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Munich is the capital and most populous city in the German state of Bavaria and is one of the country’s most visited cities. The city of Munich is a major cultural hub and is best known as the venue of the annual Oktoberfest beer festival. Additionally, the city is a popular retail destination for shoppers within Germany and those coming from different parts of Europe.

As the heart of Germany’s wealthiest state, it is no surprise that Munich is a top choice for shopping; the Bavarian city is home to shops featuring international labels and designer stores. But more than the collection of upscale boutiques, Munich also boasts a wide variety of shops that sell everything from traditional Bavarian products to specialty items.

Most of the city’s must-visit shops fall within one area or can be found under one roof, making Munich the perfect destination for shopaholics who are fans of both luxury products and bargain items. Whether you live near the city, are coming from a different part of Europe or flying in from a foreign country, you should make shopping in Munich a part of your bucket list.

To help you plan your shopping trip, we have done all the research and put together this list of best shopping streets, malls and arcades in the city of Munich. There is no need to carry your shopping parcels all day, however. Drop your bags at one of our Munich luggage storage spots and shop till you drop!

Top Shopping Streets to Visit in Munich

Maximilianstraße (Maximilianstrasse)

One of the four royal avenues of Munich, Maximilianstraße is a key shopping street and retail destination in the city, extending a little under a mile in length. The street is often regarded as the city’s most “expensive” avenue due to the impressive number of upscale shops in the area.

The majority of these international designer stores can be found in Maximilianstraße’s western portion along with several art galleries and five-star hotels. The street is also home to a range of jewelry shops and other well-known German brands. For those looking to do some luxury shopping, Maximilianstraße is a definite must-visit.

Kaufingerstraße (Kaufingerstrasse)

Widely considered as the most renowned and busiest shopping street in all of Munich, Kaufingerstraße is a mecca for shopping fans. One of the oldest streets in the city, Kaufingerstraße is a pedestrian-only avenue that starts from the Marienplatz and connects to another major retail thoroughfare – the Neuhauser Straße.

Kaufingerstraße is the city’s busiest shopping street and is lined with some of the world’s most popular designer brands and international chain stores. While most visitors come here for the renowned names, shoppers who would like to get away from the crowd may discover some specialty boutiques tucked away in some of the passageways.

Neuhauser Straße (Neuhauserstrasse)

Believed to have been in existence since 1293, Neuhauser Straße is an extension of the Kaufingerstraße and is one of the oldest and most prominent streets in Munich. Passing through the Altstadt in central Munich, it is the biggest pedestrian zone in Munich’s Old Town section as well as an important shopping street and center for activity.

The 350-meter long thoroughfare is home to numerous retail stores and shops; Neuhauser Straße has a good mix of both international brands as well as independent boutiques and street side vendors who sell items such as flowers, souvenirs and fresh produce. Adding to the area’s appeal are the multiple restaurants and outdoor cafés that offer shoppers a place to relax, refresh and refuel after doing some serious retail therapy.

Theatinerstraße (Theatinerstrasse)

Another one of prime spots for luxury shopping in Munich is the street of Theatinerstraße, named after the Theatinerkirche, which is one of the city’s most popular cultural landmarks. Located in Altstadt, the city’s medieval Old Town district, this famed shopping street connects the iconic Marienplatz with Odeonplatz and is lined with a wide selection of stores and boutiques – from luxury shops and international brands to locally-owned boutiques and second-hand book stores. In addition, Theatinerstraße also boasts an array of bistros and cafés where shoppers can hang out after a long day of shopping. Munich has an abundance of wonderful neighborhoods to stay in and explore and Old Town is just one of them!

Sendlinger Straße (Sendlinger Strasse)

If you’re looking for a calmer and more intimate experience while shopping in Munich, head over to the Sendlinger Straße. Situated in the city center, the pedestrian-only street starts from Marienplatz up to the Sendlinger Tor gate and is easily visible because of its flashy and colorful design. The street features a good mix of trendy stores and dining establishments and is one of the main shopping areas in the city.

Unlike most of the shopping streets found on this list, Sendlinger Straße does not feature well-known brands and international chain stores; instead, the shops here are primarily small and family-owned. Here, shoppers can find novelty items and specialty products such as souvenirs, antiques, jewelry, art works and books. In addition, the Sendlinger Straße hosts a prominent annual Christmas market every month of December.

Best Shopping Malls and Arcades in Munich


Situated in the city center, Hofstatt is a shopping hotspot in Munich and a topnotch option for shopping fans who want to discover an array of products. Established in 2013, this contemporary shopping mall is a lifestyle destination that is especially popular among the younger crowd due to its selection of designer brands and fashion stores.

At Hofstatt, visitors will find a combination of major brands, up-and-coming designers, locally-owned fashion boutiques and trendy design stores and gift shops. The shopping mall is also a favorite among locals and tourists who are looking for some peace and quiet because of its inner courtyards; in here, guests can hang out and enjoy a moment of tranquility without actually leaving the city center.

Fünf Höfe (Five Courts)

Often referred to as the most elegant shopping mall in Munich, Fünf Höfe (which translates to five courts in English) is one of the city’s first-class retail and lifestyle destinations and a haven for shopaholics. Found along the Theatinerstraße shopping district, the complex encompasses 17,500 square meters of space and contains a total of 64 exclusive shops, bars, cafés and restaurants.

