8 beaches near Budapest: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Budapest

If you are visiting Budapest, you probably have a lot of historical sites and other places of interest that you have chosen to visit. You might have tons of plans in mind already, but you should consider leaving the bustling city centre to head to one of the lovely Budapest beaches. Budapest is not one of the places that people commonly associate with beach fun, but you can have a great time away from the city center at a lovely beach near Budapest.

Before you pick a place to go scuba diving or to enjoy adventure pools and soft sand, you need to make sure that your bags are in secure storage. Let us take care of your luggage while you enjoy a beach experience that will create lasting memories. Having peace of mind can make your entire beach experience during your trip a lot more fun.

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City Center beaches in Budapest

Roman Beach

This lovely beach area is located right in the Budapest city center, so you will have no trouble making time to visit this beach. This is a great place for access to several bars and restaurants, as well as soft sand and sunshine. The North Buda area offers access to a variety of different beach areas, all of them equally special and fun.

Roman Beach is one of the best areas for walking around if you are not a fan of spending time on the sand. Many people come here every day to play with their pets, walk with their families, or just sit and enjoy the sun.

Roman Beach travel distance from Budapest

If you want to drive to this beach area, you will just need to plan about 15 minutes in the car. You can head to Keleti Station and arrive at this beach in about an hour by train.

Activity recommendations

The promenade near the water is just as fun as the beach itself, and many people come here to enjoy this part of what Roman Beach can offer, as well as to swim and play on the beach. You can enjoy access to various open-air restaurants and bars here too, which is great if you didn't think to bring your own food and drink. Even when the weather is not ideal, people come here just to enjoy the park and the little food booths.

Swimming beaches near Budapest

Lupa Beach

Lupa Beach offers palm trees, outdoor buffet restaurants, and lots of soft sand. The clear water of the lake is perfect for swimming, making this area of the landlocked country feel like you have been transported to a tropical island. This is one of the North Buda beaches that you should consider visiting during your trip. There are so many things to do at these beaches besides just sitting in the sun.

Lupa Beach travel distance from Budapest

You can drive to this beach area in about 15 minutes. On the train, you will need to allow an hour to arrive.

Activity recommendations

The recreation area here offers access to ping pong tables, places to play sports on the sand, and more. The water is easily accessible here, and water sports equipment can be rented if you want to have this kind of fun. Heading here to relax in the sun is easy, but you can also play in the water and enjoy renting paddleboards or kayaks.

There is a lot to do here, as well as an opportunity to see cultural events of various kinds if your timing is good.

Lake Balaton

There are lots of little towns and places to shop and have fun around Lake Balaton. This is a natural reserve area, and the lake is really beautiful no matter which part of the lake you choose to visit. You can enjoy the sun, play in the water, or dine and shop at one of the little towns near the water.

Lake Balaton travel distance from Budapest

You will have to drive here since there is no train route to get to Lake Balaton. The trip here will take about an hour and a half.

Activity recommendations

This is the perfect place to relax for a long weekend. Many people head here to rent a room and enjoy the various activities that the lake can offer for more than just an afternoon. You can choose to wander from town to town in order to see the sites and shop or dine. If you want to kayak, go boating, or even paddleboard, you can rent equipment to do so at the lake.

There are few places in the area as beautiful as the lake here. You will be missing out if you don't choose to head over to this lake spot for at least an afternoon.

Római Beach near Budapest

Római Beach

Római Beach is known for its open-air bath. This bath was meant to look like a Roman bath, and it was recently refurbished. There are various other activities to enjoy here, too, like water slides and a playground. The pool area is spacious enough to enjoy as a group, and people of all ages can have a good time here.

Római Beach travel distance from Budapest

This beach location is about 15 minutes from the city center. Alternatively, the train will get you here in about an hour.

Activity recommendations

While not really a beach, this lovely open-air bath is really well-known in the area. You can enjoy all kinds of fun pool activities here. The water slides are friendly for all ages, and there is a playground for little kids to enjoy as well. While there isn't a beach here, you can still lay out in the sun on the pool deck.

