Where To Find The Best Street Food In Dubrovnik

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With a population of almost 43 thousand, Dubrovnik, Croatia is a popular city with its Old Town, famous City Walls, and of course, the food. Some of the most common cuisines include black risotto, strukli, pasticada with gnocchi, peka, and manestra. Some of these you may have never heard of but they are found all over the city from the Old Town open-air market to the fancy restaurants.

If you are looking for delicious food on the streets of Dubrovnik, you are likely to find it around tourist attractions, near the beaches, and close to large parks. Street food in Dubrovnik can be found on food trucks, in fast-food eateries, and even at a local wine bar.

Any place that can be considered a touristy destination is also a possible place for tasty food. Take a walk down Main Street Stradun to find small food stalls or vendors selling from their vehicles. But the best street food can actually be found inside the local eateries.

What's your favorite

Whether you are looking for seafood, burgers, or even tacos, you can find it in Dubrovnik. In any bar on the street, you can get a beer and burger, drinks and tapas, or Croatian wines served with meat dishes. Old Town is one of the most popular spots for these kinds of bars.

With this Dubrovnik food guide, you can find everything from vegan options to pizzas with fresh ingredients. Street food in Dubrovnik inside the city walls of Old Town can be found at Bard Mala Buza or Azur Dubrovnik Asian cuisine on the beach or the Caffe on the Wall at Fort St. Peter.

No matter where you go to find street food in Dubrovnik, you will not be disappointed with the flavors and techniques that make this Croatian food so special. But first, you drop off your bags at a suitcase storage site so you do not have to bring them with you. Travel light and eat well!

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Best Street Food Vendors in Dubrovnik

Take Away Dubrovnik

For street food at its freshest and fastest, Take Away Dubrovnik has three locations in and around Old Town and they serve everything from burgers and fries to kebabs and tortillas. Croatia cuisine in a fast-food setting, this is a local favorite so it must be good!

In fact, they have eight kinds of burgers and seven kinds of sandwiches made with fresh ingredients when you order. If you have the kids with you, don't worry, they have a kids menu as well. The prices are low and the service is awesome.

Snogu Wok Fast Food

If you are looking for street food with vegan options, Snogu is one of the best. The theme is Asian fusion and you can find wok items like rice with veggies, spring rolls, salads, and fusilli in Old Town near Banje Beach.

Try the black risotto or one of their wraps filled with fresh meat and vegetables. The turkey with noodles and curry is a popular favorite and the squid is scrumptious. You can get fast food that is delicious and nutritious at this restaurant near the beach.

Green Garden Restaurant

Just off to the west of the Walls of Dubrovnik, you can get some excellent street food unlike any other. It is called Green Garden for a reason. You can dine at their restaurant on a promenade built in the 1800s for a unique way to enjoy fast food.

On the menu are 11 different burger flavors including the Game of Thrones Burger with a special sauce and the kokolo burger with chicken and Grana Padano cheese. Try their sandwiches like the tuna tortilla or the beef M&M on flatbread. Desserts include cake, Nutella pancakes, and ice cream.

Tutto Bene Fast Food Restaurant

Near the Dubrovnik Port and craving Croatian pizza? It may just be the best fast food in Old Town and boasts scrumptious meat pizza by the slice with fresh toppings and their own special fries packed in a box with two dip sauces. The menu is stocked with choices.

Another thing they are famous for is their chicken. Try dishes from wings to chicken burgers. The tortilla kebab Tutto Bene is also amazing. Whether you visit for lunch or dinner, the meals are served all day and they are all delicious.

Marco Polo Restaurant

For a more elegant Dubrovnik food experience, try Marco Polo. Their signature dish is black risotto with cuttlefish ink sauce and seashells covered with white or red sauce. This is not fast food but it is traditional food with a blend of Dalmatian and Croatian cuisines.

You will find appetizer dishes on the menu like oysters on ice, Croatian cheese platter, or octopus Carpaccio and main meat dishes like chicken lollipops, juicy marinated duck, and lava stone beefsteak. For seafood, you can choose from sea bass, blue tuna, or squid and chips. Enjoy a glass of beer or wine with your meal.

Restaurant Lapad at the Hotel Lapad

Whether you want traditional, Dalmatian, or international, Restaurant Lapad at the Hotel Lapad has it all and then some. From the buffet with dozens of choices to luxurious dishes served fresh to your table, this is one of the best eateries in Croatia and has some of the best wine.

Dubrovnik food at Lapad consists of seafood dishes like Dalmatian fish stew (greagada), oily fish with tuna and smelt, or octopus salad. Other dishes you can get at Lapad include fresh salads, spit-roasted lamb, and dirty macaroni. The dessert menu includes Croatian pancakes, rozata custard, fritule, and apple strudel.

