Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Copenhagen

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You have not lived until you have sat in the best Copenhagen coffee shops sipping on a rich, fragrant brew. With Danes notorious for being crazy about their coffee, the number of coffee houses and cafés in Denmark is staggering, but not all of them are suitable to set up a temporary office.

But there are several coffee shops and cafés that offer free WiFi, comfortable seating, and plenty of table room to set up shop and get some work done. Finding the best coffee shops to work from in Copenhagen is not so hard when you know where to look.

After you have sipped coffee all morning and caught up on emails or other work assignments, head out to spend the rest of the day shopping in Copenhagen to find unique gifts and amazing deals. Before you start exploring, store your work bag safely in a Copenhagen luggage locker so you can easily move through the city.

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Mokkariet in Norrebro

Located near Runddelen, Mokkariet has an interesting feature that makes hanging out and being a digital nomad or student even easier. Along the back wall, there are indoor bleachers similar to a lecture hall, and guests are invited to take a seat on the risers and spend some time enjoying coffee, nibbling on sweet treats, and getting some work done.

If you enjoy coming to Mokkariet, you can purchase a coffee card and get discounts on your coffee; in the long run, it will save you quite a bit of money. Visit in the morning and enjoy light breakfast dishes or their bigger variety of brunch dishes. Mokkariet also serves sandwiches and lunch items, but be sure to save some room for their delicious cake.

Address: Jagtvej 72, 2200 Kobenhavn N

Prolog Coffee Bar

Stroll through the up-and-coming district of Vesterbro and drop into Prolog Coffee Bar after checking out some of the magnificent painted murals along the brick walls. The décor of Prolog is rather minimalist except for the bright blue trim. The intoxicating smells of the coffee being brewed will draw you in and make you want to linger.

Your roast coffee will arrive in a rather unique way, in a small glass beaker accompanied by a porcelain cup. You pour your own coffee from the beaker and is recommended to not add cream or sugar, this is a minimalist coffee shop that lets the flavor of the coffee speak for itself. The coffee beans are roasted by Prolog, making the filter coffee taste that much better.

You may come in for a quick pick-me-up jolt of caffeine but you will find a quiet nook in the small café and start getting some serious work done. While it may be frowned upon to spend the entire day at Prolog, you can get away with spending an hour or two reading or pounding away on your laptop. If you happen to be there during the summer months, you can sit out on the small patio.

Address: Hokerboderne 16, 1712 Kobenhavn V


Located in Vesterbro, Absalon is a café that was once a former church. Absalon is made of a big room with lots of space for people to spread out and set up a temporary office. There is always something fun and lively happing here besides sipping your daily cup of joe. Since Absalon is a non-profit café, the menu items are lower priced compared to many cafés and restaurants in Copenhagen.

You can order coffee or tea by the cup or if you are planning on staying a while, you can order a whole pot. Get a slice of cake to go with your coffee or tea or order from the breakfast or lunch menu. WiFi is available as well as plenty of table space to spread out and work. Meetings and study groups are also held at Absalon.

Address: Sonder Boulevard 73, 1720 Kovenhavn V

Den Lille Gule Kaffebar

The Little Yellow Coffee Bar is a small coffee shop located in a yellow building that you cannot miss. Stroll down a cobblestone road checking out the architecture and then pop into Den Lille Gule Kaffebar. You can opt to sit inside, but seating is limited, or you can pull up a chair on the outdoor patio. You can sit on the patio in cool weather, each chair has a cozy blanket for you to wrap up in.

Many locals think the Little Yellow Coffee Bar is one of the best Copenhagen coffee shops, not just for the smooth great coffee but also for the quaint little terrace where you can sit and visit with friends or get a little work done. Being close to the city centre, you can easily walk from the coffee shop to several great attractions in Copenhagen.

Address: Mikkel Bryggers Gade 7, Kobenhavn V


Located in the Osterbro district of Copenhagen, Shabaz has enough room for you to spread out and work without encroaching on others who are visiting with friends or just chilling over a cup of great coffee. The staff is very friendly and accommodating when you want to hang out for half the day or so.

Shabaz has a varied menu will wonderful options for breakfast including juices, smoothies, and baked goods. They also offer a nice variety of dishes for lunch. Fragrant coffee fills the air and will make you want to spend all day here and people watch or lose yourself in work.

Address: Oster Farimagsgade 93, 2100 Kobenhavn O

Copenhagen Coffee Collective

This is one of the most famous coffee brands in Denmark and there are seven Coffee Collective cafés throughout Copenhagen. Several of the coffee shops brew their own beans as they operate under Direct Trade which means they pay their coffee farmers at least 25% more than the fair-trade price.

