How To Get Around Dubrovnik

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Found on the outskirts of the Croatian territories is a well known city called Dubrovnik. This city was established sometime in the 7th century and is where you can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This town, sometimes called the Pearl of the Adriatic, became a UNESCO World Heritage Site back in 1979 and is home to both historic areas and modern attractions.

It serves well as a travel destination for anyone who wants to relax in the sunshine or visit museums and galleries, although it has an active nightlife too, making it a favorite vacation spot for the younger population. There are several areas that you will be visiting depending on what you want to do.

If you want to spend time at the beach then you should head to the Lapad peninsula, and anyone who is interested in history will be spending time in the Old Town to visit the ancient city walls. If you want to take a ferry to a nearby island or are cruising outside of the city then you should head to Gruž port, and Ploce is a nice spot to do some sightseeing.

Chances are that you will be visiting most of these areas at some point during your stay in Dubrovnik, so it can be a good idea to get a grasp on how public transportation in this town works. Keep reading and we will help you understand how to get around town so you can make the most of your vacation in Dubrovnik. While exploring this beautiful city, leave your backpacks and bags with a Dubrovnik luggage locker – lighten the load and see as much as you can!

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How to get around Dubrovnik by ferry and cable car

You will quickly notice that the city of Dubrovnik does not have a train or metro system either aboveground or below. This means that you will have to rely on other forms of public transport to get around but this shouldn't be too much of an issue. Overall, the city buses and taxi service can get you anywhere in the city, and most places are accessible by foot.

Although Dubrovnik does not have a train, it does have a ferry that you can use to get to other islands. You will have to head to the Gruž neighborhood to catch a ferry that can bring to to the nearby Lokrum island or the Brač, Lastovo, Hvar or Korčula islands. Each of them is beautiful and offers its own attractions that make it a worthwhile visit. You can also hop on a boat to go to Lopud, Koločep, Mljet or Šipan island chains.

Taking a ride on the boat or ferry can be a fun activity in itself, plus you will get to see Dubrovnik from the water and experience life on the other isles. The Dubrovnik Port and harbor are easy to get to and you can probably walk there in about half an hour or so, or opt to take a local bus. After a short boat or ferry ride, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches and green spaces across the water.

Another way to get around the city is using the cable car, which can take you from the top of Mount Srd to the Old Town and back. It is a fun way to do some sightseeing but can also be used to get from one area to the next. You can choose to buy a one-way ticket or round trip which cost 90kn and 170kn respectively. The cable car runs from 9 am to midnight most days and can be convenient if you want to get from one spot to the other quickly as it only takes about four minutes.

How to get around Dubrovnik by bus

Dubrovnik's best public transport system will probably have to be the buses. Their routes can take you to all of the neighborhoods in Dubrovnik that were mentioned above, so if you need to get somewhere then this should be your top choice. They are run by a company called Libertas and are both efficient and reliable.

To get from the harbor at Gruž to the Pile Gate at Old Town you can take the 1A, 1B and 1C routes. Route 4 is a popular bus path since it connects lots of hotels, and routes 3 and 8 can bring you to other neighborhoods like Ploče and Babin Kuk. To get to Lapad from the station at Pile Gate you should take bus 4, 5, 6 or 9. Route 7 from other stations will also bring you to Lapad. To get from Gruž to Cavtat by the waterfront you can hop on bus 10 which only arrives every hour or so. There might also be an airport shuttle bus which can be convenient for getting into the city from the Dubrovnik airport, so check it out if you are entering the city using Croatia Airlines.

Bus Tickets

Bus tickets are fairly affordable, costing about 12kn from a ticket stand or around 15kn if you buy a ticket from the bus driver directly. Keep in mind that you will need exact change to purchase a ticket on the bus so make sure you have enough on you. Once you buy a ticket they will be valid for an hour, meaning that you can take more than one bus using the same ticket as long as it is within the time limit. Another option is to purchase a daily pass which will be valid for a 24 hour time period once it is activated. This is a good choice for anyone who knows that they will be using the bus a lot in one day and can save you both time and money. Daily passes cost about 30kn and can be bought at a Libertas kiosk.

