Bounce Partner Feature: Todd Layne Cleaners, the most forward-thinking dry cleaner & laundry service in NYC

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Bounce partners with hundreds of local businesses around North America to open up space for people to store their luggage and bags for the day. You’d be surprised how popular a service this has become, not just in NYC, but even in less-transit oriented cities such as LA and Austin, TX.

We partner with all kinds of retail fronts, far beyond what your imagination may come up with. We have everything from a magic shop and an augmented reality experience space in San Francisco to a Healing Studio in Chicago and a Comic Book store in Berkeley

This month we’re doing a feature on one of our longest-reigning partners who’s been with us since almost the very beginning when we were spinning up the concept in NYC. 

Todd Layne Cleaners is a dry cleaner & customized laundry service in Upper East Side, New York. There are many dry cleaners in NYC and many on the Bounce platform. But Todd Layne Cleaners is unique. 

I met the owner, Todd when we began the partnership. In the first 10 minutes, Todd taught me more about the dry cleaning & laundry industry than I ever thought I’d know. He has transformed the cleaning space by offering eco-friendly dry cleaning and laundry with a customized approach where customers choose from a menu of premium detergents, stain fighters, fabric protectors and scent boosters. They even will hang or air dry delicates and gym gear. He has really creative ads (like a guy with his pants down) and other eye popping marketing signage. The pickup and delivery radius is expanding throughout Manhattan and they are now storing luggage via Bounce

Todd Layne Cleaners has maintained a perfect 5 star rating from Bounce customers and is quite a popular spot. They provide luggage storage for the Met Museum (which doesn’t let you bring your bags in), as well as the Frick Museum and other local attractions. 

We’re super excited to be working with Todd Layne Cleaners and quite frankly, also enjoy tracking them as they continue to innovate and transform over the coming years. If you find yourself on the Upper East Side, definitely check them out!

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