Where To Find The Best Street Food In Copenhagen

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The local food scene in the Danish capital is becoming one of this beautiful city's claims to fame. The street food scene in Copenhagen has surged with new vendors popping up everywhere. Food halls and street food markets have become the go-to places to find delicious and cheap eats in Copenhagen.

You will find dishes that fit even the tightest budget including the traditional Danish smorrebrod, authentic Greek gyros, flavorful Moroccan fare, crispy Argentinian empanadas, and even Nepalese dumplings. Let your taste buds take you on a journey across the globe without ever leaving Copenhagen!

It can be a bit difficult to find the best street food in Copenhagen with so many choices spread out over the city. But stick with us here and you will find who to look for, where to go, and even a few festivals dedicated to authentic and amazing street food. When you are on a quest for fantastic street food, drop your bags in a Copenhagen luggage storage location so you can easily move through the city, tasting delicious food.

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The best street food vendors in Copenhagen

There are so many fantastic vendors to choose from that sometimes finding the best street food in Copenhagen really can depend on what exactly you are craving. Whether it is traditional Danish dishes or maybe something from across the globe such as Mexican or American, you will find something tasty from the vendors listed here. Read up on how to get around Copenhagen so you can move easily from one eatery to another!

Blue Taco

Address: Blaagaardsgade 1 Kld, Copenhagen 2200 Denmark

Located in Reffen, the Blue Taco is an authentic taco stand that calls one of the funky shipping containers home. Indeed, shipping containers are transformed into incredible eateries! You will probably see a long line out front, but that just means the food must be fabulous and well worth the wait.

Order the blue-corn tortilla tacos, they are gluten-free and bursting with flavor. The spices and fresh ingredients combine to make a dish that you will not forget. The blue tacos do change with the seasons, such as the chicken with sesame seeds and red mole or the beef with spicy salsa.

Crispy Pig

Address: Refshalevej 167A, Kobenhavn, 1432 Denmark

Head to the Crispy Pig for a modern twist on traditional Danish comfort food with a menu that pays homage to pork, one of the favorite meats of Denmark. Order the roast pork sandwich which is served with red cabbage, potatoes, and an amazing homemade sauce. Another fantastic dish is the Danish pork stew with a fried egg resting on top.

Grab an order or two of the pig skin cracklings, very similar to pork rinds, but with more flavor and made fresh daily at Crispy Pig. Visit their small booth in Reffen, it may take a bit to get through the long line, but it is definitely worth the wait.

Hallernes Smorrebrod

Address: Tivoli Food Hall, Berntorffsgade 3, Copenhagen V, 1577 Denmark

With only 15 street food vendor stalls in the Tivoli Food Hall, Hallernes Smorrebrod is always serving gourmet dishes that are easy on the budget. While you wait for your food you can drool over the glass cases filled with Danish treats and delicacies. This is the perfect place to try the traditional Danish open-face sandwich or smorrebrod.  

The pickled herring smorrebrod is a favorite go-to dish and is served with red onion, apple, dill, and crème fraiche. If you need something a bit lighter, try the leverpostej served with pickled berries, bacon, pate, herbs, and beetroot.

Hija de Sanchez

Address: Slagterboderne 8, Kodbyen, Kobenhavn 1718 Denmark

High-quality, authentic Mexican dishes can be found at chef Rosio Sanchez’s street food stall at Torvehallerne. Check out the quaint chalkboard menus for the night’s specials or if you have been here before, order your favorite dish which is guaranteed to be bursting with Mexican spiciness.

The tacos are a pleasant mix of Oaxacan flavors and Nordic garnishes to create a unique culinary experience. The gooseberry salsa is so unexpected but just the right touch to compliment the spiciness of the tacos; the chicken mole negro and al pastor are also fantastic dishes without having a Nordic influence.

Kejser Sausage

Address: Strandgade 95, Copenhagen 1401 Denmark

When in the mood for a gourmet hot dog, head to the Bridge Street Kitchen and visit Kejser Sausage. Chef Thomas Rohde has created all-natural, organic hot dogs made with all beef or all pork. Served on a fresh, soft brioche roll and topped with pickled red onions, relish, and lime, you will never want another supermarket hot dog again.

Look for the food stall covered in marine-blue tin and order a hot dog or two and sit at one of the picnic tables just outside the Bridge Street Kitchen. Look out over Nyhavn Harbor, a wonderful place to stay in Copenhagen, and savor your impromptu picnic in the fresh air and sunshine.


Address: AEbelogade 4, Kobenhavn 2100 Denmark

Imagine innovative and healthy dishes served from a food truck parked at the Reffen street food market. Just look for the kale-green truck and follow your nose to Gro! Their cold-pressed juices have been offered in several cafes throughout Copenhagen but you can also order their fresh juices directly from their food truck.

Drop by Gro in the morning for a healthy alternative to traditional breakfast foods. Their organic breakfast bowls will start your day off with a bang. They also have amazing power foods that make the absolute perfect breakfast for those with hectic on-the-go schedules.