To check the bus schedule you can use the Dubrovnik Tourist Board found at kiosks and are offered at hotel front desks, or you can find timetables that are posted at most bus stops. Most of the main tourist routes run as late as 2 am, making them a great choice for any time of the day or night. You can party in the bars or clubs of the Old Town until the early hours of the morning and still make it back to your hotel using these night buses.

Dubrovnik also offers a Sightseeing Bus service which can be great for visiting all of the top landmarks and museums. The tour buses arrive in the east Old Town neighborhood and will bring you towards the west until you reach Dubrovnik Bridge, taking you past some of the top tourist attractions on the way.

How to get around Dubrovnik by car

By taxi

If you choose to drive around Dubrovnik you will have several options. Firstly, you can take advantage of the local taxi service which is great for getting somewhere specific and can be faster than the buses since you won't be making any unnecessary stops. Taxis will be fairly easy to spot and are often posted outside of main areas and many hotels.

If you are looking for one try checking near the main entrance gates of Pile and Ploče, near the bus station in Gruž or in designated areas of Lapad. Taxis can get expensive; most begin around 25kn and prices rise by 8kn for every kilometer you travel. If you want to find a more affordable service you can use the Uber or Bolt app which is available in Dubrovnik.

By rental car

If you want to bring your own car to the city or use a car hire service you can, although it is not always recommended as most of the town is pedestrianized and driving around can be a hassle. Getting around the city can be chaotic and crowded with all of the tourists so make sure to take it slow and always be aware of your surroundings. Some places, like the Old Town, can't be driven around at all and other sites use a one-way system which can make getting around a bit more complicated. You should know that you can't take any cars onto the ferries, so if you decide to visit another island you will need to walk or bike.

Another struggle of getting around Dubrovnik by car is that parking can be a challenge. It is worst during the high season when the streets are more busy, although it can be hard to navigate the streets even in the low season. You will have to pay extra if you are looking to park near the Old Town and the parking meters are set up between May and October with costs starting at about 40kn per hour. The further away you go, the less expensive it will be with prices closer to 10kn or 20kn per hour.

Can I get around Dubrovnik by foot?

As with most cities, the least expensive option and often the best way to get around is by walking. You can experience some natural wonders and discover new areas when you explore an city on foot, which is why most visitors choose to walk around Dubrovnik. If you are someone who enjoys being active then you can basically travel around the whole city by foot, although getting between some areas can take a while. This is when the local buses can come in handy, especially during the summer when it gets hot.

If you enjoy walking then you might be interested to hear about the walking tours offered in the city centre and most of the top neighborhoods. These tours will take you to a few places around the area and to most of the major attractions. It can be a great way to learn a lot about the city and its history, too. If you do choose to participate in some of these activities make sure to book tickets in advance.

You should always be conscientious when walking near busy streets and check before crossing the road, although Dubrovnik is generally a safe city to walk around since cars are not too common. Exploring on the ground is most often the best choice for exploring a new town and a great way to get to know it, especially with an old city like Dubrovnik.

Some people might want to bike around the city, which is a feasible option as well. Unfortunately, Dubrovnik does not currently offer a bike sharing service like some other cities do, but feel free to bring your own bicycle if you can. Some companies offer biking tours around the Dubrovnik countryside which can be fun and a great way to stay active.

Making the Most of Your Time in Dubrovnik

Overall, you will probably use all or most of the methods listed above to get around this city. When possible, you should choose to walk since it is the best way to discover the charm of the town, as long as you aren't in a rush since it will add to your journey time. When you need to get somewhere further away you can take advantage of the bus stations located around the city and taxis can be used to get to specific destinations fast, although they will cost more than the public transportation services.

No matter how you choose to make your way through the streets you will have a good time in this beautiful Croatian city and you won't have to look far to find something to do on your trip. There are lots of ways to spend your time in Dubrovnik either in the city or by the coast; like trying the best drinks at a local wine bar or going sea kayaking off of the Dalmatian coast.

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