Where To Find The Best Street Food In Washington DC

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Asian food in Washington DC

Washington DC is a fantastic city to visit and one that offers you access to amazing history, culture, shopping, and more! One of the most enjoyable parts of a visit to Washington DC is the street food. There are many amazing places to eat along the streets of this city, and you will be able to enjoy food from many cultures during your visit.

The first thing that you probably need to do when you get off the plane at Dulles Airport is store your luggage. Storing your luggage in safe and secure storage in Washington DC is critical to being able to have a good time when you are touring this amazing city. If you need a little help finding the right place to stay in the city, you should check out the ultimate neighborhood guide. Once you have your bags safely tucked away, it's time to head out to find some delicious street food.

Street Food in Washington, DC

The Best Street Food Vendors in Washington DC

Kuya Ja's Lechon Belly

This is a Filipino food spot that offers everything that you can imagine from $5 beef skewers to Chorizo French Fries. This is one of the most delicious and special places to stop in the city for street food, and you really have to make sure to stop in here if you have never tried Filipino dishes. The menu is extensive and delicious and will not disappoint.

This food vendor is located in North Bethesda, which is a little out of the way. However, if you are in this part of the city, this food stop needs to be on your list.

Mezcalero Cocina Mexicana

This vendor is located in NW Washington DC, and it is one of the best places you can pick for authentic tacos and handmade tortillas. You will find lots of amazing food truck options in this area as well, but this is the best place for Mexican food that will fill you up. Ingredients in their dishes range from steak and shrimp to goat cheese and traditional cheeses. You can't go wrong here when you are looking for tasty street food, and this street food-based taqueria will provide you with the Mexican food you have been craving.

Compass Rose

This is a really great location to head for Georgian and Malaysian food. There are so many unique Malaysian dish options on the menu here, and you will love them all. There are not many places where you can get this kind of food, and you will realize just how much you have been missing out on when you try it. This vendor also offers Pakistani dishes that are incredible. There are so many unique and exceptional flavors here that you might want to come back to this food truck again and again.

Breakfast Street Food in Washington DC

Tchoups Market

This is an amazing street food location that is a bit out of the way in the Park View area. They serve delightful creole dishes here, and you will also get access to Vietnamese dishes and Cajun food as well. If you love a spicy dish that is authentic and homemade, this is the place for you to stop in. You will get a lot of food for your buck here as well, which makes this a great place to stop in if you have a big group to feed.

Stellina Pizzeria

If you love Sicilian cuisine, this is the place for you! Get thin and flavorful slices of pizza here, or enjoy Sicilian rice balls. You can try all kinds of amazing food here that are Sicilian family recipes. Pizza is ubiquitous street food on offer in Washington DC, but this is a really incredible food stop that offers you far more than just basic and boring street food. Sicilian cuisine is extraordinary and unique, and you will be missing out if you do not try this delightful street food shop.

Bombay Street Food

This is a great place to enjoy traditional Indian cuisine, and they have many locations throughout the city. You can get tandoori chicken here as well as vegetarian thali and more. They offer you access to all of the delicious Indian fare that you could want at a really good price. Portions are also really large so you will not leave hungry after your visit. The Mt Pleasant location is the most well-known and might be the closest to your hotel location or your other sightseeing goals around the city.

Street Food with a View in Washington, DC

Where to Find the Best Washington DC Street Food Spots

The Eastern Market

This is a great place to stop in for handcrafted goods and to try food from all over the world. This is one of the famous street markets in the city, and you can come here for bakery goods and popular street food dishes of all kinds. This is a place where Indian fried bread might be offered alongside Italian pasta. You will find something for everyone in your party at this food stop, and the other shopping that is represented here is a welcome distraction from all that delicious food.

Authentic street food-focused taqueria locations and other kinds of street food are located here and you will love having this kind of international street food restaurant experience when you stop by this location.

Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is a great place to head for various unique food truck options. You can get Japanese grilled chicken skewers from Thai Chef Street Food or enjoy a traditional gyro at one of the various Greek food vendors in this part of the city. This is a cosmopolitan location within the city, and there are really unique food offerings here that you cannot find in older neighborhoods.

