Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Philadelphia

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Reading Terminal Market, Philadelphia

Shopping in Philadelphia can be a lot of fun. This is a city that is full of amazing things to do and see and the shopping opportunities are one of the best attractions that the city has to offer. If you have already enjoyed the art galleries and the cafes in the city, you will need to make time to check out the retail offerings Philadelphia can offer you.

If you are ready to enjoy quality retail therapy in the city, you will want to drop your bags off at baggage storage in Philadelphia. Having your hands free can make your shopping hours much more enjoyable!

Shopping in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Historic District

This part of town was originally home to Benjamin Franklin and today it is the heart of some of the best shopping in the area. Second and Third streets are some of the most famous streets in town for boutique shopping opportunities.

For swanky and fashionable styles in the old city, you need to head to Adresse. If you love a good pair of jeans, you will want to stop by Charlie's Jeans. These are local boutiques that offer amazing clothing or various styles and tastes.

Nearby Midtown Village offers you the chance to enjoy the best street food in the city but you can also get access to really nice old city shopping here when you visit. The Shops at Liberty Place are located here and there are also some really delightful places to get a drink and hang out after you are done shopping.

The heart of the retail center in this part of the city is based on affordable yet chic styling and you will be free to buy from smaller brands here. There are some national and regional brands that are sold in the area, but most of the clothing and home goods sold in this area are entirely local and very unique.

Jeweler's Row

Located near the Liberty Bell Center and Independence Hall, this is the home of the oldest diamond district in America. This street used to be on the outskirts of town but it is now located well within the city these days. This is an amazing place to shop for fine jewelry and to pick out unique items that will rival what the art galleries in town have to offer for beauty.

This is a location that is well within the heart of the old city and you can see this in the Victorian-style buildings that line the street even today. While there are not many opportunities to shop clothing boutiques here, this is a place that is well worth the visit due to its fame in the jewelry world.

Chinatown Shopping in Philadelphia

Rittenhouse Square Area

If you want to find access to gift shops, affordable shopping, and some boutique locations all in one spot, Rittenhouse Row is the right part of the city for you. This location is newer than the other old city locations that we have already discussed and the brownstone styling and beautiful high rises frame charming independent boutiques that make this street their home.

This is the famous area of Chestnut Hill and Walnut Streets and you will be located near Germantown Avenue here as well. This is one of the prettiest parts of the city and it is a great place to take a city photo that will commemorate your trip. Enjoy access to pretty cobblestone streets in Rittenhouse Square and delightful walkable shopping opportunities here each time you visit.

Main Street Manayunk

One of the trendier areas in the city today, this canal-facing street offers access to novelty gift shops, places where young professionals flock for their work clothes, and delightful places to eat and drink. When you visit Philadelphia, you will want to stop in here.

While this will not be the right location for those who love a good food court or want a chain store to look around in, you can get vintage furniture, unique clothing, and special small-town shopping opportunities all in one spot. Places like The Little Apple Gift Boutique are truly representative of this spot and you will love shopping here each time you are in town.

Shopping in Philadelphia

Center City Shopping

The Shops at Liberty Place are a great location to head for some hidden gems and some staples of the mall experience like Victoria's Secret. You can eat and drink here as well and you will have access to an impressive array of independent shops as well as national chains when you visit this shopping spot.

Center City Philadelphia museums are also well worth visiting and you will be close to lots of the best places to stay when you shop here. This is a great choice if you want to shop in a single location for the day that has a little bit of everything.

South Street

This is an eclectic and whimsical neighborhood where young people, punks, and artists all coexist and sell their wares. This is the nature of the shopping experience that you will have all along South Street and you can enjoy amazing and unique shopping here for all kinds of tastes.

This is not a place for limited-edition sneakers or other common items but is instead a place to visit local shops that offer lots of personality and trendy things to buy. You can get home goods, old school times like records, and more when you visit South Street for your retail therapy needs.

Philadelphia Mills Mall

If you love bargain hunting and found Liberty Place to be a little spendy for your needs, the shops here are your best bet. Bargain shopping is simple at this mall and you can enjoy access to leafy commercial corridor locations as well as indoor bargain hunting that you cannot find anywhere else in the city.

This is a location that will make teens and lovers of box stores thrilled and there are 150 stores here. You are also very close to Center City here if you are looking for a combined shopping trip where you visit a chain store then go shopping at a local gift shop or boutique.

