The 14 Best Hikes In Dubrovnik

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Whether you want to hike up a mountain range to get the best view of the Adriatic Sea or enjoy a sunset hike in a national park, you should be able to find it in Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is such a beautiful country it is hard not to find a gorgeous place for a hike or a walk.

Some of the best hikes are hidden gems in Old Town, also known as Stari Grad. Dubrovnik Old City has day hikes that will blow your mind and of course, you have to climb Mount Srd while you are in town. In fact, you can take the cable car on the way up or down so you do not have to hike both ways. If you would rather skip the cable car, the hike is not too difficult.

Mosor Mountain is a 15-mile long mountain range between Cetina and Split Canyon. Just hike up Klis Pass and you can reach the medieval fortress. You can get some of the most amazing views from up there. The pine forests at the highest peak split open so you can see the Dalmatian Coast.

Krka National Park is a fantastic day trip where you can enjoy views of the Adriatic Sea as well as some stunning hillsides and valleys to meander along. You will be in awe when you reach the highest peak and can see the Adriatic Islands in the distance.

No matter whether you plan to take the cable car up Mount Srd, enjoy a beautiful hike through a national park, or take a guided tour through Old Town Dubrovnik, you cannot bring your luggage and why would you want to? Leave them at a Dubrovnik suitcase storage locker before heading out to visit Croatia.

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Our Top Hiking Trail Picks in Dubrovnik

Lovcen National Park

This stunning park is one of the most visited in the area. Whether you want to climb the mountain or walk along one of the paved pathways, Loycen has it. On your trip through the park, you are likely to see some interesting wildlife such as bears, wolves, jackals, and deer.

Hiking up Mount Lovcen will take you over 5,400 feet above sea level so pack your hiking boots. It is a 6.3-mile trek rated intermediate or difficult so you want to be sure you are fit and experienced before heading up the trail. Take a tour of Njegos Mausoleum where Petar II Petrovic is laid to rest. It is the most visited site in the park though, so expect a crowd.

Mount Srd

Mount Srd is part of the Dinaric Alps and is definitely the most popular hike and climb in Dubrovnik. The trail up Mt. Srd can be taken in many different ways depending on your preference and skill but the most common trail is about three miles with an elevation of 900 feet. You can take the cable car to the top and then hike down or hike up and take the cable car back down. Or, skip the cable car completely for an amazing experience on Mt. Srd that you will never forget.

If you decide to take the cable car to the top of Mt. Srd, you can spend an entire day atop the mountain getting shots of the panoramic view to share on Instagram. From the top of Mt. Srd, you can see as far as the Cetina River with stellar views of the Elaphite Islands and Lokrum Island. Don't miss Fort Imperial and the Croatian War Museum up top as well. The war museum has some spectacular photos and info on the civil war. Museums are always a worthwhile stop.

Walls of Dubrovnik

Old Town has never looked so medieval and gothic until you have gazed upon it from atop the Walls of Dubrovnik. These ancient walls were constructed in the 10th century and you can walk the entire trail of just over a mile in about two hours. However, it is worth it to take your time and see the sights from up top.

The trail is easy and well-cared for with paved paths and steps to get you up to and into the towers and forts so bring the kids along. Seeing the Dalmatian Coast, Cetina River, and Mount Srd from the wall should definitely be part of your trip to Dubrovnik if not for the history then for the panoramic view.

The Ronald Brown Pathway

Although the length is only 6.2 miles, the trail up the Ronald Brown Pathway is rough and difficult but worth every step. The monument up top is to honor the 35 people who were killed when their plane crashed in 1996 and it was named after the US Secretary of State, who was on the flight.

The trail should take you about five hours, not including stops and breaks. If you begin near the marina, you will walk along the sea and follow the old military road, which is somewhat rocky and grown-over in places. The ascent is about 2,300 feet and you will do a fair bit of steep uphill climbing on the way.

Lopud Island

On Lopud Island, you can take a hiking adventure just to get to Sunji Beach or explore several other hiking trails on the island. The best hiking trip is through the woods to the beach, which is about three miles and is fairly easy for all skill levels. Just bring some water because it can get hot along the way, especially during the summer.

For stunning views of the sea from the highest mountain on the island, climb Polacica, which is 708 feet above sea level. The second largest is 646 feet and is the perfect tour to explore the rugged parts of the island. Hiking on Lopud is fun for everyone whether you want to climb mountains or walk along the beaches.

