Malaga On a Rainy Day: 14 Things To Do

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As the capital of the Province of Malaga in the Andalusia Community, Malaga is a large city in Spain. The population is approximately 580,000. It is the sixth most populated city in Spain and the second in the Andalusian region.

The city of Malaga is also a popular tourist town and is located on Costa del Sol, which means Coast of the Sun. The coast is located on the Mediterranean Sea with a plethora of sandy beach space to enjoy during sunny weather. But, what if it rains in Malaga while you are there?

Malaga on a rainy day is still a fantastic place to be. The temperature is almost always warm and it rarely rains for long but you may run into a rainy day or two during your visit. Luckily, there is still plenty to do in Malaga on a rainy day.

Whether you want to enjoy some art and culture in Malaga City Centre or maybe get some retail therapy at one of the amazing shopping areas in the city, you can do it here. There is plenty to do here from the Picasso Museum to the Glass Museum and Museo Jorge Rando, the only art museum in Spain to feature expressionism.

The shopping centres in Malaga are massive with hundreds of shops, eateries, and even entertainment options. Or spend the day rainy day shopping in Atarazanas market. You can also spend a rainy day in Malaga catching up on your reading at one of the bookstores.

When the weather turns bad in Malaga, you don't have to stay in your hotel room and watch television. Check out interesting temporary exhibitions at the art museums, shop 'til you drop, or see a flamenco show. And if you are out and about when the skies open, drop your backpacks and bags at a Malaga luggage storage site to keep everything dry as you venture from place to place. Then, enjoy what Malaga has to offer!

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Picasso Museum

Also known as the Museo Picasso Malaga, the Picasso Museum is devoted to the life of Pablo Picasso, who was born in the city of Malaga. Located in the heart of the old town, you can find a large collection of his artworks in a historic 16th-century building that used to be Buenavista Palace.

In fact, there are 285 pieces to explore and enjoy on a rainy day in Malaga, including the Portrait of Lola from 1894, the Glass of Absinthe from 1914, and the Three Graces from 1923. After visiting the art museum, why not head over to Plaza de la Merced to see his statue and the Picasso House Museum across the street?

Museo Jorge Rando

Another one of the great rainy day activities in Malaga includes the Jorge Rando Museum where you can see his expressionist works. The small museum features the artwork of Rando as well as temporary art exhibits by other local and international artists.

Jorge Rando is a Spanish sculptor and painter who features neo-expressionism. The museum boasts 10 rooms, each with a different theme. Room 4 is the Religions Exhibit that gives his view of the story of the Passion of Christ. Room 5 is the Landscapes Exhibit, and Room 8 is the Butterfly Exhibit.

Interactive Music Museum

In the center of the historic center of Malaga, the Interactive music museum, also known as MIMMA, is the perfect place to spend rainy days. The activities are focused on children, so if you have the kids with you, this is where to go. But it is also popular with adults. You can enjoy traditional Spanish folk music and dance and see a Flamenco show.

The museum has over 1,000 musical instruments, making it the most complete private collection in Spain. There are nine rooms displaying various collections including mechanical music like radio and cinema, electrophone pieces, and percussion instruments. There is also a special section devoted to the music of Andalusia.

Wine Museum

The Wine Museum sounds like an excellent place to hole up when it rains. In fact, it is one of the most popular museums in Malaga. Enjoy learning about the history of Malaga Wines in this palace from the 1700s. The Biedmas Palace is located in the Plaza de Los Vineros along the Guadalmedina River and offers guided tours to all.

On the ground floor, you will see more than 400 labels from various wine bottles as well as posters dating back to the 1800s. The first floor takes you back to the history of winemaking in Malaga from the Phoenicians to the Moors. After the guided tour, enjoy tasting two different wines in the tasting room.

Carmen Thyssen Museum

Located in a historic building that was built in the 16th century, this museum holds artworks from the collection of Carmen Thyssen. Carmen was an artist as well but most of her work is displayed in the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid.

In this museum, she displayed her own favorites from other artists. Several of the pieces are done by Manuel Garcia y Rodriguez from 1920 to 1925. Other famous artists featured include Julio Romero de Torres, Ramon Casas, Ignacio Zuloaga, and Martin Rico Ortega.

Glass Museum

Most museums show art or ancient artifacts, but the Glass Museum has antique furniture, mirrors, and cabinets full of stunning glass and crystal. It is located in the Malaga City Centre in an 18th-century mansion with over 3,000 stunning pieces of glass.

