15 Unmissable Things To Do In Dubrovnik At Night

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Whether flying into this European city or entering on a cruise ship at Dubrovnik Port, you are set up for a fantastic vacation in a city full of personality and life. It is located near the end of the Croatian territories in Dalmatia and spans about 6 kilometers. Its location off of the Adriatic Sea allows for some fun activities like kayaking, boating or spending time on the beach. Dubrovnik Old Town is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is a must-see area for anyone visiting the ancient city since it is sure to wow you with beautiful architecture, old monasteries, art galleries and museums.

Aside from all of the fun daytime activities and tourist attractions, inside the Dubrovnik city walls, you will find an abundance of fun things to do at night. If you are a night owl or frequent partygoer then this city will not disappoint so check out the places listed below for the best nightlife that you will not want to miss. If you've got shopping parcels in tow, or heavy backpacks weighing you down, store your bags in a suitcase storage facility in Dubrovnik.

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Spend the Night in the Old Town

Old Town Dubrovnik is home to some impressive ancient buildings and exhibits to explore during the day, but what you might not know is that this part of the city doesn't sleep. Restaurants, bars and terraces are open until late into the night and there is even more to discover once the sun goes down.

Visiting the area can be considered an activity in itself and has always been a popular place to party for locals and tourists alike. The Old Town can be a beautiful sight when the area by the water lights up in the dark and spending time here at night can bring you a whole new experience.

Try the Cave Bar More

One of Dubrovnik's hidden gems is the unique Cave Bar More which is located in Lapad not too far away from the city. This bar is unique from the rest because of its underground location and the fact that it is designed to look like a natural cave!

The eccentric and famous bar is kept cool and serves great drinks making it the perfect spot to hang out with friends or relax. Order a beer or a couple of cocktails and spend an evening in Cave Bar More.

Enjoy Views from the Dubrovnik Cable Car

Arguably one of the best ways to see this Croatian city is by taking a ride on the Mount Srd Cable Car. You can enjoy incredible views of the city below as you soar straight above it in the enclosed car which brings you all the way from the mountain to the sparkling Adriatic Sea. When the sky is clear, you can see over 35 miles in the distance.

Keep in mind that the Dubrovnik Cable Car site is only open between April to December and is closed the other three months for maintenance. It remains open until dark with varying times depending on the month and what time the sun goes down. Other facilities in the area include a restaurant, snack bar and gift shop.

Take a Boat Tour

Thanks to the city's location by the sea you can benefit from some great water activities like sea kayaking or boating. A great way to see the city from another point of view is to sign up for a boat tour, and even better is to book a spot at night.

You will be taken around the city by a local who can give commentary and answer any questions that you have about Dubrovnik. The experience can be magical and you will see some beautiful views of the city as it is lit up in the dark. The best time to go is for a sunset cruise where you can see the water and buildings bathed in the evening light.

See a Show at Slavika

Slavika is a local open-air cinema where citizens like to go to see old and new films under the stars. The movies are played through a projector onto a huge screen as guests sit outside on chairs enjoying the fresh air.

It is a nice break from the busyness of all of the bars or clubs and can be a great romantic date or family activity. Pack your own snacks and enjoy the show! Keep in mind that the cinema is only open in the summer, and you should get there before the movie starts to claim your seats.

Taste Local Wines at La Bodega

A stop on your sightseeing tour in Dubrovnik should be La Bodega which serves some of the best wines in the city as well as some great food. Come here during the day for a tasty brunch or breakfast and at night for a glass of wine.

It is just a short walk away from some of Dubrovnik's top attractions and landmarks so you can come here at night to enjoy the extensive wine list after you are done touring the city. Afterward, take a nice stroll around the streets at night.

Sail to the Haunted Lokrum Island

If you are someone who likes spooky stories then you will love to spend a night at Lokrum Island. The island is only a short ferry ride away and is home to an intriguing history that dates back as far as 1,000 years, as well as some stunning views and landscapes.

Legend says that Richard the Lionheart was once shipwrecked here and that the island was cursed by Benedictine monks in the 15th century after they were forced to leave. Visit Lokrum Island at night if you want the whole spooky experience!

Fun fact, the St Lawrence Fortress that is located on this island, which is also known as Fort Lovrijenac, was a Game of Thrones filming location along with Blackwater Bay and other areas around Dubrovnik. You might recognize the leafy botanical garden at the Trsteno Arboretum, which is located at the former summer residence of the Dubrovnik noble family, as the King's Landing Gardens. The nearby Hotel Belvedere was also featured in Game of Thrones. If you are a fan and want to learn more about the iconic scenes you should sign up for the Game of Thrones Tour!

