5 beaches near Barcelona: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Barcelona

If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, there are so many things that you probably already want to do and see. Many people plan to see La Sagrada Familia, tour museums and have delicious tapas during their time in this incredible city. What many people don't realize is that they can also enjoy beaches near Barcelona. From beach bars to beach umbrellas and lounge chairs, there are many ways to make the most of your time at the best beaches in Barcelona during your trip.

Before you decide which beach to visit, you will need to remember that your bags need to be taken care of. It's not fun to be dragging luggage with you when you visit beautiful beaches, but we can help. Visit a Bounce luggage storage in Barcelona before you head to the water, and you'll have one less thing to worry about.

There are many popular beaches that you might want to head to near Barcelona that promise fine golden sand, beach chairs, and sun loungers. There are also some great family-friendly beach locations that are ideal for having fun in the sun and playing beach volleyball or walking in the surf. Many people only think of Barcelona Port when they consider time near the water in this lovely city.

Always make sure that you consider that some of these locations are bustling beach spots. It might be tempting to just head right from the Barcelona Airport to the beach, but you will probably want to get settled into your hotel before you head out to find sun loungers and beach umbrellas.

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Barceloneta Beach in Barcelona

Barceloneta Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Barcelona for many reasons. Come here to enjoy delicious tapas, wander the soft sand in the sun, or rent a beach umbrella and lounge while you listen to the waves. This famous beach is thought to be the inspiration for one of the key scenes in Don Quixote, but it is also famous with locals who are eager to enjoy the beach without having to make a big trek to get to a lovely location for fun in the sun. In all, there are 1100 meters of gorgeous sand to explore.

Barceloneta Beach travel distance from Barcelona

You can get to Barceloneta Beach in a car in about 15 minutes. Public transit will get you there in about 20 minutes. Bus 59 travels from the Catalunya stop near La Rambla and takes you to the Pg Marítim - Pepe Rubianes stop. From there, it's a 300-meter walk to the beach. With parking limitations, it's definitely better to take the bus.

Our activity recommendations

This beach can get quite busy, but you can still rent sun loungers and an umbrella and carve out a cozy space to hang out for the day. Consider playing beach volleyball as well, or simply people-watch.

This location has lifeguards on duty for most of the busy hours of every day, so you can swim without worries. You can't consume alcohol on the beach, but many people pick up a lunch basket and bring it with them to snack on as they make the most of the lovely weather and the sound of the ocean.

Consider heading here to enjoy the beach between March and May or in September and October. This is shoulder season, and the beach will be less crowded during these times. But if you want the warmest weather for swimming, July and August are the best, despite the crowds.

Nova Mar Bella Beach

Nova Mar Bella Beach

This beach is more of a private beach location that is removed from the main area where people like to hang out near the ocean. As a result, you will not have access to facilities here like bathrooms and showers, but you will be able to access lots of peace and quiet. This quiet place is also a great area for those who want to swim if you don't mind that there are no lifeguards on duty.

Nova Mar Bella Beach travel distance from Barcelona

You can get to this beach with an 18-minute drive, or you will spend about half an hour on public transit to get here. The bus will drop you off about a five-minute walk from the beach, so public transportation is ideal and avoids dealing with traffic and parking.

Our activity recommendations

Many people come to this beach to enjoy walking along the golden sands and listening to the waves. This location is often confused with Plata De La Mar Bella, which is a famous nudist beach in the area. You will not have to contend with this possible obstacle for your time here, and you can enjoy the quiet and the waves here without thinking about what other people are up to.

This is the best beach for peace and quiet and to read a book, but you will probably want to bring your own snacks and drinks here since there are no shops or places to get food or drinks nearby. This is a very different beach experience than some of the other beaches on this list, but it can be the perfect place for those who hate crowds. Plus, its proximity to the city center makes it a fantastic option.

Visit this beach between June and September. If you like to swim in the ocean, the peak of the summer months is when the water is the warmest and most enjoyable.