The mixed-use building is also home to a range of specialty stores, art galleries and even a concert hall. Done with a full day of shopping? Grab a bite to eat or a drink in one of the many dining establishments found within Fünf Höfe offering a range of cuisines – from German and Italian dishes to flavorful Thai food. If you'd rather eat and sightsee at the same time, watch for food carts and stalls and grab amazing street food to go.

Reim Arcaden

Opened in March of 2004, the Reim Arcaden is the biggest shopping mall in Munich and the ultimate shopping destination for retail fans visiting the city. Located in the Messestadt Riem district, the mall is housed inside a massive 122,500-square meter building and boasts over 60,000 square meters of retail space.

Riem Arcaden is home to over 120 shops and restaurants spread across three floors; the retailers here sell everything from well-known fashion items, sports equipment and home décor to toys, jewelry and accessories. The mall also features service providers such as salons, banks, travel agencies and dry cleaning facilities.

Olympia-Einkaufszentrum (OEZ)

Situated in the Moosach district in northern Munich, the Olympia-Einkaufszentrum (or simply OEZ) is one of the city’s most renowned shopping malls and a premier retail destination in Munich. Established in 1972, the mall was once the largest shopping center in Bavaria and has continued to modernize and expand over the years.

At present, the OEZ is home to over 130 shops, including major designer brands, clothing stores, electronics, footwear, jewelry and many more. Furthermore, the shopping mall also features a range of gastronomic establishments and houses the two primary department stores in Germany – namely the Galeria Kaufhof and Karstadt.

Stachus Passagen

Found in the city center, just a short walk from Munich's main train station is Stachus Passagen, which is the biggest underground shopping mall in Europe. Because of its central location (sitting directly in the basement of the Karlsplatz), the mall is one of the most popular Munich shopping spots, serving an average of nearly 300,000 shoppers per day.

At Stachus Passagen, there are more than 50 shops selling a range of products, including fashion clothing, personal care, cosmetics, books, electronics, jewelry and even chocolates. The mall also features a Decathlon outlet, which is one of the biggest sporting goods retail chains in Europe. Consider shopping there and then head out for an exhilarating hike!

Einkaufs-Centrum Neuperlach (Pep Munich)

For a fun, one-of-a-kind shopping experience, head over to the Einkaufs-Centrum Neuperlach. Also commonly referred to simply as Pep, this 60,000-square meter shopping mall is located in eastern Munich’s Neuperlach district and is home to approximately 130 specialty stores as well as several dining establishments.

With three stories featuring a diverse collection of shops, Pep offers a variety of products such as clothing brands, fashion items, books, accessories, electronics and more. If you’re looking for the best bargains, you’re in luck; Pep is home to Munich’s sole location of Primark, a fast fashion chain selling clothing and accessories at discounted rates. With the extensive selection of stores, it’s no wonder that Pep is a favorite shopping destination not just among locals but also for visitors coming from different parts of Germany and other neighboring countries.

Pasing Arcaden

Found in the Pasing district in west Munich is one of the most popular shopping arcades in the city – the Pasing Arcaden. Just a short walk from the Pasing train station, the mall first opened in 2011 and featured 90 shops spread across of 14,000 square meters of space. In 2013, a second section of the shopping center was established, featuring an additional 50 shops and an area of 37,000 square meters.

Pasing Arcaden is among the most striking shopping malls in Munich; the building’s façade is adorned with diamonds and the floor plan is designed to resemble that of a cruise ship. The building where the mall is also located also has a residential area, which helps bring foot traffic into the stores. The retailers at Pasing Arcaden include everything from international luxury brands, fast fashion stores, footwear, electronics, lifestyle, sporting goods and more. Visitors may also avail of the numerous services offered at the mall, including medical service, buggy rentals and electric car charging stations.

Kaufingertor Passage

If you’re a shopaholic who also happens to be a history enthusiast, then you should definitely check out the Kaufingertor Passage for the best shopping experience. This shopping arcade traces its roots to the city’s beginnings; its current location once featured a city gate that served as an important landmark in Munich. The mall was named after this very landmark as a way to pay homage to what was once an important site.

The Kaufingertor Passage is a modern shopping center that first opened in 1994 and has since become one of Munich’s most prominent retail areas. Compared to the other major malls in the city, the Kaufingertor has a more relaxed atmosphere and smaller crowds. Covering 4,600 square meters of space, the shopping arcade has a decent amount of specialty stores offering products such as fine jewelry, women’s fashion items, oils and more. Also featured in the mall is a branch of Galeria Kaufhof, which is one of the biggest department stores in Germany.


For an exclusive and unique Munich shopping experience, a visit to the Luitpoldblock is a must. Found in the lovely Brienner Quartier, this classical commercial building is best known for its iconic cafés and other gastronomical highlights. However, the part of the building serves as a shopping center that houses a number of upscale boutiques that offer specialty products such as high-end clothing, skincare products, fine art and home décor.

World Fashion, Style and More

With the wide array of shopping streets, malls and other retail areas across Munich, it is easy to see why the Bavarian capital is an immensely popular retail destination. If a trip to Munich is happening in the near future for you, pull into Munich Central Station and be sure to include hitting the shops in your itinerary!

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