of style and local artistry.

In the same store, you can find Le Petit Trou, selling delicate and flattering lingerie for women. You can treat yourself to an intimate outfit and handbag that will last you years in these two local designer stores.

The Odder Side

The pieces found in The Odder Side are designed by the talented Brygida Handzelewicz-Waławek and Justyna Przygońska and make a great addition to any wardrobe. The clothing sold here is not only of the best quality but is also unique and stylish.

This shop has some stunning clothing for women that aren't afraid to stand out and is definitely a place that you need to visit during your time in the city.

Risk Made in Warsaw

The clothes sold at Risk Made in Warsaw are not only adorable and trendy but are also sustainable and environmentally friendly. The store itself is fashionable and comfortable, making the experience fun and welcoming even if you don't buy anything.

This is a great spot to find casual everyday clothing like comfortable dresses, jumpers or sweatpants. Not only are these clothes cozy, but everything you buy will be soft, pleasant and stylish.

Mandel Store

If you want to look for some great accessory staples perfect for everyday outfits you should take a look at the Mandel Store in Warsaw. Every product sold here is fine and elegant, and environmentally conscious, meaning that you can treat yourself to something new and feel good about it too.

The shop itself is small but the products sold here are stunning. They mainly sell bags, purses and handbags of all shapes, sizes and styles.


Collage is a truly unique and conceptual store found in the city. The little boutique sells some stunning minimalistic accessories for you and your home, like mirrors, trays, furniture and other trinkets.

Everything found here is beautiful but practical as well and can make great additions to your home. From marble candleholders to skincare products and beautiful jewelry to scrunchies and silk ties, Collage has some great options for everyone who steps through their doors.


Another of Warsaw's unique souvenir stores is Cloudmine. This shop has two floors of locally sourced products made by young up-and-coming designers. The store offers a big selection of accessories and clothing like hair pins, dresses and t-shirts.

People of all ages, whether adults, teenagers or kids can shop here, with porcelain figurines, books, illustrations and so much more to browse. There are also regular events held in the store advertising art and exhibitions with local artists as well as meet-ups with some designers and activists.

Popular Shopping Areas in Warsaw

Mokotowska Street

Where to stay in Warsaw? Mokotowska Street is a favorite area for local citizens and visitors of the city, mainly due to its charming character, historic nature and impressive shopping options. The old buildings were recently upgraded and now host some of the best boutiques and cafes in the city. This is one of Warsaw's best shopping areas and also a nice spot to take a walk, and you can buy some nice things while also appreciating the history of the city.

Szpitalna Street

Szpitalna Street is found at the intersection between Chmielna Street and Bracka Street and is a nice spot to visit for anybody who loves shopping. It is located nearby some great shopping centers, like the Złote Tarasy and the Galeria Mokotów which you can stop by to explore. There are also some nice individual stores found alongside restaurants and fun activities for you to enjoy, so be sure to walk along the street to see what you can find.

Mysia Street

You can find some great places to do some shopping on Mysia Street, whether you like to explore in big shopping centers or just search independently owned stores on their own. You can find most kinds of stores here, whether you are looking for shoes, clothes or jewelry to compliment your outfits. This area isn't usually too busy, so it can be a nice place to take your time window shopping or browsing around the area at your own pace.

Exploring the Shops in Warsaw, Poland

There are some truly unique stores and shopping areas situated throughout all of Warsaw that make shopping here a fun and rewarding experience. You can spend days exploring the different boutiques and shops, see what you can find in the local Sunday flea markets, or take your time shopping in a modern mall selling things for men, women and children. You can dedicate a whole afternoon to exploring just one shopping district and lots of places in town are full of fashionable stores and antique shops. The city has stores selling products that can't be found anywhere else as well as some bars, restaurants and cafés selling great food.

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