Fast Food Republic

Located in the heart of Old Town Dubrovnik, Fast Food Republic is more than just a restaurant with great burgers and fries. Fast food can mean so many things in Dubrovnik including burgers, tacos, and pizza as well as seafood, barbecue, and local tastes like dormouse and squeaky cheese.

They also serve one of the best vegan burgers in Croatia and the fried calamari is perfect. Drinks always involve some kind of wine or beer from the bar as well as soft drinks, coffee, and tea. Be sure to try the truffle mayo. You have never had anything like it and probably never will again outside of this city.

Fast Food Fortica Restaurant & Bar

Next to the Pemo Market, Fast Food Fortica is also in Old Town and boasts some of the best fast food in town served with craft beer and local wine. The dinner menu is different than others because they have so many different choices.

Besides Croatian food, you can also get several types of sandwiches, burgers, and sides. The Greek salad is amazing though, and the view of the Pile Gate makes this a truly unique restaurant to eat dinner at in Dubrovnik.

Where to Find the Best Dubrovnik Street Food

Old Town

Old Town is one of the best places to find street food, fast food, and any kind of food. The restaurants may not be all fancy and posh but most of the eateries have spectacular traditional Croatian food like blitva, black risotto, and octopus salad. For Italian comfort food, the town boasts several dozen pizza and pasta joints as well.

Whether you are looking for a seafood restaurant or a fine dining establishment with the best wine and local dishes, Old Town has at least one eatery or bar on every street. Dining in or dining out, you will love the Dubrovnik food in these Old Town restaurants and diners.

Dubrovnik City Beach and Coastline

The largest group of street food vendors in Dubrovnik is along the coastline near Dubrovnik City Beach, the Pile Gate, and Port Dubrovnik. Be sure to make your way here at least once! To learn how to get around Dubrovnik, see our guide. For example, along Ulica od Puca, you will find Surf 'n' Fries, Proto Fish Restaurant, Mex Cantina Bona Fide, and the Razaonda Wine Bar.

MOSKAR Street Food, Lucin Kantun Dubrovnik, Nishta, and Mama's Pot Tavern are all along Prijeko Ulica. In fact, within a few blocks, there are several dozen others including Moby Dick, Dolce Vita Ice Cream, The Bar, Buzz Bar, Stara Loza Seafood, and Dalmatino Dubrovnik.

Street Food Festivals in Dubrovnik

The Feast of St. Blaise

The Feast of St. Blaise is a tribute to the patron saint of the city. It takes place on February 3rd of each year as residents and visitors alike head out on the streets to feast on the local favorites. Besides local eateries, you can also enjoy both traditional and international cuisines from food trucks, kiosks, and booths.

Concerts and other entertainment are also featured throughout the town into the night as everyone in the region enjoys chef prepared cuisine as well as local favorites like dirty macaroni, buzara seafood stew, and octopus salad.


Simply named, Carnival is celebrated for three days up to Ash Wednesday every year. You will find carnival food, street food, and restaurant specialties all over the city of Dubrovnik so you can get a little taste of everything. Every restaurant has its own taste from seafood to Italian and sandwiches to burgers.

Spend the evening here! You will see locals dressed in costume and masks dancing and singing in the streets as well as live entertainment in many of the parks. It is located all over the city but Stradun (or Placa) is the main street where you can expect to find street food stalls and booths as well as food trucks and festivities.


Every spring, more than 100 local wineries and vineyards bring out their best to show off their delicious wine menu, cheese, and other food. Locals flock to Sunset Beach on Lapad Island for the festivities, food, and drinks. There are over 5,000 acres of vineyards in Dubrovnik with 160 producers registering over 370 wines per year.

Annual Dubrovnik Summer Festival

The most popular festival in Dubrovnik is the Dubrovnik Summer Festival held every year. It is located in Old Town and has been held every summer since the 1950s to showcase the Croatian culture and cuisine. From baked goods to theater and everything in between, the music, drama, and renaissance atmosphere keeps bringing in thousands of visitors from all over the world.

You can enjoy live stage shows like Hamlet, Othello, and Romeo and Juliet as well as tons of food from trucks, kiosks, booths, and restaurants nearby. You will find a variety of fantastic venues located in Old Town including Rector's Palace Atrium, St. Blaise's Church, the Island of Lokrum, and Festival Palace. You cannot get lost if you just follow the locals.

Tasty Food in Dubrovnik

Wherever you go, all cities love to show off their food whether it is dinner in a restaurant by an accredited chef or a special seafood snack from a Dubrovnik street vendor. This city will not disappoint as you can find so many fantastic places to try the local cuisines. Seafood, burgers, and pastries are all on the menu in just about any neighborhood.

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