Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Copenhagen

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Hoping to catch a glimpse of the Danish Royal Family while in Copenhagen? That's a fun and maybe even possible goal, but browsing the stores for finds like original vintage wallpapers or tapestries is a must-do activity while here too! After all, Copenhagen is one of the ultimate shopping destinations in Denmark.

Filled with artisan shops, fashionable boutiques, and modern shopping malls, Copenhagen is the place to go! Fashionistas and shopaholics will want to spend several days exploring the Danish capital, finding fantastic deals on the latest fashions, home goods, and accessories.

Wear comfortable shoes, bring along a few large shopping bags, and check out these inviting malls, stores, and boutiques. Before planning your buying excursion, find a Copenhagen luggage storage locker to stow your extra bags and purchases. Then, you can keep shopping in Copenhagen without missing a beat.

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Popular shopping malls

Shopping in Copenhagen is truly an experience and there are several terrific shopping malls with fantastic architecture and modern amenities. Make sure your shopping trip to Copenhagen includes the destinations we've lined up for you.

Magasin du Nord

Address: Kongens Nytorv 13, 1095 Kobenhavn, Denmark

This breathtaking building on Kongens Nytorv has been home to Magasin du Nord since 1889 and is an absolute gem. It is more than just a shopping mall, it is one of the anchors of downtown Copenhagen and is recognizable by the French Renaissance architecture.

Get ready to buy! With over 2,000 different clothing brands found here, you will definitely find more than just a few things to add to your wardrobe or give as gifts. Browse shops featuring beauty products, interior design items, fashion accessories, jewelry stores, and even delicatessen shops. After a few hours of looking around, sit down at one of the cafes or restaurants for refreshments.

Amager Centret

Address: 3 Reberbanegade, Kobenhaven S Kobenhaven 2300, Denmark

Just minutes from the Amagerbro metro station, the Amager Centret is a modest shopping center located on Amager Island and is only about a 30-minute walk from Freetown Christiania. Even though it is one of the smaller shopping malls in Copenhagen, you can spend a pleasant day shopping and dining.

There are 65 stores for you to explore ranging from high-end fashion to home goods to fashion accessories. With nine cafes and restaurants, you will find fantastic dining options no matter if you are looking for a quick on-the-go snack or the full dining experience at a sit-down restaurant. Amager Centret also has two supermarkets for convenient grocery shopping.


Address: 59 Kalvebod Brygge, 1560 Kobenhavn, Denmark

Located near the waterfront, Fisketorvet opened in 2000 and is Denmark’s third biggest shopping mall. You can definitely shop until you drop here with 93 shops and stores plus more kiosks throughout the corridors. Grab your friends and plan to spend the day exploring all Fisketorvet has to offer.

Take a break from shopping and sample some of the local fare from one of the 20 cafes and restaurants located inside the mall. Then, you can catch the latest thriller in one of the 14 cinema halls inside Fisketorvet. The mall is close to the Cycle Snake or Cykelslangen, a very popular cycle bridge that connects several areas in Copenhagen.

Frederiksberg Centret

Address: 21 Falkoner Alle, Frederiksberg, 2000, Denmark

What once started in 1996 as a department store in one of the posh Copenhagen neighborhoods has grown into a large shopping mall that is home to over 90 different stores and shops. Stroll through for some window shopping or search out the latest fashion trends, pick up some much-needed essentials, or check out the souvenir shops.

Explore jewelry stores, clothing shops with the latest Danish fashions, bookstores, and toy shops when you visit Frederiksberg Centret. You can even find handmade Danish pipes at this mall. Grab a cup of coffee and a snack at the food court or sit down to a full-service meal when you need a break from wandering through the mall searching for fabulous deals and sales.


Address: 4 Bomuldsgade, Valby Kovenhavn, 2500, Denmark

This smaller department store is actually classified as a shopping mall and has about 50 shops for you to search through looking for the perfect gift or compliment to your wardrobe. Bring your own shopping bags as mentioned. Denmark stores do not provide bags for your purchases, they expect you to bring your own bags.

Spinderiet is not located in Copenhagen City Centre but is within walking distance from the Valby Station and is only one stop down from the Copenhagen Central Station. This smaller mall is well worth the visit with its shoe boutiques, clothing stores, electronic stores, and beauty shops. Pick up the latest in contemporary Danish design and transform your wardrobe into European chic.

Designer stores and outlets

Even the most temperamental fashionista can appreciate a fantastic deal when they find one. Shopping designer outlets is one way to look like a million bucks without breaking the bank. Copenhagen may not be known for its outlets, but there are a few that you will want to check out. Department stores and designer stores filled with Scandinavian-inspired fashion are also great places to find the latest and greatest, and sometimes you can even find terrific sales.

Copenhagen Designer Outlet

Address: Hveen Boulevard, Taastrup, 2633, Denmark

The biggest outlet mall in Denmark, Copenhagen Designer Outlet has over 3,000 free parking spaces along the Danske Shopping Centre. It is also near public transportation for those not driving their own vehicles. This huge outlet mall is only 20 minutes from Copenhagen’s City Centre and is set up like a fully enclosed shopping village.

You do not want to miss the opportunity to check out over 80 shops offering deeply discounted name brands including Danish designs as well as international designers. Over 60 million people have visited this outlet mall in search of fantastic deals on name brand goods such as Nike, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Georg Jensen, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, just to name a few.

Royal Copenhagen Factory Outlet

Address: 9 Sondre Fasanvei, 2000, Frederiksberg

Located just over four miles from the Copenhagen Town Hall Square, the Royal Copenhagen Factory Outlet has two floors brimming with can't-miss deals on contemporary Danish brands. Find discontinued products and vintage styles at the oldest department store in Copenhagen, which opened its doors in 1775.

