7 romantic restaurants in Boston for the best date night

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Romantic restaurants in Boston

As the state capital and the epicenter of the New England region, Boston is definitely a great destination for your next couples' trip. Fenway Park, Boston Common, museums, and a bustling public market all add to the allure of this city. But what if you want to have a special romantic meal while you're in town? Don't worry. Boston has you covered.

Date night planning is really easy in Boston because there are so many fantastic places to get sumptuous dishes and enjoy interesting options like farm-to-table menu styles or wine bar locations. Boston has something for everyone when it comes to planning a visit to any of the romantic restaurants in the city.

Before you sit down to eat, and before you even get to the restaurant, for that matter, take the time to put your bags into secure storage. A Bounce luggage service in Boston will be convenient and secure because a date night with luggage in tow is no fun at all. Let us take care of your bags while you enjoy the most romantic restaurants in Boston with someone you love (or just someone you're getting to know).

There are a few tips to consider before heading out for the evening to ensure your date night goes seamlessly. Boston is a busy and densely populated city, so make sure you leave extra time to navigate the traffic. Reservations are usually recommended to avoid disappointment, and your chosen romantic restaurant will likely frown on you being late.

Now let's get right to the best romantic restaurants in Boston for a memorable date night.

Date night restaurants in Boston

Sorellina Boston

For classic Italian cuisine and a really lovely wine bar, there is nowhere better to head to than this romantic restaurant. You will love the fresh pasta dishes here, and the atmosphere is truly romantic and cozy. The staff is top-notch, making this dining room experience special and very fancy.

The menu at Sorellina is Italian-Mediterranean cuisine, and you will love the delicious and filling dishes on offer here. This is one of the most romantic restaurants in Boston, and the experience of sitting down to eat here will make you feel like you have been transported to Italy. The wine list is excellent as well, and you will have a wide array of desserts to choose from, so make sure you save room.

Our recommendation

The gnocchi is always a favorite here, and other classics like spaghetti are executed so well that they're never boring or flavorless. The cioccolato is also a must-have. It's a warm chocolate cake that is served with gelato. This is a really decadent dessert that pairs perfectly with a dessert wine.


1 Huntington Ave

Boston, MA 02116

(617) 412 4600

Price level


Romantic seafood restaurants in Boston

Mida Boston

Another Italian cuisine dining room, this romantic restaurant is located in the swanky Tremont Street area. Even though the area is somewhat posh, the prices here are a little more affordable than at Sorellina. This spot is ideal for the more budget-conscious diner.

That being said, Mida Boston is definitely another of the most romantic restaurants in Boston, and you will feel pampered from the moment you walk in the door. The menu is seasonal, so it's always being refreshed and tends to have a farm-to-table focus. They also have fresh pasta dishes, the wine list is also excellent, and there is a full bar if you would rather have a cocktail.

Enjoy Sicilian dining and Mediterranean dishes that are made with authentic flavors and techniques at Mida Boston. There is a lot of seafood on the menu, but there are choices for those who don't love it.

Our recommendation

This dining room location can fill up fast, so call for a reservation if you want to eat here. Be sure as well that you consider trying the gnocchi cacio e pepe or the Sicilian mussels, as these are some of the most widely loved menu items at this location. This spot is a lot like a wine bar and restaurant in one, so you will be able to have just the kind of meal you want with that special someone.


782 Tremont  St.
Boston, MA 02118

(617) 936-3490

Price level


Boston's most romantic restaurants

Little Donkey

Don't let the name of this romantic restaurant throw you off. There is no better place to head in the city for tapas and little bites than Little Donkey. Located in the heart of the city at Central Square, this spot is a bit noisier and busier than some of the other locations in this guide, but sometimes having access to the pulse of the city and its nightlife can be really fun. Little Donkey offers a cozy wine bar area if you forgot to make a reservation, and you can hang out here if you're early and waiting for your table.

Despite the tapas menu, this location works hard to offer a farm-to-table menu that you will love. They also have a full bar, and you can enjoy creative cocktails and wine with your meal.

Our recommendation

The burgers here are actually amazing, and there are some tasty fusion dishes that you might not want to miss out on. The most romantic restaurants in Boston don't usually offer up something casual like a burger, so consider this for your dinner, even though it doesn't exactly scream fine dining experience. The impressive wine list will also keep you satisfied, and you should make the most of it while eating here.


505 Massachusetts Avenue,

Cambridge, MA, 02139

(617) 945-1008

Price level


Romantic wine bars in Boston

Fenway Wine Bar/Nathalie

This location is actually called Nathalie, but you will hear it referred to as Fenway Wine Bar as well. This is a nice place to head for a light meal and some good wines. In fact, in 2022, they were awarded the best wine bar by Best of Boston. You can enjoy a wine flight here, a quality tasting menu, or you might just want to get a unique bottle and share it. The shareable plates here are excellent, and the impressive wine list will keep you busy finding new snacks to pair with each new vintage you want to sample.