Bogatell Beach in Barcelona

Bogatell Beach

This lovely beach is one of the closest beach options to the city center, which is ideal if you did not rent a car for your trip. You will not find as many amenities near this beach, but there are lots of places to get food and drinks a short walk away. You can rent beach equipment here as needed, too, for a small fee. It's adjacent to Mar Bella Beach, so you can easily combine the two into one trip.

Bogatell Beach travel distance from Barcelona

This beach is about eight minutes away from the Barcelona city center by car. Public transportation can get you here in about 20 minutes.

Our activity recommendations

This is a beach where many people come to lounge and get a tan. It is not as busy here as some of the other beach locations right by the city center, which can be nice for those looking to get away from the crowds. Renting an umbrella and some chairs is easy, and you will be much more comfortable if you take advantage of this perk.

Consider bringing your own drinks and snacks since this beach is not right by restaurants and shopping. There is a cute little volleyball court area that you can take advantage of, or you might just want to walk here and enjoy the sights and sounds of the sea.

June to September is the right part of the year to visit this lovely beach.

Beaches in Barcelona

San Sebastià Beach

This beach has the best of everything you could enjoy on a beach day. You can count on food and drinks being offered nearby, and you can rent chairs and an umbrella with ease. This is a popular beach but does not feel chaotic, and you can bring your whole family here to make the most of the good weather and the beauty of the ocean.

San Sebastià Beach travel distance from Barcelona

This beach is really close to the city center, and you can be here within 15 minutes in a car about 20 minutes on public transportation. Combine this beach with Barceloneta Beach since they are only about a five-minute walk apart.

Our activity recommendations

There are lots of eateries within walking distance of this beach location, so you could easily come here to sip on cocktails and have some delicious food before you wander onto the beach to stick your toes in the sand. Swimming, beach volleyball, and people-watching are all on offer here, and many people bring their kids since this beach is a great place to enjoy the water with little ones.

Despite the proximity of this beach to the city, the crowds are usually lighter here, and you can count on getting a comfortable spot to call your own while you make the most of the golden sand and the clear, blue water.

You should head to this beach from May to July to enjoy swimming, walking, or lounging without struggling against crowds.

Castelldefels Beach near Barcelona

Castelldefels Beach

This five-km-long beach is a lovely place to head for a day of fun in the sun. You can enjoy all kinds of activities here, and there are food and drink options within walking distance. This is one of the most popular beaches near Barcelona, so it can be busy, but you will still be able to find room to enjoy your time here if this is your beach of choice.

Castelldefels Beach travel distance from Barcelona

This beach is not technically in Barcelona, but Castelldefels is very easy to reach. It will take you just over half an hour if you have a car and about 40 minutes by metro and train to get to the city. Once in the city, it's another 15-minute bus ride or a 25-minute walk to the beach itself.

Our activity recommendations

Renting a bike can be a really fun thing to do in this area as it will make it easier to head to get lunch or snacks and drinks. You can also wander around to enjoy shopping more readily when you have a bike. You could also opt to rent sun loungers or an umbrella and park in the sand to relax and enjoy the heat.

This is a very family-friendly beach, and there are lots of kids playing in the water here on any given day. There is also a toy library nearby where you can take out toys for your kids to use to enjoy the sun and sand.

There are also thermal baths in the area, and you might want to try out this traditional activity before spending the rest of the day on the beach. Sun worshippers will find everything that they have been looking for here, and you will not have to pay to access the beach despite all the amenities that are nearby.

Best beaches near Barcelona


If you have carved out some extra days to spend in Barcelona, you must consider taking a weekend trip outside the city. Aside from these beaches, there are plenty more along the coast, a little further from Barcelona.

If you are visiting Barcelona on a budget, these beaches are ideal ways to save money. You can spend an entire day by the water, and all you need to budget for are chair and umbrella rentals, your food, and public transportation to get there.

Barcelona beaches are some of the best in the world, and there are so many to choose from. This guide will help you to pick and choose between the best beaches for your specific needs and make it simple for you to plan a beach day outside the city center. Even if you are in Barcelona for just a few days, you should consider taking a break from your other travel plans to unwind on the golden sand and enjoy the sound of the waves lapping on the beach.

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