9 beaches near Pisa: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Pisa

Pisa is an amazing city to visit. No matter what other plans you might have for your time along the Tuscan Coast, a beach day is the perfect thing to add. The sandy beaches near Pisa are incredible, and some of the best beaches in the world can be enjoyed in this part of the world. From golden sand to the surrounding lush vegetation, the best beaches in Pisa are worth at least one day of your travel time.

Before you make plans to enjoy a seaside resort or any of the beaches in this guide, be sure that your things are safe and secure. Visit a Bounce bag storage location in Pisa once you land at Pisa Airport, and let us keep everything for you. When you're not carrying more than you need to, the Tuscan Coast and the Tyrrhenian Sea are waiting for you with open arms.

Here are the best beaches near Pisa:

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Marina di Vecchiano Beach near Pisa

Marina di Vecchiano Beach

This is a sandy beach that is about 2.5 miles (4 km) in length. You can head here for beautiful golden sand and access to the Migliarino San Rossor Nature Reserve. The views at this beach location are second to none, and you will be able to enjoy all of your favorite beach activities here with ease. Parking requires the payment of a fee, but access to the beach is free.

Marina di Vecchiano Beach travel distance from Pisa

This lovely location is about 25 minutes from Pisa Centrale. But there are no available public transportation options, so you'll need a car.

Activity recommendations

This beach is known by locals as a "wild beach," which means that it is not regulated or costly to come here to enjoy the sand and sun. This is a free beach that can be hard to find in the area of Pisa. This is one of the best beaches to get a tan, but you will need to bring your own food, drinks, and chairs with you. The Marina di Vecchiano area is lovely if you enjoy hiking as well, and you can head to the nearby Marina di Vecchiano Reserve for this activity. The views of the ocean and the sandy beaches below are stunning when you head out hiking near the water.

Marina di Pisa

The Leaning Tower is not far away from this beach location, making this one of the best beaches near Pisa. This is the perfect beach for those looking for a long beach to walk on or for a beach that is right near Pisa. You can enjoy all kinds of fun in the sun and swimming here without too much trouble getting down to the beach.

Marina di Pisa travel distance from Pisa

This beach is about 15 minutes from downtown Pisa.

Activity recommendations

This is one of the best family beaches near Pisa. Swimming is something that many people do here, and you can also just lounge in the sun and enjoy the golden sand between your toes. You are not far from eating establishments here and places to get a drink or to go shopping.

Monterosso al Mare

San Rossore Nature Park

This is a beautiful and well-maintained park area that is perfect for those who love hiking and who are looking for an easily accessible beach location to enjoy with family. This is a great choice for those traveling with kids, and there are many restaurants and other amenities to visit nearby.

San Rossore Nature Park travel distance from Pisa

This lovely beach location and nature reserve are about five minutes from Pisa's downtown area.

Activity recommendations

This is one of the best places along the coast to head to if you are not interested in swimming in the sea and you just want to enjoy a peaceful day of walking or sitting in the shade listening to the ocean nearby. You can also sunbathe here, and this sandy beach is so close to town that you might want to close out your evening with a romantic walk here before heading to bed.

Monterosso al Mare

If you want to head to a smaller city in Cinque Terre, this should be the spot that you visit. There are various locations along this part of the coast that offer the authentic beachy loveliness of Cinque Terre. Monterosso al Mare might be a bit spendy compared to heading to Pisa beaches, but the experience is well worth it. Even the drive along the coast is beautiful and can be quite inspiring.

Monterosso al Mare travel distance from Pisa

This beach town is just over an hour from Pisa. This is a case when taking the train is actually cheaper than driving. There are direct trains from Pisa Centrale to Monterosso. Driving will add about 20 minutes to the journey.

Activity recommendations

The Monterosso area is known for its lemon trees and its wine, but there are also lots of lovely hotels right near the beach that you might choose to stay at. You could make this a weekend getaway during your time in Pisa or opt to come here for the day to enjoy the shallow water and the soft sands.

Some people rent a Vespa and just head down the coast to this lovely location for the day. There are many ways to enjoy the Cinque Terre area, and there are lots of beaches along this part of the coast that might tickle your fancy.

Pietrasanta Lungomare near Pisa


This lovely beach town is one of the places that many celebrities frequent due to the peace and quiet of the town and the relative anonymity of spending time here. There are many things to do and see in Pietrasanta itself, or you can hop on your Vespa and head down here just to enjoy the sun and the waves breaking on the beach.