With so many Coffee Collective locations you will have several to choose from when you are looking for the best coffee shop to work from in Copenhagen. The Coffee Collective located in the Torvehallerne Food Market is more for the in and out crowd instead of those who want to spend time in the shop for a while.

Head over to Norrebro or Jaegersborggade where the spaces are larger and much more inviting to sit and stay a spell. There are tables with plenty of room to set up your laptop. Being a micro-roastery, the Coffee Collective offers a coffee school where you can learn the art of brewing the best coffee. The locations in Bernikowsgade and Gothabsvej are also decent for hanging out for a while and offer free WiFi.

Address: Jaegersborggade 57, 2200 Kobenhavn

Cub Coffee Bar

It may be a bit tricky to find the Cub Coffee Bar as it is in an out-of-the-way spot. There are a few tables set up on the patio, you will want to head down the stairs into the basement of the building where Cub is located. It is located near the city centre and Parliament making it an ideal place to visit when you want to work and people watch a bit.

One of the best drinks at Cub Coffee Bar is the oat milk flat white that is super rich and smooth as silk. All of their coffee is roasted perfectly and there are no bitter notes no matter what flavor or variety you choose. Some of the baristas here also offer a barista course if you want to learn the insider tricks to brewing a phenomenal cup of coffee.

Address: Boldhusgade 6, 1062 Kobenhavn K


Near amazing shopping malls in Frederiksberg, there are two cafés with the same name. The smaller Henckell offers fantastic coffee but is not laptop friendly. The larger café named Henckell also has delicious coffee but is laptop friendly and perfect for spending a long morning getting work completed or catching up on emails.

The décor of Henckell is lovely with huge windows to let in a lot of natural light and give you plenty of opportunity to people watch when you are not working. The menu is varied enough to offer breakfast and lunch as well as smaller dishes that make a perfect snack. A good cup of coffee is reasonably priced and free WiFi is offered.

Address: Gammel Kongevej 124, 1850 Frederiksberg C

Democratic Coffee

Grab your laptop and head to the city centre and the Central Library of Copenhagen where Democratic Coffee awaits. Enjoy good coffee, plenty of light, tables to work at, and yummy food on the menu such as the almond croissants. They do have a full coffee menu so you can get anything from roast coffee to espresso. Sit at the long coffee bar that faces the window or sit in the small seating area.

While you would think that mainly students come to Democratic Coffee, there is actually a wide range of clientele that come through including those who work from anywhere they can get a caffeine fix. Since it is located in the library, free WiFi is available.

Address: Krystalgade 15, 1172 Kobenhavn K

Kaf Bar

You have to order an espresso at Kaf Bar when you visit Copenhagen. When you need a caffeine fix including flat whites, this is where you go. When you order your coffee, there is a selection of syrups and oat milk to add a little extra flavor to your drink. Their menu also boasts several baked goods, desserts, sandwiches, and avocado toast.

It is not a huge café but there is usually plenty of room to set up shop and spend a few hours sipping your coffee, nibbling on some sweet treats, and making your boss happy by getting work completed. You will find the comfortable seating is perfect for spending a morning at Kaf Bar.

Address: Jaegersborggade 57, 2200 Kobenhavn N

ROAST Islands Brygge

This is one of the best coffee shops that is also a roastery. When you walk into ROAST the amazing smells will make you even more reasy for a coffee. The shop is located right on the waterfront and the baristas are friendly and very knowledgeable. They will help you choose a delicious drink if you are not sure what sounds good.

ROAST participates in direct fair trade and has cultivated a strong relationship with the farmers who grow their coffee beans. They roast their beans right there bringing out the best flavor of the beans prior to brewing. The cappuccinos are a work of art and the espresso offers quite a kick.

This café is more than just a place to get a great coffee, it is also a good place to come spend an afternoon working away from the office. There is plenty of light, table space, and comfortable seating to make your visit pleasant.

Address: Vestmannagade 4, 2300 Kobenhavn S

Coffee Shops to Work From

 When you are in Copenhagen the obvious choice of drink is coffee. Coffee in Copenhagen is a big deal and coffee consumption in Copenhagen is actually fourth in the world. Whether you are sitting at a café and working outside the office or you are at an actual coffee shop you will find some of the most fragrant, smooth-as-silk coffee in the world.

Copenhagen is a great place to visit whether you are coming for work or pleasure. Many people even make a return visit because the city is so wonderful. With coffee shops in multiple locations throughout the city, you will find one or two that offer a great place to work, even in central Copenhagen where you are close to all the action.

Grab a quick coffee at one of the Copenhagen cafés or plan to spend a bit of time sallying over a fragrant cup of coffee. Visit interesting places such as Copenhagen Coffee Lab or Alice Ice Cream but if you need to get some work done, try the coffee bars that are mentioned above.

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