Music Festivals in Bari in 2022

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Music Festivals in Bari in 2022

Bari is one of the most delightful cities in Italy, and there are always upcoming events that might bring you to town. You can usually choose from live music events held in stadiums or outdoor events that are more like music festivals and street fairs. Your favorite artists probably play at the events hosted in Bari each year, and you will love that you can find festivals of all kinds within the music events going on here. Bari is also an excellent place to visit for access to delicious food and wine, lovely museums, and incredible chances to learn about the culture of the city.

You might elect to spend the day before your live music event wandering through the Old Town area, and you might see a surprise music event in the streets when you are sightseeing. This is a city that is alive with musical events during most of the year, and there are also other events that are hosted in the city that offer musical performances to enjoy. Even if you didn't originally make plans to be in the city for a music event of some kind, you can usually find something musical to see or do during your stay!

The first thing that you need to do, particularly if you have come to Bari, Italy, for festivals or other outdoor events, is make sure that your luggage won't get in your way. Storing your bag securely in Bari is critical to your safety and your ability to have fun while you are in the city. When your bags are stored safely, you will have a much easier time accessing festivals of all kinds, getting around the city, and you won't need to stress about your bags being stolen or lost as you are trying to have fun at your event.

If you have stored your bags, it's time to head to the festivals you have planned to enjoy during your stay!

Music Festivals in Bari in 2022

Whether you have flown into the city through the Bari airport, or you have arrived from elsewhere in Italy, you will want to be sure that you are ready for the city to be crowded if there is a festival going on. Concerts in Bari can draw the same crowds. Just be prepared for some added wait times at common locations, and consider wearing shoes that will save your toes from being stepped on. You might also want to bring some sunscreen and some bottled water wherever you go just to make sure that you stay comfortable and hydrated, especially in the middle of the day when things can get toasty!

Most of these events will take place indoors, but there are outdoor venues on the list. Make certain that you pay attention to this detail for any of these concerts that you look into for your trip!

Classical music in Bari


If you are in Bari in March, you need to put the Maneskin concert on your list of things to do. This rock, punk, and glam group takes all the best parts from so many different musical traditions and combines them for a fun, energetic, and rebellious concert. Their openers are excellent as well, and you will probably find your next favorite artists here when you sit down with your tickets in hand. This is one of the more fun music festivals offered in the Bari area each year, and you will have a great time at this event to discover your next favorite artists.

Bari La Festa di San Cataldo

This event takes place in early May each year, and you will love the fireworks, the rowing competition, and the street food festival that comes along with it. The event is actually held for the local saint, San Cataldo, who is the patron saint of Taranto. His silver statue is transported throughout the city in a parade during the event. You'll get a lively party atmosphere along with local musicians performing throughout the event. This event is usually a few days long, so you can take part in all the festival days if you wish or you can just visit for one day.

Santa Domenica

This event takes place in May each year, and it is a light festival that also offers you access to local artisans, musicians, and a street fair atmosphere. There are also cinematic presentations during the event, and you will be able to enjoy local musicians as they play near the center of the city. This is one of the things that many locals look forward to each year, and you will love that the city turns out in force to take part. It's nice to be able to count on the process to be so reasonable as well because this is not a music festival in the traditional sense.

Danilo Rea

While technically a concert for Danilo Rea, you will find that this event is set up to allow you to enjoy classical music of various kinds. You can head to this event early in the day to enjoy many opening acts that do credit to all kinds of different classical music. The evening is devoted to the headliner himself. This is one of the more unique festivals in the city because it is not made for many bands to get together and play but for a tribute to classical music of all kinds instead. This is a great event to visit if you love the world of classical music and have never been able to enjoy this kind of musical experience.

Taranto Spring Festival

This event takes place in July, and you can expect hot and sunny weather as well as lots of fun at this location. This is a swing music and dance event that takes place largely outside. You will love the festival atmosphere as well as the sense of fun and whimsy that invades the city during this event. Many people choose to dress up to attend, so you can also enjoy this kind of creative outlet if you wish. Be sure to bring sunscreen and wear your dancing shoes if you head to this event!

IDLES – Cinzella Festival – Grottaglie (TA)

Taking place in nearby Gottaglie, this is a very exciting event that happens in July. The event is designed to allow people to let go of all the negative things in their life and to have fun while they are in the Bari area. You will enjoy access to a variety of top local musicians at this event; tickets are very reasonably priced. This is also a memorable location for a concert, being a stage and event venue built around ruins. You will feel like you have stepped back in time but also that you are right in the present moment when you enjoy this concert. The whole idea of the event is to be relaxed, calm, and happy when you leave, and the venue alone will make you feel amazed before the music even starts.

La Festa della Madonna di Leuca

Religious festivals in Bari also come with lots of music, fireworks, and performances in the street. This annual festival takes place in mid-August each year and includes a procession of the Madonna of Leuca through the streets. There are fireworks at midnight and then a parade. You can run into street vendors selling food and wares throughout the festival, and there are people performing music on the streets during the day. This city-wide event can make things quite crowded, but it is very worthy of heading to Bari to see. You can stay in Bari, and you will be close to San Vito Dei Normanni, where the event is held.


Mika is coming to Bari in September, bringing with him a world music event and a pop music festival that you will love participating in. This musician offers a full day's worth of shows, including lots of fun openers you might never have heard who also produce music in his genre. You will love that this event is in September when other music events have died back. This is also a time for cooler weather that is not cold, so you won't get so warm as you stand next to other tourists enjoying the music. Mika is a young artist but is very well-known in this part of the world, and you should consider getting tickets to this event if you want a unique and unforgettable experience.

Bari, Italy music festivals

Planning to stay some more days in Bari?

If you have come to Bari with many things on your list to do, you can easily plan to enjoy a music festival for one day and then partake of the other things that the city has to offer throughout the rest of your time visiting. Check out our guide on spending 3 days in Bari, and you'll be off to a good start.

This city offers many amazing museums to visit, some really delicious street food and incredible shopping. There is no shortage of fun things to do and see when you visit Bari, and people of all ages can have a blast here. The weather is almost always perfect, and if you are in the city to take advantage of some of these festivals, you will get to be outside and enjoy the sun and warmth. The beaches here are also some of the best free things to do in Bari.

Make sure that you plan ahead and bring some clear bags or backpacks with you so that you can have your sunscreen and some water or snacks for outdoor events that might be on your list. The indoor concert venues might have other regulations and rules related to using these kinds of backpacks and bags, so be sure to check on these before you assume you can bring them with you.

If you like the idea of being in the city for one of the festival events, make sure that you plan for your trip to be a little more spendy. Hotels will also book up fast during these timeframes, so be sure that you don't sleep on getting your planning done. You will find that even in September, the prices for rooms and other services can increase, so just plan to budget for this so you are not given a little shock when you see your bill for your stay.

Lastly, if you are going to be in the city during the hottest part of the year, you will want to think about getting a room that has air conditioning. Not all of the city's older buildings will benefit, and it can get quite warm and humid since you will be right on the Adriatic Sea during summer. Many people from other countries are unaware that air conditioning is not always offered in older buildings in this part of the world and have a bit of a bad surprise when they find out they don't have this necessity in their room.

If you only have a few days to spend in this city, it's still totally worth it. Bari is super accessible and easy to navigate, and you can combine a lot of adventures into a single day!

No matter what kind of music event has brought you to the city, you will want to ensure that your luggage is stored securely before you head out to have fun. Nothing offers more peace of mind than getting your bags into a secure storage location, and you will feel so much better if you don't have to worry about them while you enjoy what Bari has to offer!

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