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The most romantic locations around the world for a honeymoon

Honeymoons are often the romantic trip of a lifetime. That first post-wedding holiday celebrating your union will be unlike any other experience in your marriage. This is the first adventure you will have as a married couple and it will set the tone for your future.

The memories you make on your honeymoon will stay with you forever. No matter where you go or for how long, you will cherish the memories you make together for the rest of your lives. So, you want to get it right.

The best way to choose your honeymoon is to stay true to your passions. Whether you’re a lazy-beach-with-cocktails couple, thrill seekers, cultural sponges, or foodies on the hunt for the best flavors of your lives, there are destinations to match any couple’s dream honeymoon.

On this list of the world’s top honeymoon hotspots, you will find classic destinations like Italy, France, and Hawaii, but you might also discover some more unexpected and unexplored destinations for honeymooners from every walk of life.

Considering everything from the weather, romantic hotels and restaurants, the best activities for couples, and the price tag of accommodation, this study reveals the most romantic honeymoon destinations of 2023.

The top honeymoon hotspots for 2023

1. Santorini, Greece - 8.51/10
Santorini, a Greek island in the southern Aegean Sea, ranks as the most romantic location of 2023. Santorini is awash with 389 romantic hotels and 201 romantic restaurants per 10,000 people, respectively. The average yearly temperature is a comfortable 65.78 F with very little rain (1.09 in). Santorini is also one of the top three romantic destinations most searched for over the last year.

Santorini offers one of the most uniquely romantic environments in the world. You won’t forget wandering around the whitewashed villas and blue-domed churches that cling to terraced cliff sides or gazing at the spectacular sunsets overlooking the Aegean Sea. The cuisine in Santorini is also not to be missed. The freshest seafood and perfectly-paired local wines punctuate healthy and tasty classic Greek food.

2. Negril, Jamaica - 8.06/10
Negril ranks as our pick for the second-best honeymoon hotspot of 2023. Nestled along Jamaica's western coast, Negril is ideal for newlyweds looking to lounge on the beach with the allure of white sandy beaches, pristine waterfalls, and dramatic cliffs within walking distance. Negril has a high 80.23 F average temperature to keep you warm and plenty of romantic hotels and activities to choose from (102 hotels and 120 activities per 10,000 people, respectively).

Negril is the perfect destination for romantics relaxing on soft sandy beaches and exploring outdoor nature. ​​Local excursions include snorkeling, boat tours, and fishing tours. There is something for everyone in Negril, with the Seven Mile Beach enticing visitors with its expansive shoreline and soft, inviting waves. The West End, on the other hand, offers breathtaking cliffs and is home to the most vibrant scene of restaurants and nightlife.

3. Tulum, Mexico - 7.59/10
Tulum, Mexico, comes in third place for the most romantic escapes of 2023. At a price of $1,895 (£1,483/€1,721) for a week’s stay, Tulum hosts various romantic hotels, restaurants, and activities. With just 358,300 searches over the last year, Tulum is one of the more unknown honeymoon destinations. It may attract those looking to avoid tourist honeypots on their romantic getaway.

Sitting on the southern tip of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Tulum provides a stunning backdrop of beaches, remnants of ancient civilizations, cenotes, and mangroves. There’s much tropical fun to discover, with 90 couples activities per 10,000 people. Add perfect weather of an average of 78.8 F, and you have the ideal honeymoon spot this year.

4. Key West, Florida - 7.55/10
Key West is fourth on our list of the top five most romantic honeymoon hotspots of 2023. Key West is situated in Florida in the United States and offers some of the best weather for honeymooners. The temperature averages 77.23 F over the year, and there is little rainfall, at just 2.77 inches per month. There are also over a hundred couples' activities to enjoy and plenty of romantic hotels and restaurants to visit.

