13 Unmissable Things To Do In Munich At Night

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Munich is the largest city in German Bavaria, just north of the Bavarian Alps. This beautiful city is also the third-largest in Germany which means there are plenty of things to do and see, day or night. While there are things that can only be done during the day, Munich is a city that stays wide awake until the early morning.

The vibrant nightlife in Munich welcomes all visitors. With so many clubs, beer and food, as well as the famous Oktoberfest festival, Munich is an awesome place to explore at night. If you've been touring and shopping all day, drop your purchases and heavy bags at one of our Munich luggage storage locations. Lighten the load and get ready for an exciting evening!

If you are visiting Munich anytime soon, don't miss out on these 13 things to do in Munich at night.

Mandarin Oriental

With so many things to do in Munich at night, where does one start? Attractions? Restaurants? Food evening tour? Amazing views? We are definitely going to cover all that, but first let's start our journey from a bar every tourist in Munich should visit, the Mandarin Oriental.

Located in the heart of the old town, this venue is often visited by people who love Asian cuisine. Their menu is full with Asian-inspired cocktails but you'll also find local, Bavarian food and the best of international recipes. Whatever you decide to have, rest assured you'll enjoy it. Mandarin Oriental is just one of those must-see Munich things.

Nymphenburg Palace

Experiencing the nightlife in Munich doesn't have to be in a bar or a beer garden. One of Munich's most famous attractions with historical significance is the Nymphenburg Palace, a place that comes alive at night. Built in 1675, the Palace is the birthplace of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, often called the Swan King or the Mad King who succeeded the throne at the age of 18.

During your day trip visit, whether on a tour or on your own, you get to see the room in which he was delivered. Explore the gardens and ride a gondola across the canals in one of the largest parks in Bavaria. And when the sun goes down, the magically lit palace and the spectacular lights that reflect in the lake are your ultimate Munich sightseeing experience at night. Nymphenburg Palace is also the largest city palace.

The Spooky Side of Munich

This experience is reserved for people who like dark tourism. If you want to see that dark and spooky side of Munich this is exactly what you need to do. Munich is among those towns that are known for the most gruesome history in the middle ages. From executions and beheadings to punishing bad bakers and horrific tortures in medieval prisons, Munich's history is both exciting and terrifying.

And while there are many guided tours to explore this dark side of Munich, an interesting tour that you can do on your own is to explore the Old Town. Walking towards Marienplatz, the square in the city center, you will encounter strange and spooky figures all around you. Dragons, frightening weird creatures, and skulls are literally on every corner, even church walls. Check out St.Peter's Church, surrounded by historic gravestones, explore the surroundings and get ready to be spooked out by Munich at night.

Daily Food Market or Viktualienmarkt

Located in the city center, the daily food market is just the place you need to spend some time after a long day exploring Munich. The market offers a variety of delicious food, fresh produce, and drinks starting from its local German food and beer, to fruits, cheese, wine, even roasted chicken.

The food is reasonably priced and the place is packed with locals as well as visitors from all around the world. Explore the market and enjoy the beautiful ambiance, surrounded by medieval buildings and people who know how to have a good time. Not only is this a great nighttime activity, but it's one of Munich's fabulous free things to do.


Built half a century ago, Hofrbrauhaus is not only Munich's oldest beer hall but it's a world-famous tavern and a big part of the Bavarian culture. Located in the center of the city, this bar offers a festive ambiance with more than a thousand seats and a garden with old chestnut trees. For an authentic Munich nightlife experience, listen to some live music and enjoy some of the most famous Bavarian beers in 1-liter glasses.

You'll also get to see performers dressed in traditional bavarian costumes, playing traditional folk music. Even if you are not hungry, your stomach will tell you otherwise. When you are ready, order some of the great selection of food on the menu, get a few drinks from the bar and check out the venue's ornate ceilings for a cultural trip back to Munich in 1589.

Neuschwanstein Castle

The Neuschwanstein Castle is the most famous castle not only in Munich but the whole of Europe too. The castle started its construction in 1869 and was intended as a private residence to King Ludwig II or the Mad King. The King died in 1886, and the castle was open to the public shortly after his death.

The fact that there are 1.3 million people that visit the castle annually, certainly says it's worth your time. However, you can only get inside the castle with a guided tour in a small group. In just a 2.5 hours train ride from Munich, you will be standing at this fairytale castle that inspired Walt Disney.

