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Best Brunch In Malaga: The Definitive Guide

13 April, 2022by Bounce

Malaga is the capital of the Province of Malaga and Andalusia and is a gorgeous central European city. Malaga is a coastal town with miles and miles of beaches, some fantastic parks, and a plethora of attractions.

Located near these spots, you will find numerous restaurants that served cooked breakfasts as well as delicious sandwiches for brunch all day long. Why get out of bed early on vacation? Go ahead and sleep in and then you can get up and enjoy brunch in Malaga city center. Enjoy a warm, cooked breakfast or a bowl of fruit.

You can get just about anything you want for brunch in Malaga, from seafood to sweet food. It is not hard to find a charming space full of local charm that serves mini cupcakes, pastries, and sweet breads as well as those places serving freshly squeezed orange juice and healthy dishes.

Malaga enjoys warm weather all year long so try to find a place to eat brunch outdoors. There are plenty of brunch spots with outdoor terraces to enjoy. If not, get it to go and take it to one of the parks or beaches. Out and about in town and looking for a place to dine? Drop off your luggage or shopping purchases at a suitcase storage spot for safekeeping. Then, enjoy the tastes of Malaga!

Desal Cafe: Brunch & Juices

Enjoy brunch and juice all day long at Desal Cafe on Calle Nosquera, 2 where you will instantly feel welcome when you walk in. The relaxed ambiance with a very eclectic vibe with great music gives this small and cozy cafe a homey feel.

Located in the heart of the city, Desal was opened by two sisters, Azahara and Violeta, in 2016 and it became a hit with the locals in days. This quirky cafe offers one of the most unique settings in the city with the friendly staff preparing an outstanding breakfast and offering numerous vegan and vegetarian options too.

Galopain Cafe

If you have ever had a French pastry, especially an authentic one made in Paris, you will appreciate Galopain. This lovely French-owned bakery and cafe makes brunch in Malaga transport you to Paris. They took their inspiration from the City of Love's famous patisseries and gave them a Spanish twist to make them unique.

They actually own a Galopain Cafe in Paris as well and this is where the recipes for their decadent pastries came from. From crazy cakes (torta local) to dark chocolate croissants, you can get the tastiest pastries and other treats in Malaga in this French cafe. They also serve hot breakfasts, coffee, and fresh juices.

El Último Mono Juice & Coffee

Looking for something cold? Get a fresh smoothie at El Último Mono Juice & Coffee on Calle Santa María, 9. Right between the local hardware store and souvenir shops, you can also get blueberry pancakes, a full English breakfast, or scrambled eggs, washing it all down with delicious coffee or a mimosa.

There is always something fun going on at this coffee shop with its relaxed ambiance. One quirky item that locals love is the chalkboard out front where you can choose your favorite television shows. The locally-owned establishment has a lot of charm and character with tons of delightful foods, beverages, and atmosphere.

Sibarita SOHO Malaga

Sibarita SOHO is a local hangout for the young and fun in Malaga. They are just across the street from the Guadalmedina River and within walking distance to many of the city's attractions like the Malaga Museum and Alcazaba.

The busy little brunch spot boasts a delightful menu full of choices like cakes, waffles, pie, and pancakes. But you will be glad to know that this place serves delicious sandwiches and alcoholic beverages too. No matter what you order here, you will not be disappointed.

Cafe Calle de Bruselas

Located in Plaza de la Merced, Cafe Calle de Bruselas is a dynamic cafe that will not only serve you a delicious meal outdoors, but you can also get a refreshing drink from the wine or beer menu as well. Many locals come for the tapas, especially the smoked sardine and grilled octopus.

The interior is reflected by the Belgian roots of the owner and it has a laid-back flair like no other. Right next door to the Picasso Museum and Cervantes Theatre, Cafe Calle de Bruselas gets crowded in the evenings so try to enjoy your brunch before dinnertime.

Casa Aranda

Located on a narrow alley at C. Herrería del Rey, 3 Casa Aranda is situated in the city center and is renowned for its excellent churros con chocolate. Casa Aranda has been serving Malagians since 1932, so they must be doing something right.

You will almost always find Casa Aranda full of locals enjoying coffees and filling up on Casa Aranda's many breakfasts while chatting on the outdoor terrace. Both tourists and locals alike head to this trendy brunch spot in Malaga for the food, coffee, and afternoon snacks.


Noviembre is one of the brunch spots in Malaga where they have vegan and vegetarian options. Not only that but everything else is organic. Fresh fruit picked daily, pancakes made with almond milk, and gluten-free french toast are just a few of the delicious brunch items on the menu.