Hansens Is & Ice Cream

Address: Kongensgade 93, Copenhagen 2300 Denmark

Are you out having fun with the kids? Add this stop to your list! Since 1922, Hansens has been a Danish favorite with its hand-dipped popsicles and hand-churned, homemade ice cream. They now have a street food stall at Bridge Street Market as well as their permanent location on Kongensgade. There are only a few street food vendors in Copenhagen that serve dessert foods, so you do not want to miss out on these sweet treats.

The homemade sundae topped with homemade nougat, fresh strawberries, and Valrhona chocolate definitely will satisfy any sweet tooth. The hand-dipped popsicles are lip-smacking good and have nuts and seasonal berries as toppings. Or maybe the Danish waffles and homemade pancakes are more what you are craving –you really cannot go wrong no matter what you order.

Where to find the best Copenhagen street food spots

While you can find street food vendors throughout Copenhagen, there are several markets and halls brimming with street food stalls from some of the best vendors in the city. When you are out and about, be sure to stop by these street food markets to find a wide variety of cuisines.


This is the biggest street food market in Copenhagen and is extremely popular with locals and tourists, especially during the summer months. With over 50 different food vendors that represent several different nationalities and cuisines, this is where the foodies will want to hang out. Sample a few different dishes from several vendors or pick your favorite for a quick snack.

Most of the vendors are very budget-friendly and the dishes offer tantalizing tastes and large portions. The ambiance of Reffen is truly unique as it is housed in a former shipyard that has been transformed into an eclectic food hall. Each vendor has its own shipping container that has been reimagined into a food stall.

Broens Gadekokken

Also known as the Bridge Street Kitchen, this outdoor market looks out over the harbor and is home to some of the best street food in the city. Stroll past the vibrantly painted houses of Nyhavn on your way to Broens Gadekokken, which just happens to be a fantastic alternative for those looking for flavorful dishes without making a stop.

While the market is small, with only 12 food stalls and four bars, each vendor serves high-end or gourmet dishes that have heavy influences from around the world. Your taste buds will be dancing when you try some of the wonderful dishes offered such as the traditional Danish smorrebrod or the Greek gyro.


Head straight to the heart of Copenhagen and visit Torvehallerne. With over 60 different food stalls, this unique market is made of two connecting glass-enclosed halls with even more vendor stalls located outdoors. Foodies will have to be rolled out of here, there are that many great dishes to sample!

You can find one of only a handful of plant-based vendors, Souls Street Food has one of the best mushroom, nori, and truffle burgers in town. Grod is another great vendor serving classic Danish porridges made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. You can also find vendors selling food products such as fresh produce, teas, chocolates, cheeses, and nuts.

Tivoli Food Hall

Located just across from Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world, Tivoli Food Hall sees a lot of tourists and locals who have spent the day at the Gardens. Grab a quick snack and head back to the adventures of the amusement park or sit down and enjoy a relaxing, low-budget meal from one, or several, vendors.

On sunny days, you can sit out on the outdoor terrace and look out over the Tivoli Gardens while you send your senses and taste buds on an adventure of their own through the international fare offered. It is free to enter the food hall so spend some time checking out all the vendors before deciding what you want to try.

Street food festivals in Copenhagen

While festivals are quite common in Copenhagen, festivals dedicated to street food can be a little more difficult to find. Most festivals do have a few great food vendors but you will want to visit Copenhagen in August and September to participate in a couple of huge street food festivals including the Copenhagen Cooking Festival and Tivoli’s Food and Wine Festival.

Copenhagen Cooking Festival

Copenhagen Cooking Festival is held at the end of August. During this fun-filled week, visitors will help celebrate the amazing food scene of Copenhagen. Restaurants, street food vendors, culinary experts, and foodies come together to enjoy traditional Danish fare as well as dishes with surprising twists, and of course several international dishes.

A tantalizing array of dishes await! Spend a day or come every day of the festival to see what is new and exciting and dine on everything from gourmet to trendy dishes prepared by some of the best chefs in Copenhagen.

Smorrebrodets Day

Also held at the end of August, Smorrebrodets Day celebrates the most iconic Danish food, the Smorrebrod or an open sandwich usually using rye bread and piled high with tasty toppings such as pickled berries, red onions, dill, and pickled herring.

Don't miss the Smorrebrods Battle or the Battle of the Open-Faced Sandwich where Michelin-starred chefs, as well as street food cooks, battle it out to create the best smorrebrod while showcasing their skills and ability to think outside-the-box.

The Best Copenhagen Street Food

Whether you are looking for budget-friendly dining options or just looking for a great food market to try, street food vendors in Copenhagen offer a culinary experience like no other. If you are in the mood for traditional Danish fare, you will definitely find it at one of the food markets or if you are craving something a bit more international, there are plenty of choices throughout Copenhagen.

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