The front dining room here has a nice view of the street, and you will feel comfortable and cozy if you have a romantic dinner here. While this is not fine dining in the same sense that the lights are low and there is a candle on every table, this is a great date night choice due to the exceptional food and the robust wine list.

Our recommendation

If you don't want to have a full meal here, ignore the front dining room and sit at the bar. You can still order snacks and chat up the bartenders if your conversation is a bit halted while you enjoy cocktails, wine, and socializing. This is a place where a reservation is a good idea, so be sure to call ahead or make a reservation online. Plan to work hard to find a parking spot in this busy area as well.


180 Brookline Ave #322

Boston, MA 02215

(857) 317-3884

Price level


Boston's best date night spots

Little Tao

This is one of the new restaurants in Boston, and Chef Tao Liu has taken the time to create a truly lovely dining experience that is not offered anywhere else in the Boston area. You can enjoy true Sichuan cuisine here in a fun and friendly atmosphere. The service is excellent, and the drinks are definitely part of the appeal.

This is a spicy food option, so you will probably want to skip dining here unless you can handle some spice. You can ask for some of the dishes to be made much milder for delicate palates if you or your date are sensitive to heat. This is a full dining experience; you will love sampling the many innovative dishes you probably haven't tried before. There is also something charming and welcoming about the location that just makes you want to stay for hours.

Our recommendation

The spicy noodle soups are the star of the show at Little Tao, and the beer list is also worth checking out. You will find all kinds of unique and tasty authentic dishes on the menu here, and the staff is more than happy to help you to pick out items that are right for your spice and overall preference.


1153 Commonwealth Ave
Boston, MA 02134

(617) 207-2781

Price level



This creative location is the brainchild of Chef Alex Crabb. This well-known cooking genius whips up truly creative and inspired dishes that are themed around different concepts. The menu changes seasonally and is often unique to specific concepts that the chef wants to try out. Sometimes the theme will be based on cuisine from various parts of the world, and other times the theme will be something like vegan food or vegetarian food.

The styling here is Scandinavian and very polished and serene. Table service is excellent and prompt; you can ask questions about the menu to your heart's content. There is also an enviable wine list and a full bar here, so you can get cocktails instead of wine.

Our recommendation

Since the menu changes so often, it is hard to recommend specific food offerings here. What we can recommend is that you get a reservation. You should also ask a lot of questions about the food if you are curious what is the most exciting thing on the menu that you should try. Don't be surprised by little bites from the kitchen for you to sample and a full-service supper club-style dining room at Asta.


47 Massachusetts Ave

Boston, MA 02115

(617) 585-9575

Price level


Romantic casual restaurants in Boston

Lolita Fort Point

There are few places in Boston that are as cool as the various Lolita locations. These yummy Mexican food eateries are dimly lit, mysteriously cozy, and offer prompt and really skilled table service. You will have access to a full menu of wines, cocktails, and Mezcal here, and the authentic Mexican cuisine is always delicious. The tables are usually paired with soft leather armchairs, and the bar is just as cozy and inviting.

There is something intriguing and exciting about stepping into Lolita's, and the dining experience here is amazing from start to finish. Also, every bill is delivered with cotton candy. How can you complain about the cost of your meal when the bill shows up with a fluffy, sugary treat?

While this may not seem like one of the most romantic restaurants in Boston, the fun vibe and lively atmosphere are ideal for a first date or for anyone sick of traditional romantic restaurants.

Our recommendation

The brunch here is just as good as the dinner menu, making this an option that you could tack onto your day earlier if you have already picked one of the other date night restaurants. However, if you are heading here for dinner, you should get the classic tacos or a big plate of nachos. The margaritas are also some of the best in the city and come in a large glass that seems never to dry out.


253 Summer Street

Boston, MA 02210
(617) 369-0931

Price level



If you were not sure which of the most romantic restaurants in Boston you wanted to visit before you read this guide, you should have your dining room location picked out by now. However, if you did not see just what you were looking for in this list, Boston also offers tasty street food options and amazing rooftop bars that let you look out over the city while sipping a fancy cocktail.

You won't struggle to find the most romantic restaurants in Boston, but maybe your idea of a special occasion with your loved one is wandering the city checking out local vendors, and snacking on street food. There is no wrong way to make sure that you make the most of your time in this lovely city. Although Boston isn't typically one of the first cities that comes to mind in terms of romance, maybe it should be.

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