The 13 Best Hikes In Copenhagen

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Copenhagen is the capital and the most densely populated city in Denmark with almost 800,000 residents. Whether you are in the capital city for business or pleasure, it is always nice to get out and enjoy nature on one of the hiking trails. If you are seeking an easy hike along Denmark shores or a hiking trail that takes you to formations from the middle ages, you can find all that in Copenhagen.

Outdoor activities are especially popular during the summer months when the high temperatures are in the lower 70s. Both novice and experienced hikers can find a hike to enjoy whether you are looking for beautiful forests, endless grasslands, or sand dunes. The Mols Bjerge National Park has hiking trails that will take you to the outwash plains from the Ice Age and through valleys from the Stone Age.

The Archipelago Trail is one of the most popular hiking trails as well as one of the longest at 137 miles. You will be able to meander along the unique group of islands walking, biking, or driving, but some of your travel will be by ferry. See the quaint villages and white sandy beaches along the Archipelago Sea on a trail that can take one to nine days, depending on your mode of travel.

Thy National Park has some of the best hiking trails for taking a walk along the North Sea. In the 18 hiking trails through Thy, you can find several easy walks with the Bogested Rende Beach trail the easiest and most scenic. No matter where you go in Copenhagen, you are likely to be near some fantastic hiking trails. Although some of them may require a short jaunt on public transportation of some kind.

One thing you cannot bring hiking with you is your luggage. Find the nearest Copenhagen luggage storage site to leave your bags for safekeeping while you explore. After all, you cannot drag suitcases up the mountains and along the beaches. Hiking would not be much fun that way!

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Our Top Hiking Trail Picks in Copenhagen

Copenhagen Walking Tour

The capital of Denmark is a special place whether you are hiking in the woods of the Mols Bjerge or walking along a trail in the city limits. Enjoy this 1.7-mile hike through the city to see a plethora of attractions like the City Hall Square along the pedestrian streets where you can see street performers and the fortified walls of Copenhagen's west end.

Tivoli Gardens is another must-see. This spectacular place is the original inspiration for Walt Disney World with its rides, games, and other attractions. But you can just hike in for a bit of food and the stunning greenery. You can also visit the Ny Carlsberg Glypotek Art Museum to soak up some beauty and culture indoors for a while.

The National Museum of Denmark in the City Centre is also a popular stop along this hike and boasts items dating back to 14,000 years including Ice Age reindeer artifacts, historical coins, and Viking items. Be sure to stop at the Christianborg Palace to explore the reception rooms, stables, and the Great Hall.

The Little Mermaid Walking Tour

Another nice adventure in Denmark less than two miles will enhance your visit to Copenhagen with an array of sites. Hikers will even love this trail through the city and beyond. First, check out the Amalienborg Palace and Museum with its four palaces dating back to the 1700s. Try to get there at midday for the changing of the guard.

The Medical Museum, part of the University of Copenhagen, is located in a neoclassical building dating back to 1787. The main focus of the museum is biomedical items and there are many displays featuring such artifacts. The Danish Museum of Art and Design is another great stop with artworks and furniture made in Denmark.

The Gefjon Fountain is another Denmark features with a large group of animals and Gefjon the Norse goddess. You will learn about the creation of the Island of New Zealand as well. The final stop is the Little Mermaid sculpture from 1913 by Edvard Eriksen. After this terrific day of walking, fill up on Copenhagen street food to get your energy back.

Museum Walking Tour

If you wish to see more of the galleries and museums of Denmark, this one-mile hiking trail features seven of the most popular. The David Collection boasts the private collection of CL David with art dating back to the 8th century. It is one of the largest collections in Europe.

Denmark is proud of its gardens and the Copenhagen Botanical Garden is a place most hikers enjoy. See over 600 species of Danish plants, rock gardens, and dried plants. But don't miss the Rosenborg Castle, constructed in 1606. Plan to stay for a few hours if you want to see all the levels.

The National Gallery of Denmark is another special place for hikers to visit. The Danish artworks include items from the 1300s as well as the Danish Golden Age. Denmark is also proud of its film work and you can see the history at the Danish Film Institute.

Havneringen Trail

Also known as the Harbour Circle, this easy eight-mile route in east Denmark takes you along bridges and paths from Sluselobet to Nyhavn Canal where you can visit 12 main sites in Denmark. You could start at the Dybbolsbro Train Station and head to the Fisketorvet Shopping Center where you can find the path behind the mall.

This is one of the most detailed hikes in the country of Denmark within such a compact location, giving you the opportunity to see all sorts of sites like the Christians Bridge, Kalvebod Bridge, Sluseholmen, and Nokken. The harbor is one of the cleanest in Europe and you can enjoy it all for free. You can even stop for a swim or get some ice cream.

Helsinger Trail

Take a walk along the coast on this intermediate 28.4-mile trek with scenic views and a variety of activities to enjoy along the way. If you plan on doing the whole hike, you will probably need to bring some camping gear and enough food, drinks, and clothing to last for at least two days.

You will indeed be enjoying a walk along the coast on this trail. Most of the mileage will be along the coastline with sensational views of the North Sea as well as several harbors, parks, and other attractions along your journey. Some of the trail takes you into quaint villages and neighborhoods where you will see historic buildings and even the Zoological Museum.