Be prepared to walk 1.5 km from the ticket center to the castle on a steep uphill road. At nighttime, the magical castle is beautifully lit and with the amazing views of the mountains, it makes you want to linger a little longer there.

Brewery Tours

The brewery night tour is for all beer lovers, friends, and couples regardless. You can do it on your own or with a knowledgeable tour guide who will walk you through the history of Munich and its culture. You get to visit some of the most famous beer halls, beer gardens, and breweries in Munich.

Get to know Munich's beer culture, take a peek at places that are restricted to the public, and feel like a local with a brewery tour that will make you beg for more. Whether you are a small group or a great bunch of 15, you are sure to have fun in some of Munich's unique beer houses. A great night tour not to miss! Build up your appetite and afterward, enjoy terrific Munich street food.

Glockenbachviertel or Glockenbach District

The area of Glockenbachviertel is a great place to get the party started on a night out in Munich. Famous for its vibrant nightlife this bustling district is packed with fun bars and restaurants where you can experience Munich's alternative culture and taste some Munich beer and local food.

A fun fact: Queen frontman Freddie Mercury used to party in Glockenbachviertel when he moved to Munich in the 1980s which had a great influence on the LGBTQ community today. Some of the bars where you can find the best beer in Munich are Trisoux, Paradiso Tanzbar, and Vertigo. Whatever you end up doing on your night out in Munich, Glockenbach district is surely not to be missed.

Olympic Tower

The Olympic tower is one of the most visited attractions n Munich. Built in 1968, the Olympiatrum is the highest point in Munich at a height of 291 meters. Head up to the observation deck for some spectacular scenic views and the city lights of Munich.

During the day you can see the Allianz Arena, and enjoy a spectacular view of the Alps. The tour costs next to nothing, but you can get a drink at the top restaurant and bar, or try some delicious local food. Whatever you do, the views from the Olympic Tower are not to be missed on your visit to Munich.

English Garden

This garden is one of the largest urban parks in Munich. It's even larger than New York's Central Park. It's so large that some visitors even consider hiring a tour guide, or renting bikes.

You can go on a bike ride day during the night too, as the entire place is well lit and marked. Located in the heart of the city, walking to the English Garden you'll pass most major highlights in Munich. Once you are there, why not grab a drink at the Beer garden near the Chinese Tower and people watch.

If you are there on a sunny day, don't be surprised to see naked people walking around or sunbathing. This park is one of the six urban naked zones in Munich. Walk around and explore the pretty sceneries and enjoy the tranquillity away from the bustling city noise.

The English Garden is especially worth taking a trip to during the Christmas season in Munich, as the Christmas market is like none you've ever seen before.

Bavarian State Opera

Built in 1818, the National Theatre of Munich has gone through a few demolitions and restrictions over the centuries. Today, it houses one of the world's largest opera stages with 2,500 square meters. The capacity of the auditorium together with the royal box is approximately 2,1000 spectators.

While daily tours are common, tourists can enjoy an exclusive night tour and watch performances. You may even get to look behind the scenes.

Getting to the National Theatre is just a short trip from Munich train station.

Beer and Oktoberfest Museum

The world's largest festival Oktoberfest has its own museum. It's located in the oldest town house in the city, and it's well worth the visit on your stay in Munich. If you are on a tour you are in for a treat. You will learn all about the festival and the 16 days activities, and you get to try free Bavarian beer and food in the museum's pub.

Whether you are on a guided tour or on your own with friends and family, this visit will make you want to book a return trip to Munich on time for the festivities of Oktoberfest.

Backstage Club

If you want to experience another side of nightlife in Munich, check out some of the jazz venues or nightclubs. Dance the night away in one of the most popular venues, the Backstage Club. The place not only offers three clubs but there is a theatre and a beer garden too. If you like rock music you are in for a treat.

Every week there is live music from bands all around the world. The Backstage Club is a must if you enjoy live music but it really doesn't matter what music you are into, check it out to enjoy the amazing atmosphere!

See the Sights After Sunset

Munich is a fun city no matter the time of day or season. Whether you are looking to explore Munich's dark side, see the famous castles or visit some of the beer halls and gardens, Munich has it all and more! Go on a pub crawl, satisfy your palate with some delicious Bavarian food or learn about Oktoberfest. One thing is sure, with so many things to do in Munich at night, you will not want to leave anytime soon!

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