Pietrasanta travel distance from Pisa

It is about a 30-minute drive to the Pietrasanta beaches, and you can also make the trip direct from Pisa Centrale in a little less time.

Activity recommendations

There are various beach club locations along the water in Pietrasanta. If you love that kind of scene, you might want to splurge and enjoy this swanky and relaxing coastal experience. The beaches are soft and golden, and it is easy to rent chairs and umbrellas here even if you are not a guest at a local hotel.

You will be able to enjoy shopping and dining out here as well, but the price is a bit steeper due to the usual clientele that comes to enjoy the sights and sounds of the area. The sea is lovely here, and it is very easy to swim and enjoy the ocean from this location as well.

Forte Dei Marmi

This area is famous for its beaches, and locals head here to get away from it all every year. This location is known to be quite posh, which makes it expensive in some areas, but the views and the beauty of the beaches make it worth the cost. Fine dining and luxury are around every corner here, and this could be the perfect way to treat yourself to something special during your time in Pisa.

Forte Dei Marmi travel distance from Pisa

Forte Dei Marmi Forte Dei Marmi is about a half hour from Pisa. Driving takes considerably less time than using public transportation, which can be up to two hours depending on traffic and connections.

Activity recommendations

Forte Dei Marmi beaches will cost you about €30 to access, but you will be able to enjoy loungers and umbrellas without cost in some areas. There are beautiful, huge homes clustered around the cliffs over the city and lots of designer stores and delicious dining options just back off the sand.

Head here for a really luxurious experience and a possible celebrity sighting as well. This location is also the best place to head for nightclubs if you want to dance and have a few drinks. This beach is right by some of the best nightclubs in the world, and you might want to start your day with a peaceful beach day and end the night with a visit to one of the best clubs in Italy.

Tirrenia Beach near Pisa


This lovely location sits between Pisa and Livorno. Originally a marsh, the area was reclaimed in the 1930s to meet the needs of travelers coming to enjoy Pisa. This beach is now known as the "pearl of the Mediterranean," and it really lives up to the name. What's really nice about this destination is that the beach is free, which is not common when you are looking for sand and sun near Pisa.

Tirrenia travel distance from Pisa

It takes about 20 minutes to drive to Tirrenia. You can also catch the #10 bus from Sesta Porta, which will get you there in a little under an hour.

Activity recommendations

Sunbathing is the main attraction that people come to Tirrenia to take part in. There are also lots of really delicious restaurants nearby, and you can choose to shop after you have taken the time to relax on the beach.

There are usually people flying kites here as well, and you might see families splashing around in the water. This is a lovely place to read a book in peace and quiet and just watch the long stretch of sand being kissed by the waves.


If you love adventurous activities like windsurfing, this is the place for you. While this beach is less protected and much windier many days of the week, it can also be a great place to head for a brisk walk. Strolling along this beach is still fun, even if you are not going to sit down here to catch some rays.

Calambrone travel distance from Pisa

This beach location is about a half an hour drive from Pisa.

Activity recommendations

Adventurous types head here to make the most of the wind, so visitors might want to try their hand at windsurfing too. You can stroll and enjoy the beauty of this location, or you might even have the chance to book a boat and head out to try your hand at some of the adventures that are possible with a boat tour guide on hand.

Versilia beach near Pisa


If you are not attached to swimming but love soft sand and sunbathing, Versilia is a solid choice. This is part of the higher-end area near Pisa, where the beach clubs and other fancy shopping and dining options are located. The surf can be pretty rough here, which is not for everyone, but those who love to windsurf or board surf might have a great time at this beach.

Versilia travel distance from Pisa

It takes about half an hour to get to this beach location, and you can rent a car or use your Vespa to make the trip if you wish.

Activity recommendations

This beach can be a great place to walk after a fancy meal, or you might want to head here to just sit in the sun and contemplate life. As mentioned before, those who love adventures and new activities might attempt to learn to surf here. You will probably want to check out the shopping and fine dining near the beach as well since this is a special part of the coast.


If you're visiting Pisa on a budget, beaches are some of the best things you can do to save money and still enjoy the beautiful scenery and a little relaxation. For those with some extra time in the area, consider embarking on an exciting weekend trip from Pisa to mix things up a bit. There is no shortage of great things to do in this part of the world, and you don't want to miss out on any of them.

From wild, windy beaches to fancy beaches that attract celebrities, the unique beach experiences to have near Pisa are seemingly endless. You will not have any trouble finding a place to swim, and you can work on your tan in peace and quiet as well. Be prepared to pay to access some of the more famous beaches on this list, but rest assured that these locations are well worth the money.

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