See Local Culture at Marin Držić Theatre

The Marin Držić Theatre first opened its doors to the public back in 1865 and ever since has been a nice spot to see performances and experience the culture in Dubrovnik. It is located in the historic Old Town, a great neighborhood which is within walking distance from lots of great bars, restaurants and attractions.

The theater's auditorium is decorated with a painted ceiling, red curtains and chairs as well as ornate interior detailing. There is a permanent theater company on site that puts on regular performances so check their schedule and grab a ticket for an evening show.

Drink at the Buza Bar

As with most bars, the Buza Bar is open late and a great spot to spend some time at night. However, this bar is different from all of the rest thanks to the incredible view of the sea below you. This cliff bar is located on top of the southern part of the city walls, and enjoying a couple of drinks while looking over the Adriatic Sea can be magical.

This hole in the wall is a gem and is one of the city's most unique bars that serves refreshing cold drinks. Hanging out here can be a perfect way to relax after spending the day sightseeing. We recommend timing your visit for when the sun sets over the water.

Visit Copacabana Beach

Copacabana is one of the city's top beaches and an absolutely beautiful place to spend a day, or night. While the sun is out you can relax in the white lounge and deck chairs, suntan in the sand, go paddleboarding on the water, or play watersports in the waves.

At night you can start by grabbing a meal at the on-site restaurant and then relax in the sand to watch the sunset and enjoy the moonlight on the water. This is also where the sunset cruise ships take off, but if you prefer to stay on land you can have a nice night relaxing on the beach with a blanket, a glass of wine or some cocktails. If you find yourself closer to Banje Beach it is just as beautiful and also worth visiting.

Take a Drinks and Bites Walking Tour

A great way to see the city while experiencing the best of its cuisine is to sign up for a walking and tasting tour. You will spend the night hopping from one place to another sampling all of the best food, drinks and craft beers that the city has to offer.

If you find a place that you really like you can return for a full meal the next day. You will be guided around by a local citizen who knows all of the best spots to find delicious food and can teach you about the city at the same time.

Visit the Dubrovnik Cathedral

If you are interested in the stories of Richard the Lionheart then this is another appropriate location for your sightseeing tour. The Dubrovnik Cathedral is said to be built by him in payment for saving his life when he was shipwrecked. It is just as stunning at night as it is during the day, so stop by anytime!

The chapel is beautiful and an impressive piece of architecture with well preserved detailing. Strangely enough, another church was discovered underneath this one in the 1980s when it was being renovated. This just shows how vast the history of the city is and how much more there is to learn.

Enjoy Live Music at Lazareti

Lazareti is an old stone building that used to serve as a quarantine barracks but is now used as a venue for events and gatherings. Live gigs and celebrations are put on randomly throughout the year so stop by on your vacation to see if anything is happening during your stay.

Tickets are bought at the gate so there is no need to pay in advance and it is a great spontaneous nighttime activity. There is a stage where live performances like DJs and concerts are put on, as well as a bar and dancefloor in the same place.

Enjoy the Dubrovnik Summer Festival

If you are visiting in the summer season and are looking for some fun nighttime activities, the Summer Festival should be your top choice. Singing, dancing, theater and opera performances as well as live jazz concerts are all part of the festival, and seeing it all in person will definitely be an unforgettable experience.

Some of the other activities at the festival include live Shakespeare performances and music recitals that you won't want to miss. The celebrations last for a while, usually from mid July to late August.

Tour Dubrovnik's City Walls

Another great way to see Dubrovnik is to take a City Walls walk. You can enjoy seeing most of the city's top landmarks like towering fortresses and the terracotta rooftops of local buildings from above by exploring Dubrovnik on top of its walls.

This activity is even better at night when the city is lit up and can be the perfect activity before heading out to one of the cliff bars or clubs on the main street. The main entrance begins near Pile Gate so head there if you are interested.

Explore Dubrovnik and Discover the City at Night

This old city is full of historical sights, gorgeous landscapes and fun activities for everyone to enjoy. We recommend spending your days visiting the top landmarks like the Franciscan Monastery, Rector's Palace, the Minčeta Fortress and St Blaise's Church, and refer to this list for all the fun things to do at night. Your Dubrovnik visit should be filled with excitement, legends, history and great food.

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