Spruce Food Market, Philadelphia

Germantown Avenue

This shopping location is actually a winding street that is linked with many residential areas in some of the older parts of the city. Chestnut Hill Germantown Avenue is a very beautiful area that offers you access to gift shops and boutiques as well as coffee shops and places to buy a good book. Children will also have access to an indoor playhouse on this street and there are some really delicious bakeries in the area.

East Market Street

East Market Street is one of the up-and-coming areas of the city that attracts a different crowd than old city locations. You can do it all here: eat, stay, enjoy a drink or shop for art and home goods. There are clothing stores here as well so you can enjoy all kinds of fun when you visit this hip and youthful shopping location full of string lights and cobbled sidewalks.


Chinatown is the perfect location if you want an immersive shopping experience that will allow you access to yummy food, beautiful handmade items, furniture stores, and more. This is one of the cultural centers of the city and when you walk through the Chinatown Friendship Gate, you will feel like you have been transported into another world.

Chinatown should be on your list of things that you must do and see when you head to Philadelphia and the fact that the shopping there is amazing does not hurt!

Fabric Row

If you are an arts and crafts guru, you have to visit historic Fabric Row. The shops along South 4th street between Bainbridge and Catherine Streets have been the home of amazing textile shopping for generations. This is a place where you can buy items that you would normally have to order and wait on for weeks. Come here to see parts of the city that you might otherwise miss out on and to get a great deal on luscious fabrics of all kinds.

Shopping in Philadelphia

Reading Terminal Market

To see what Philadelphia is really all about, you need to head to this famous indoor farmer's market. This market has been operating since the late 1800s and there is so much to see here that your senses will be overwhelmed. You can buy local produce, handmade goods, fresh flowers, clothing, and other textiles here. This is a place that is not far from Midtown Village and Center City so you can make time for this stop with ease during your visit to Philadelphia.

This is an iconic location that is just a few blocks west of Center City and you can enjoy easy access to Philadelphia City Hall from this location as well. If you're wondering how to get around Philadelphia, check out our guide.

Gay Street West Chester

This street is a must when you visit Philadelphia because there are so many great cafes, brewpubs, and shops to visit here. This is a place where college kids tend to hang out but there are plenty of things for people of all ages to enjoy here. Antique vendors are located here as well, so if you want to go antiquing this is the place for you to head!

This is one of the more versatile streets in the older part of town and it is a great place to head to feel the pulse of the city. It can be busy here but the bustle feels comfortable and welcoming in a way that most big-city locations will not.

King of Prussia Mall

Besides the resplendent name, this location is a giant mall that offers you access to 400 retailers. Best of all, these are not all major retailers and there are some really delightful local boutiques located here alongside the major corporate outlets. Prussia Mall is a popular stop for younger people but there are so many shops here that you will be able to enjoy your visit, no matter your age or interests.

Shopping in Philadelphia

Main Street New Hope

This is a creative community that is located near Center City. You will enjoy access to quiet streets, art, and views of the Delaware River that you cannot enjoy in other shopping locations. This is a good stop for local arts and crafts and boutique items that are not offered in other places of the city.

While there are many locations in this city that allow you access to local crafts and wares, this is one of the quieter areas to shop. This is a location that you might want to pick for a day that involves some contemplative walking and sipping on some tea near the river.

Peddler's Village

For a shopping experience that is full of charm when you visit Philadelphia, this is the place to go. Peddler's Village offers you shopping at 60 independent boutiques that make all kinds of wares. The location is lovely as well, with cobblestone streets and old-fashioned facades that make you feel like you are in the older parts of the city.

This might not be the older parts of the city, but you will feel like you are nestled right in the heart of the charm that probably made you want to visit Philadelphia in the first place! Being able to buy from local producers and artists is always a really nice benefit to shopping here but the location feels charmingly commercial for those who love an outdoor mall.

Shopping in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Offers Amazing Shopping

If you have planned to visit Philadelphia, you are in luck if you love shopping. This is a place where history and culture connect and you will have the ability to enjoy all kinds of different shopping experiences when you are in the city. From antiquing to shopping at major retailers, there is no kind of buying experience that you cannot enjoy here.

Make to secure your luggage before you head out to enjoy your shopping day so that you can enjoy what the city has to offer without any worries for your personal belongings!

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