Located on Calle Alamos between the Picasso Museum and the Interactive Music Museum, this hip spot is a favorite with local young folks as well as the tourists looking for a bright and cheery spot to relax and unwind before exploring Malaga.

Astrid Taperia Organic

If you are looking for a buffet-style brunch in Malaga, head to Astrid Taperia Organic on Calle Calderon De la Barca, 6. Their super breakfast and brunch spot in Malaga is considered an organic tapas bar. There is no fryer and everything is organic with seasonal fruit.

Their produce comes from the Guadalhorce area, meat from organic farms in Seville, and their dairy items come from Barcelona, Madrid, and Galicia. Their menu features a mix of Asian and Mediterranean and you can enjoy brunch on the outdoor terrace on warm summer days.

La Recova

Across from Astrid Organic Taperia, La Recova will fill your stomach with toast and toppings similar to El Mortal. They will give you a whole loaf of fresh bread and an array of homemade items to put on it. You will get five bowls including two spreadable butters, spreadable sausage, and two homemade marmalades made from seasonal fruit.

The locals enjoy their food too, as well as their prices, so it is almost always crowded no matter what time you go. You may want to just grab your food to go and enjoy your brunch by the river just a short walk away.

El Mortal

With a mixture of healthy and sweet food, you can find El Mortal in the Plaza Enrique Garcia Herrera near the Guadalmedina River. The authentic cafe specializes in their own concoctions of inventive freshly-squeezed juices to give you all the energy you need to go exploring the city of Malaga.

The owners, Juan and Jana, believe that your first meal of the day should be filled with energy to last you all day. They enjoy starting you out with a giant slab of toast with a variety of toppings. You can get a platter of ham, cheese, avocado, tomato, and several different jams and jellies to enjoy, or try some rye bread with olive oil.


With a name that says brunch, you know this place is where to go to get the best brunch in Malaga. There are 17 different plates on the menu and each one of them is amazing. The Dirty Burger is a thick and juicy beef patty topped with all sorts of delights and the Clean Burger is a veggie burger with a black brioche bun.

This place will serve you the original brunch in Malaga with a coffee shop feel. They also have shakshuka with salsa and huevos poached eggs, avocado toast with feta and salad, and several bowls with a variety of fruits, granola, and organic yogurt. The vegan pancakes are scrumptious and egg pom has brioche and thick melted cheese.

The Cereal Boom

Right across from the scenic harbor, The Cereal Boom Cafe is one of those brunch spots that has something for everyone. If you want sandwiches or some other hot lunchtime favorite, try their ham and cheese croissant or monkfish. It is a wonderful place with a relaxed ambience.

But their name tells you what the specialty is so you really should try one of their cereal concoctions. They have over 100 types of cereal from Cheerios to Fruit Loops and many you have probably never heard of. They will mix you up something special and toss in some candy, donuts, or other treats on top.

Julia Bakery

Just follow your nose to Julia Bakery on Calle Carreteria, 44. If that does not work, follow the locals because they know exactly where to go for freshly baked bread, pastries, and specialty coffees. But that is not all you can get at this charming cafe. They serve a huge Full English Breakfast with more than you can possibly eat so you may want to share a plate.

The brunch menu includes a variety of breakfast options from pancakes to superfood smoothies. At Julia Bakery, you will not have to worry about what to get because they have a little bit of everything including spreadable sausage. This cafe serves breakfast options from Mediterranean food to traditional Spanish dishes. Transport yourself into iconic sidewalk cafes to enjoy brunch all day long.

Malaga Recyclo Bike Cafe

We promise you will never find a cafe like this anywhere else. This quirky cafe has colorful bikes hanging from the ceiling and that is just the beginning of its quirkiness. You can treat your sweet tooth with churros con chocolate, quench your thirst with freshly squeezed orange juice, and watch the owners fix bikes while you eat.

It is actually a coffee shop/bicycle shop hangout for locals where you can find vegetarian and vegan items on the menu alongside their bacon and eggs. The brunch lasts all day every day because you can order anything on the menu no matter what day or time it is. From organic fruits and baked goods made with dulce de leche and bread to ham and cheese sandwiches on homemade croissants, you can get almost anything here.

Healthy and Sweet Food in Malaga

Flying into Malaga Airport? Save your appetite! The city of Malaga has a vast array of brunch spots where you can get anything from a bowl of cereal to a thick and juicy burger with fries. Whether you are looking for Spanish cuisine, a French pastry, or a fusion of several types of food, brunch in Malaga is the best way to start your day.

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