Siófok Beach

This beach is one of the beach locations around Lake Balaton. This is one of the most popular beach locations near the lake for partying and nightlife. There is a Ferris wheel, as well as a promenade here, along with beach bars and restaurants. The sand is soft, and the ambiance is perfect. This beach is ideal for all kinds of fun activities, and if you are heading to the lake, you will want to put this beach on your list of things to do.

Siófok Beach travel distance from Budapest

It takes an hour to get to this beach area.

Activity recommendations

This is a well-known party beach, but that doesn't mean that you can't head here to sit on a sun lounger and read a book. This beach is located near a lot of bars and restaurants, and many people choose to come to the beach later in the day and then head off to the sand to have fun when the sun goes down.

The beach is grassy in some areas here, making it perfect for lounging in the sun. If you have little ones with you, they will love toddling on the sand or playing in the grass. This is also a great place to swim or to rent paddleboards and other water sports equipment.

Margit Island near Budpaest

Margit Island

This is a nature conservation area, which means that you can come here to enjoy the park itself. However, many people choose Margit Island to get in the thermal water at the thermal baths. This beach area has been open since 1919, and it is a really enjoyable place for people of all ages to get away from the city. This beach area is really close to the city, which makes it really popular with travelers and locals.

Margit Island travel distance from Budapest

This island beach is 15 minutes from Budapest by car or about 30 minutes away by train.

Activity recommendations

The thermal baths are the main draw here, but you can also enjoy a regular pool, the sandy beach, and lots of water sports activities. Many people rent bikes and ride around the park rather than hanging out on the beach. You can also hike or walk in the park if you are not interested in the sand between your toes.

The adventure pools here are ideal for small kids, and adults can have fun renting water sports equipment and splashing and playing near the beach. This island is really gorgeous and so special that you should really consider adding it to your list of places to visit during your trip.

Kopaszi Gát

This beach area was recently fixed up. It is growing in popularity now that everyone has realized that it is open to be enjoyed. You can't swim here, but there is a stretch of nice sand which is perfect for sunbathing or playing in the sun. The park near the beach is ten acres in size as well and is perfect for walking or riding a bike.

Kopaszi Gát travel distance from Budapest

You can be at this beach in about 7 minutes in the car. The train ride will take you about a half hour.

Activity recommendations

This area is family-friendly and also perfect for those who just want some peace and quiet after a busy day of sightseeing. While you can't swim here, you can have fun in the sun, go walking around the promenade, or choose to rent a bike and ride along the water.

Since this area was recently refurbished, it's been reclaimed, making it perfect for a day of peace and quiet in the city.

Scenic beaches near Budapest

Sho Beach

Sho Beach can only be accessed if you pay a fee, but there is so much to do here it's worth the cost. There are food stands, areas to get a drink, changing rooms, showers, and even sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. You could choose to head over here just for a meal or an afternoon checking out the food stalls and shopping, or you can pop over to get some sun and peace and quiet.

Sho Beach travel distance from Budapest

This area is about 7 minutes from the city center. If you get on the train, you will be here in about half an hour.

Activity recommendations

This is one of the areas of the city that has recently been revitalized, and tourists and locals alike can have a great time here on a warm summer day. You can enjoy lounging on a sun bed, eating a filling meal, or having a drink in the sun when you visit Sho Beach. This is a different kind of beach experience from some of the others on this list, but that does not mean that it won't be a ton of fun.

Make sure that you come hungry because there are so many dining options here that you might want to try out more than one or two places while you are visiting. You can also rent paddleboards and enjoy the water before you dine or have a drink. This might not be the ideal place for kids, but teens and adults will have a great time here.

Best beaches near Budapest


Traveling can be expensive, and if you're visiting Budapest on a budget, these beaches make great places to spend the day. If you have more time on your hands, more beaches are available in the area and make for some amazing weekend trips from Budapest. There are various places where you can enjoy a weekend along the River Danube if you want to get away from the city.

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But you will be missing out on one of the best things that you can experience if you don't take the time to head to one of these lovely beaches during your trip. Most of the beach areas are very close to the city center, making it really easy to enjoy a day of fun in the sun even if you didn't plan in advance to head to the beach.

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