Amarmino Trail

Explore forests and hike along beaches on the easy 16.8 Amarmino route great for all skill levels. You do not have to go far to get to this Denmark hike on Amarmino Island running through the Amager Nature Park that lauds approximately 3,000 acres of green space from salt marshes to country roads. It may not be a national park but it is worth the trip.

Who needs national parks when you have one of the best hikes in the country? Visitors can often enjoy views of the wild ponies, ducks, and other wildlife who call this park home. This region in east Denmark is one of the best places to visit during the summer when you can see all sorts of wildflowers along the path in many areas.

Starting in the Orestad district, you will trek through the park and finish at Dragor, a colorful old fishing village. Although the fastest time traveled is just over two hours, most people enjoy this hike for an entire day. There is much to see and do and the trail is well cared for and easily followed.

Gilbjergstien Trail

Beginners will enjoy hiking this easy 3.4-mile foot trail near Gillelege in the capital of Denmark. See the Gillbjerg Stone the memorial from Soren Kirkegaard the philosopher. Take a walk up to the slopes over the Kattegat on the peninsula. Grab some food at one of the lovely shops or just explore the beach for free.

Hiking through the grasslands is one of Denmark's best hikes whether you come in the summer or the winter. You can see historical sites and free attractions as well as some of Denmark's wildlife if you are lucky, so bring your camera. You can finish this route in an hour or less but take the time to enjoy the scenery instead of rushing through it.

Easy Hikes in Copenhagen

Rundt om Mosen (Around the Bog) Trail

This easy 3.6-mile loop trail is a popular one for all skill levels with its stunning views and lake at Utterslev Boglands. The natural area is adorned by parkland, fields, wildflowers, and reed beds full of wildlife. Although it is surrounded by neighborhoods, you will not feel like you are in the city.

The natural lake was formed during the last ice age, developing into bogland over the years. Today it is a mecca for waterfowl and other birds as well as badgers, foxes, and three species of deer. This is one trip where you need to bring a camera.

Lodbjerg Lighthouse Loop and Bogested Rende Trail

Take a short walk on the Lodbjerg Lighthouse loop hike to get some fantastic views of the hidden gem from 1883. It is an easy hike of about 3.2 miles round trip. It is a great place to stop for a picnic and some selfies even if it is not in a national park. See what else you can discover on other routes like Ox Road, which has been in use since 4000 BC.

Along this same route, the Bogested Rende is less than a mile and has features like a river, beach, and forests. Another route, the 2.8-mile Grubevande features a large sandy beach, forests, and a lake as well as lush greenery and wildlife. These hikes are not as difficult but are worth the walk.

Intermediate Hikes in Copenhagen

Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail is approximately 137 miles along the south Fyn just a short drive from Copenhagen. It is divided into several sections, each with its own separate paths for hiking. Sand dunes, grasslands, coastlines, and villages are just some of the features of these grounds.

Although you probably will not want to hike the whole 137 miles, most of the trails can be taken for a short distance with a variety of skill levels to choose from. Most of the paths are through communities where you can stop and enjoy a meal, shopping, or just a rest.

Along the south end of the trail, you can find several public beaches that are nice spots to enjoy a swim or a picnic. You may even be able to rent a rowboat to get out on the water for a bit. The area is often traveled by car but you can see Denmark's beauty much better on foot. Just grab a map or your GPS and put on your hiking shoes.

Prinseskoven-Hejresoen-Fasanskoven Loop Trail

The Prinseskoven-Hejresoen-Fasanskoven Loop Trail is an intermediate hike of approximately 12 miles through the Kalvebod Commons with small hills, bridges, and thick lush forests. You will also enjoy wide expanses of grassy fields, farmland filled with cows and horses, and a plethora of wildlife.

The sea surrounds you through most of your journey with breathtaking views and beaches. The Kongelund Fortress is another interesting spot to check out. The historic fort has been there since 1914 and has a lot of awesome ruins and a tower. Bring a lunch and stop for a meal in the picnic area where there are tables, barbecue pits, and toilets.

Difficult Hikes in Copenhagen


You will need to pack enough gear and food for several days if you want to try this 78-mile loop trail rated as difficult. Most of the trail is wild and natural without the convenience of toilets, shops, food, or water. It is also important to bring a first aid kit, compass, map, and maybe even a guide.

Although some of this trail is paved, you will be hiking up an elevation gain of over 5,200 feet so you have to be in good shape and have the experience. You will find several camping spots along the way, both primitive and modern, but you will often have to make your own spot off the beaten path.

Thy National Park Hikes

A little bit further to the north in Denmark, Thy National Park boasts 18 fantastic hiking routes to explore. Denmark is well-known for its beaches and lakes with a variety of them to be found in Thy National Park. The most popular trip in this park is the North Sea Trail where you can enjoy and explore the central Jutland and beach. However, it is a difficult trek with over 58 miles.

For Nature Lovers

Many of the hikes we list here have great cultural significance and plenty of stunning photo ops. Whether you want to hike along the south edge of the sea, in a gorgeous national park, or try hiking one of the strenuous lengthy trips, make sure to wear comfortable hiking shoes and pack the essentials in your backpack like water, food, and a first aid kit.

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