This is a great place for everything from Indian doughnut balls to sweet corn pancakes folded with delicious meats. You will be able to pick up some doubles that pack Indian fried bread with curry or choose from various Italian carts nearby. There are bistros, bars, and more here to enjoy and you will have a lot of fun during your visit to this part of Washington DC.

Cheese Platter in Washington DC

Wharf Street

Wharf Street street food is some of the most delicious in the city. You can head here to enjoy the street food offerings that are numerous and delicious. Pizza, Italian fare, and boutique dining are all offered here. You will have a lovely view of the river here as well. This is one of the nicest locations in Washington DC to catch some local dishes and eat as you walk.

There is food here to be enjoyed that represents Italy's southern coast as well as California classics and fusion dishes. This is one of the prettiest locations in the city and well worth the trip to get to it. You will be able to wander and see the sights and enjoy some delicious food. There is also shopping, so you can take quite a bit of your day to enjoy this location with ease.

Union Market

Union Market was recently reopened, and it offers access to hip and swanky spaces as well as delicious street corner food options. You can head here for union market counter services that include things like cumin-spiced pork belly, lamb curry, duck curry, and sandwiches and pizzas. You can choose between indoor dining or takeout at most of the locations in the market as well, which is really nice. Sometimes you just want to sit down and take the weight off your tired feet and watch the market events.

Being able to walk with your cumin spiced chickpea curry or steak skewers in hand and shop is really fun. This is an industrial space with more than 40 vendors, some of which are permanent. You will not struggle to find good food here, and you will have a great time checking out the festive atmosphere at any time of day.

Brunch in Washington, DC


If you love Japanese and Chinese food, you need to head to Chinatown for your eating enjoyment. You can sit down at a revolving Sushi bar or try some dim sum. There are street vendors as well as sit-down meal locations here, and the Chinatown atmosphere is really fun. This is a cultural center that you should not miss out on seeing for any reason, and you will be really glad that you made the time for your visit to this spot when you experience the really incredible food that is on offer here.

Head to DC Noodles for some delicious homemade noodle bowls, or get delicious dumplings from China Boy. There is no shortage of amazing foods to try here, and you will enjoy everything about the place and the eating experience.

Restaurant meal in Washington, DC

Street Food Festivals in Washington DC

Taste of DC

This food festival is held over a weekend, and you will be able to enjoy all kinds of food and beverage carts that line the streets. There is live music and a street fair atmosphere at this event that you cannot find during other times of the year in the city. You can enjoy Greek and Italian fare here as well as fusion bites and some really unique tastes that you might not have tried before. This is a really fun event, and you will love that each restaurant serves something unique.

Oyster Wars

This is an October event, and it takes place on Okie St NE. You can head here to enjoy beer, lobster rolls, and of course, oysters! This one-day event is family-friendly and begins at 4 pm. Come here for delicious seafood-inspired dishes and really good local beer tastings. Admission is free, and you will enjoy the best local seafood and even Maine lobster.

DC Chefs Week

Held at the Line Hotel, this event features the efforts of 20 indie chefs who treat you to their amazing creative skills. You will be served a three-course meal when you participate in this event and you will be surprised by the amazing dishes that you will find on offer here. The creativity of these chefs is also being used to raise money for good causes, so this is a worthy event in many ways. This is another October event, so you can combine your visit to Oyster Wars with DC Chefs Week plans if you wish.

Caprese Salad in Washington, DC

Washington DC is a Great Place for Street Food

Washington DC offers access to beautiful scenery and parks, amazing hikes, outdoor activities, museums, and some of the best street foods in the country. You will not be let down by your eating experiences here, and the bustling stalls of the street food vendors in the city are something that you should not miss out on.

There is no shortage of really good food to be had in Washington DC, and you can try Italian, Pakistani, Greek, Indian, and fusion dishes at nearly every food stop in the various neighborhoods. There might be food located inside upscale hotels in town, but the street food that is on offer is often far better. You will be able to enjoy cuisine from all over, and you might want to plan your sightseeing and daily adventures around the places that you would like to try.

Make sure that you store your bags safely before you head out on your food tour or enjoy shopping in the city. Having peace of mind about your possessions will make the day much better.

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