Key West is a small island, but it packs a lot of everything newlyweds look for in their honeymoon getaway. Fun, adventure, history, and excitement merge with turquoise waters, balmy weather (even in the winter!), and soft sandy beaches. Key West is well known for its dolphin-spotting trips, late-evening sunset cruises, and exciting nightlife scene in the downtown area, perfect for couples enjoying their first time together as newlyweds.

5. Venice, Italy - 6.88/10
Rounding off our list of the five most romantic honeymoon hotspots is Venice. Venice is a classic honeymoon destination, attracting over 1.5 million Google searches last year. You can find various romantic hotels, activities, and restaurants in Venice, and the average price for a week’s stay is around $3,257 (£2,549/€2,958). This well-known honeymoon destination offers something truly unique for newlyweds. 

One of the best things to do in Venice is to simply sip espresso at a quiet waterfront cafe overlooking the meandering canals which link the hundreds of small islands that make up the city. Home to the legendary romantic Casanova, couples looking to explore a different culture need to look no further than Venice. Newlyweds can relax in intimate restaurants and cafes or explore the city’s centuries-old architecture like that of St. Mark’s Square and the La Fenice Opera.

 The honeymoon hotspot with the most romantic hotels

Santorini, Greece - 389 romantic hotels per 10,000 people

Santorini, the most-favored honeymoon hotspot on our list, is also the destination with the most romantic hotels per 10,000 people. With the location’s reputation for scene-stealing panoramas, romantic sunsets, and iconic cliffside views, it’s perhaps not surprising there are so many romantic hotels here to choose from.

The honeymoon hotspot with the most romantic restaurants

Ravello, Italy - 897 romantic restaurants per 10,000 people

Italy is known for its amazing cuisine, and Ravello is the romantic restaurant capital of the country. With 897 romantic dinner spots to choose from, Ravello should be top of your list if you are serious foodies. Pasta, fish, fruits, and vegetables are central to Italian cuisine, alongside cheese, cold cuts, wine, and of course, pizza and coffee.

The honeymoon hotspot with the most couples activities

Coles Bay, Tasmania - 2,861 couple activities per 10,000 people

Coles Bay in Tasmania has no shortage of romantic activities couples can enjoy together. With 16 activities to take part in and a population of just 353, Coles Bay earns 2,861 activities per 10,000 people. Activities include hikes, scenic walking areas, and outdoor adventure activities. One of the top attractions is kayaking and paddle boarding at the scenic Freycinet National Park.

The honeymoon hotspot with the warmest weather

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 82.76 F

If you are a couple who can take the heat, then look no further than Dubai. With an average year-round temperature of 82.76 F, Dubai tops the list of the hottest honeymoon destinations. During the summer months, temperatures can reach highs of over 100 F, perfect for those couples who are keen on serious sunbathing.

The most popular honeymoon hotspot

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - 2,322,000

Dubai is the most popular honeymoon destination on our list. In the last 12 months, Dubai has seen over 2.3 million searches, beating both the romantic capital of the world, Paris, and our hottest honeymoon hotspot, Santorini, to the top spot.

The most budget-friendly honeymoon hotspot

Antananarivo, Madagascar - $354 (£278/€323)

Antananarivo is the most budget-friendly honeymoon hotspot on our list. Coming in at $354 for a week’s stay, Antananarivo is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their union without breaking the bank.


A seed list of destinations was taken from Travel + Leisure.
Average weather conditions were taken from Climate-Data.org.
The number of romantic hotels, restaurants, and activities were taken from Tripadvisor. All results were calculated per 10,000 people, using each location’s population from World Population Review.
The average cost of a week's stay was taken from Kayak, multiplying the average weeknight price by five and adding this to the average weekend night price multiplied by two.
UK Google searches were recorded from GoogleKeywordPlanner.

Total scores were calculated by calculating a normalized average of scores across each factor. Temperature, rainfall, searches, and hotel costs were given weightings of .5, while hotels, restaurants, and activities per 10,000 people were given weightings of 1. Data correct as of 03/08/23.

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