The first floor features Ancient Civilizations like Islamic, Byzantine, Egyptian and more dating back to the 6th century. On another floor, see glassworks from the 1500s and 1600s including Bohemian, Dutch, and Venetian. There are also gardens and patios you can visit when it stops raining.

Costa del Sol

Just because it is called the Coast of the Sun does not mean there is nothing to do in Costa del Sol when it rains. You can visit the Museum of the City (Museo de la Ciudad), Sohail Castle (Castillo Sohail), and Alcazaba Fortress.

The rain does not have to stop your fun when you visit Malaga if you go to Costa del Sol. Explore Marbella Old Town where you can dine, shop, and do some people-watching. You can also visit the Caves of Nerja, Gibralfaro Castle, and the Colomares Monument.

Cervantes Theatre or Teatro Cervantes

Stay out of the rain and see a spectacular performance when you visit the Cervantes Theatre. The historic building has been entertaining people from all over Spain since 1870. The first thing you will notice is the ceiling, painted in detail about the history of Malaga as a city.

The theatre boasts 1,134 seats and Spanish subtitles for every show. From ballet to dramatic productions, there is something for every genre here. Some of the recent shows and concerts include the Pablo Alboran Tour, Fortisimo closing concert, Westside Story, A Man of Passage, and Decay.

Plaza Mayor

Although it is considered to be an outdoor mall, this shopping centre has over 150 shops to explore, keeping you out of the rain while you get some retail therapy. From Abbasy Doner Kebabs to Zara, you can find anything and everything at Plaza Mayor Shopping Centre.

Also known as the Town Square, with stylish outlets to small kiosks and stalls, you can be so busy shopping, you may not realize when the rain has stopped. It is a fantastic place to find unique souvenirs, watch a movie, or even ride go-karts.

Puerto Banus

Why not take a day trip from Malaga to Puerto Banus in Marbella? Being about 60 miles away, it may not be raining there. But even if it is, there is plenty to do indoors on this trip as well. Locals refer to it as the playground of the wealthy in Spain with clubs, dining, and shopping galore.

Whether you have your family with you or if you are on your own, there is always something going on in Puerto Banus. Flamenco shows, galleries full of amazing paintings, and even some museums to explore. You may even get to take a cruise on one of the yachts.

Atarazanas Market

Skip the museums and go shopping in Malaga. Atarazanas Market is a spectacular place to spend rainy days in Malaga. It is a massive indoor flea market with everything you can imagine from avocados to zodiacs. The city's most popular market sits in a stunning building from the 1800s featuring Arabic style and arched windows.

Visitors from all over the world peruse the shops at the market where you can find items for children, paintings, and some of the city's best Spanish cuisine. Stay out of the weather and spend the day searching for treasures, souvenirs, and holiday items.

Centro Larios

Speaking of shopping, if you want something a little more modern with designer shops and entertainment, Centro Larios Malaga boasts over 100 retail shops, eateries, and fashion boutiques. With four stories to explore, you are sure to find some great bargains here.

Take a break between shops and enjoy a movie at one of the 10 theaters or have a bite at one of the 14 restaurants from Burger King to Pepe Taco. Located between the Solidaridad Plaza and Picasso Gardens, there is plenty to do outside when it stops raining.

Malaga Cathedral

Keep out of the rain at the most stunning medieval Roman Catholic cathedral in Malaga. The building itself is impressive with its Moorish walls and vicinity to the Castle of Gibralfaro and Alcazaba Fortress.

Constructed between 1528 and 1782, the facade is Baroque style and separated into two levels with arches supported by marble columns. The weather will not bother you inside this glorious building where you can get a tour of the place to see all there is to see.

The Caves of Nerja

Just a few minutes from the city center of Malaga, Spain, the Caves of Nerja has 2.5 miles of indoor beauty and wonder to tour. This is one of the most popular cave systems in the world and you can spend all day there whether it is raining or not.

The Caves are located in Maro and have held the Guinness World Record for the widest natural columns since 1989. You can take a guided tour anytime to see over 500 rock paintings dating back to 25,000 BC. The illustrious stalagmites and stalactites also deserve a mention in this network of caves.

Malaga City Centre and Beyond in the Rain

Stay out of the rain at Albeniz Cinema to see a show in the original language with Spanish subtitles in old town Malaga see as many paintings as you can at the art museums in the city, and go shopping at the market or mall.

Consider visiting a tapas bar, taking the family to dinner, or taking a walk in the park if you enjoy rainy weather. There is no reason why you cannot grab an umbrella and splash in some puddles in one of the parks like the Parque de Huelin or Parque del Oeste.

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