It's best-known for Danish hand-painted porcelain, including figurines, collectibles, dinnerware, home décor, and even adorable seasonal items. Stroll through the two floors and soak up the history of the place as well as the breathtaking goods being offered. Search out cool gifts and maybe a few things for you as well.


Address: 52 Ostergade, 1100, Kobenhavn, Denmark

This store is a fun place to start a night out on the town! One of the most prestigious and oldest department stores in Copenhagen, Illum is located directly in Copenhagen City Centre and is one of the best places to spend a few hours shopping. Illum opened in 1891 and the architecture of the building is one of the draws of the store, plus the splendid rooftop filled with restaurants and bars.

Grab a cup of coffee and look out over the city skyline when you sit kick back and relax on the rooftop. Or maybe you need something with a little more zip; there are several bars serving refreshing shots and cocktails. Explore the four floors filled with Danish designers as well as international brands including Baum und Pferdgarten and Heliot Emil.

Field’s Department Store

Address: 12 Arne Jacobsens Allé, 2300, Kobenhvn, Denmark

Nestled between luxury hotels and sleek, new architecture, Field’s Department Store is the second biggest department store in all of Denmark. This shopping center is over 37,700 square feet and is home to over 150 different stores that cater to high-end fashionistas all the way down to bargain hunters looking for inexpensive alternatives.

Located in the Orestad neighborhood, one of the newest neighborhoods in Copenhagen, tourists and locals tend to flock to Field’s where they can pick up pretty much anything they need including a boutique glove shop. Public transportation is just a few steps away and the center does offer a few free parking spaces for those driving themselves.

Vintage stores

For those looking for something outside-the-box or completely unique, head to vintage stores, better known as thrift stores, and let the bargain hunting begin. You can find name brand clothing at a fraction of the price of new. Accessories that are gently used can also be found at vintage stores. You can pretty much find anything in thrift stores if you are willing to dive in and dig through the shelves and racks.


Address in Vesterbro: 98A Vesterbrogade, Copenhagen, Denmark

Address in Norrebro: 45 Norrebrogade, Copenhagen, Denmark

With two different locations, in Vesterbro and Norrebro, Prag is a vintage clothing store that offers an outstanding selection of accessories, clothing, shoes, purses and handbags, and even custom-made jewelry. Men and women can search the racks for the pieces to add to their wardrobe, and there are plenty of great choices.

From casual wear to high-end formal wear, Prag has a wide selection and their salespeople are more than willing to help you find what you are looking for and possibly even a few things you did not know you couldn’t live without. Bring along your reusable shopping bags and sense of adventure.


Address: 8 Larsbjornsstraede, 2454 Copenhagen, Denmark

A truly international vintage store, you can find fashions from around the globe and from pretty much any era. Offering men's and women’s styles dating back several decades, Episode is the place to go when you are looking for a great costume or a few funky pieces to compliment your wardrobe. There is always something new and exciting to see when you visit.

With two stories to explore, plan to spend a few hours combing the racks and shelves for just the right outfit or maybe the perfect gift for that hard-to-shop-for person on your list. From casual wear to elegant evening wear and everything in-between, there will be something that grabs your attention.

Kobenhavn K

Address: 32 Studiestraede, Kobenhavn K, 1455 Copenhagen, Denmark

When looking for quality clothing at a cheap or budget-friendly price, head over to the Danish company Kobenhavn K where you can get an entirely different wardrobe without breaking the bank. With clothing and accessories for men and women, you will definitely find something that grabs your attention.

From vintage style t-shirts, shorts, bathing suits, and sandals to jackets, sweats, knitwear, and boots, Kobenhavn K offers clothing suitable for every season. This iconic vintage shop is a great place to spend an afternoon sifting through the racks looking for just the right clothing pieces that showcase your personality.

Popular streets for shopping

While Copenhagen has shops, boutiques, and malls scattered throughout the city, there are specific areas along the cobbled shopping streets that are inundated with shops and boutiques you do not want to miss. Check out these popular shopping areas; remember to wear comfortable shoes and bring along your shopping bags.


When you are planning a shopping trip in Copenhagen, you have to start your adventure on the longest shopping street in Europe and Copenhagen's main shopping street that passes through city hall square. Stroget runs through the central city and is home to several major brands such as H&M, LEGO, Illums Bolighus, and Danish design Harrods.

Take a train at Central Station and get ready to shop! Several of the side streets have great shops that offer bargains on artisan items. Straedet runs parallel to Stroget and is filled with vintage shops and boutiques. Spend an afternoon in this fun to explore area! Then grab a delicious meal at one of the cafes or a sweet treat from one of the street food vendors.


This smaller residential street may not seem like an ideal place for shopping, but it is filled with art galleries, vintage shops, jewelry stores, organic produce shops, and several unique artisan shops including one making craft handmade Danish pipes. Stroll through the neighborhood and enjoy looking at the quaint Danish homes and perusing the different shops.

You can even enjoy lunch or dinner at Relae, a delicious Michelin-starred restaurant, or grab the best cup of coffee in Copenhagen at The Coffee Collective. Turn down Jaegersborggade and find Karamelleriet, the only caramel cookery in the city with extremely reasonable prices.

A globally recognized Swedish brand to an independent boutique

Explore the city's oldest department store, an eco-friendly beauty shop as well as other elegant stores featuring local designers and international brands. Whether you are looking for outlet malls, artisan shops, or second-hand shops, Copenhagen is the best place to go on a shopping spree and find some of the coolest things and the latest fashion trends.

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