Zurich Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

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Zurich is known to be the financial capital of Switzerland, but don't underestimate just how much it can offer in terms of tourism and things to do. If you are planning a trip to Zurich, we suggest visiting in the wintertime. This is when the city transforms into a beautiful wonderland with outdoor winter sports like ice skating and skiing in the snow capped mountains.

You might be surprised by how much the city changes in the winter and by just how much it really embraces the Christmas spirit. Enjoy the sounds of Christmas carols as you sip on mulled wine and walk through streets lined with Christmas lights! The beginning of the Christmas season is signaled with a special event of turning on the Christmas lights exactly at 6 pm on Advent. The markets open for business at this time as well.

If you want to make the most of your holiday vacation we suggest that you visit the Christmas markets. Landing at Zurich Airport and excited to get started? Drop off extra bags and backpacks at a place to store your bags in Zurich before you start your Christmas markets adventure. After all, you'll need your hands free to carry your purchases!

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Christkindlimarkt at Zurich Central Station

The Christkindlimarkt at Zurich Central Station is one of the most impressive seasonal attractions in the city and the perfect start to our list of Christmas markets in Zurich. As soon as you arrive you will be captivated by the giant Christmas tree that stands 50ft tall and is covered in Swarovski crystals. It is quite impressive considering that it is an indoor market (in fact, this is one of the largest indoor Christmas markets in the city)!

The area surrounding the tree is filled with nearly 150 market stalls selling everything from mulled wine to miniature Swarovski Christmas tree ornaments to remind you of the magnificent one at the market. You can stop by anytime between late November just until Christmas Eve when the market closes. If you visit in the evening you might be able to catch the Christmas Light Show.

What to do near Christkindlimarkt at Zurich Central Station

Since you will be at the Zurich main train station you can get almost anywhere in the city! Looking for something to do nearby? You will be within walking distance of the Swiss National Museum which is definitely worth a visit.

Dörfli Christmas Market

The Dörfli Weinachtsmarkt in the Old Town is Zurich's oldest Christmas market. It is found in a beautiful location with pastel colored houses and storefronts that are all decorated for the occasion. There are cool performances, like fire jugglers and alphorn performers, which make it a really lively place, despite the fact that there seem to be fewer crowds than in some of the other Christmas markets in the city. It can be nice to have a break from all of the people!

You can take your time exploring the cobbled streets of the pedestrian-only zone in the Old Town. The market takes over a few squares in the area, like Zwingli Space, Hirschenplatz, Stüssihoffstatt, Grossmünster, Rosenhof and Niederdorfstrasse. They each have a few shops and booths selling handmade goods from all over the globe along with locally made items. The market is open for a month between late November and Christmas Eve.

What to do near Dörfli Christmas Market

The entire zone of the Old Town is filled with historic landmarks, parks and beautiful buildings to admire. Grab a warm glass of mulled wine and take a stroll around the area!

Münsterhof Christmas Market

Keep this one in mind when you are visiting all of Zurich's Christmas markets. This modern but cozy place is one of the best Christmas markets for buying local produce. You can shop in confidence knowing that everything sold here is sourced and manufactured in the surrounding area, so keep an eye out for Christmas gift ideas.

Want a taste of the local food scene? The food stalls here are great places to buy snacks or even drinks like mulled wine that are made from local grapes. The market is very relaxed and casual, and it doesn't get too busy.

What to do near Münsterhof Christmas Market

While you are in Münsterhof you should explore the area and do some sightseeing. The Fraumünster Church, Church of St. Peter and St. Peterhofstatt are beautiful places to visit.

Wienachtsdorf in Bellevue

Wienachtsdorf, also known as the Zurich Christmas Village, is another magical place to visit during the festive season. It is an open air market that feels a bit bigger than others, which is good since it is one of the most popular Christmas markets in Zurich and can attract a crowd of people! The area is lavishly decorated with holiday decor, cute wooden chalets and real bonfires that you can stop by to warm up.

When it comes to shopping, this village Christmas market boasts around 120 stalls selling culinary delights and items. You will also notice a children's area with a cinema chalet, games, Bavarian curling and visits from Santa Claus. The rest of the market is filled with fun attractions for people of all ages, like a large skating rink, traditional carousel and fondue chalet. You can stop by anytime between late November and the day before Christmas Eve, and it is located at Sechseläutenplatz.

What to do near Wienachtsdorf in Bellevue

This city Christmas market has one of the best venues and if you want more to do afterward, you won't even have to leave the area. Check out the Zurich Opera House which is just across the square, or catch a film at the Blue Cinema Corso!

Werdmühleplatz Christmas Market

This is the last on our list of Zurich Christmas markets and has been bringing yuletide magic to the city centre since 1998. It is where you can find the Singing Christmas Tree where groups from around the world gather to give you a choir performance. There are often close to ninety performances throughout the whole season. A few shows are held each evening and they are even more frequent on weekends.

Many people visit the market just to see the Christmas tree, but there are more attractions here as well, like fondue stalls and Glühwein stalls. This market stays open for around the same amount of time as the other Christmas markets in Europe, so stop by sometime between late November and late December before Christmas Eve.

What to do near Werdmühleplatz Christmas Market

Want to do something fun after exploring this Zurich city Christmas market? You can easily walk to the WOW Museum which has a bunch of cool illusions!

Feeling the Christmas Cheer at Zurich's European Christmas Markets

As the largest city in the country and the Swiss capital, you can only expect Zurich to go all out for the Christmas season. Aside from mass produced goods, these markets sell a variety of locally made items, traditional swiss fare and snacks at their gift and food stands. Some of them even have an ice rink and live performances. Don't miss your chance to take day trips around the city and visit all of the Christmas markets in Zurich before Christmas Day!

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