Cavtat Footway

Along the shores of the Adriatic Sea, hike and explore a trip around Cavtat on one of the hiking paths near Rat Beach. Near the old church of St. George is a good place to start walking as you head along the seaside. There are many paths but the main one takes you on a hike through villages where you will get a chance to learn more about Croatia.

On this hike, you will see the sanctuary of Mithras the Persian God, enjoy some of the rocky beaches, and stop in at one of the eateries for a bite. It is nice to get away from the city and see the Dalmatian coast without having to go too far.

Mosor Mountain

This stunning mountain range is about 15 miles in total and takes you on a splendid hike through Cetina Canyon and Split. If you want to see the old fortress, you can do that by hiking up Klis Pass on the western end of the mountain.

For the more skilled hikers who are also experienced at climbing, you can hike up Veliki Mountain, which is the highest summit Those Mosor mountain views though If you're a more experienced climber, check out the highest peak of the mountain, Veliki, which is over 5,000 feet above sea level.

Walking Trails of Cavtat

You can find a variety of excellent spots for hiking in Dubrovnik if you go to Cavtat. This awesome peninsula has several beaches as well so you can enjoy a dip in the sea on any of your walks. The Cavtat to Velji Do tour is just over four miles, is easy to intermediate, and takes about two hours.

The Cavtat to Zvekovica is an intermediate tour of about 10 miles. You get some fantastic views of the city from the summit and it takes about five hours if you stop for breaks. For an easier tour, you may enjoy the Cavtat to Cilipi loop trail of just under 10 miles which takes about two hours.

Easy Hikes in Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones Tour

This is one of the most popular easy tours in the city and is perfect for Game of Thrones fans. You will get to see many of the shooting locations from the TV show and learn about the real history of Croatia in the process. You will start at the Large Onofrio Fountain and stop at the Pile Gate, Kolorina Bay, the West Harbour, and Old Town. It takes about 1.5 hours and includes an English-speaking tour guide.

Dubrovnik City Walls Tour

Start this tour at the entrance to the Vrata Od Pila, Old Town. You can explore the entire wall easily within an hour or so, not counting stops for photos and exploration. The wall has six bastions, three strongholds, and several towers where you can get unique views of Dubrovnik and other parts of Croatia.

Intermediate Hikes in Dubrovnik

Sunset Tour of Mount Srd

Even if you have already climbed Mt Srd, this guided tour gets you away from the crowds and up to the summit to watch the sun go down. See the hidden gems of Mt. Srd that you would not get to otherwise and a free tour of Fort Imperial as well. It is a moderate climb of about 5.6 miles and takes about three hours.

Klisevo to Gromaca

If you want to see more of Croatia without going too far from Dubrovnik, the Klisevo to Gromaca hike is perfect. It is about three miles and has some degree of difficulty, making it an intermediate hike. Your visit from Klisevo to Gromaca allows you plenty of sun and takes about an hour not counting stops or breaks.

Difficult Hikes in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik to Neum Croatia

With over 40 miles to travel, you can see more of the country of Croatia if you take this visit to the City of Neum. You will enjoy spectacular scenery, thick forests, and rugged terrain that will take you several days to complete. Be sure to pack a sleeping bag, food, water, and a first aid kit. Also, let someone know where and when you are going.

Dubrovnik to Snijeznica, Croatia

Another one of the long tours that are worth hiking is the Dubrovnik to Snijeznica, Croatia hike. You can even take a side trip to Mt. Srd in this trip to visit Fort Imperial on your way south along the sea. You can also stop at the Sveti Jakov Beach where you can walk down the steps for a dip and some lunch. The 44-mile trip can be done in eight hours but most people spend several days exploring.

Hiking in Dubrovnik

When flying into the airport, you'll see an overhead view of the lovely Dubrovnik Port and some pretty trekking destinations. Hiking in Dubrovnik, Croatia is always interesting and takes you on a path of history and intrigue. The Old Town and City Walls are great tours to enjoy as well as the Game of Thrones tours. There are several to choose from.

Whether it is your first trip to Croatia or your 51st, it is great to explore a path on your own or hire one of the tours. In some areas, you can even find a free guide. Be sure to take one of the tours of Mt. Srd where you can ride dune buggies and visit the war museum.

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