6 beaches near Prague: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Prague

Prague is on many people's bucket lists, and there are lots of reasons that you could head to this lovely part of the world. You might want to see sights of interest, head to a museum or two, or dine at fancy restaurants with a view. All of these things can be done in Prague, but did you know that you could also plan a lovely beach day during your trip to Prague? There are many sandy beaches near Prague that can be enjoyed during your trip, and this can be an ideal way to add some peace and quiet to your time here.

Before you choose between the various beaches in Prague, you will need to consider what to do about your luggage. Bounce can keep your bags safe while you enjoy the various beaches near Prague. Being able to enjoy your time playing beach volleyball or lounging in the sand is easy when you have your hands free.

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Lake Lhota near Prague

Lake Lhota

This lake is not huge, and there is a small fee to enter, but it is often a quiet beach area. The water is shallow, and you can have fun lounging in the sun, walking along the grassy beach, or hanging out in the trees and having a picnic. While not the same kind of experience as the artificial beaches in Prague, this is still a nice place to head for swimming and fun in the sun.

Lake Lhota travel distance from Prague

This beach is about a 40 minutes drive from Prague, or you can ride the train, which takes about an hour and a half.

Activity recommendations

Make sure that you bring your own towels or chairs to use to get comfortable here. The beach is pretty small, and you will not be able to rent sports items or chairs here. While there is not much in the way of soft sand here, there are many places to walk along the water and plenty of spots in the shade to relax and get comfortable.

Smichov Beach near Prague

Smichov Beach

This is an imported sand beach that has been created along a huge swimming lake. This is one of the best places to head for a relaxing environment that is ideal for all ages. You can count on various activities as well as comfortable places to sit in the sun and read a book here. The Vltava River is beautiful in this area, and the soft, white, imported sand will make you feel like you have been transported to another place.

There are so many beaches around Prague, but most of them do not offer the kind of beauty and comfort that this artificial beach can lend to your day. From food tents with snacks and drinks to places to get in out of the summer heat and sit in the shade, there is something for everyone here along the Vltava River.

Smichov Beach travel distance from Prague

You can hop on the train at the Prague Main Railway Station to get here. The train will get you here to Smichov Beach in four minutes, or you can drive, which takes about 10 minutes.

Activity recommendations

The Smichov Beach area has been built specifically for recreation, and since it is not a natural beach, it is easy to find a place to settle in the sand and enjoy the quiet beach. There is room for 500 people to enjoy the sand here, but it is almost never that busy. You will enjoy access to beach sports facilities here as well as places to rent chairs and umbrellas. You can also find opportunities for live concerts and dance parties later in the evening.

If you love having adult fun, there are restaurants and bars close by Smichov Beach, and you can play games in the sand and the water with your friends and family. There is also a children's play area for the little ones if you are traveling with kids. Smichov Beach offers something for everyone, and it is clear why this is one of the most impressive beaches in Prague.

City beaches near Prague

Hostivar Nudist Beach

This is one of the older nudist beach locations in the Prague area, and this is one of the most well-known beaches in Prague. Hostivař Forest Park is beautiful, and you can walk in the park and hike, as well as visit the nudist beach. There are some beach sports facilities here as well and limited amenities to take advantage of. There are limited beach equipment rentals on this side of the beach as well, so you can choose to engage in water sports in the nude if you wish. On the other side of the beach, nudity is not allowed, but there are more rental options for those looking for these kinds of activities.

Hostivar Nudist Beach travel distance from Prague

You can get here in a car in about a half hour, or you can ride the train for an hour to arrive at this location.

Activity recommendations

If you have ever wanted to paddleboard naked or sunbathe in the nude, this is the place for you! Of all the beaches in Prague, this is one of the nicest for soft sand and for sports facilities. You are not required to bathe in the nude here, and you can enjoy all of the same activities as the other beaches in Prague with clothes on if you wish.

There is a burger bar and a place to get cocktails here, and you can rent umbrellas and chairs to make your beach spot a little more comfortable. There is something really fun about heading to a place that is so famous, and even if you are not interested in enjoying the beach au natural, you can still have a great time here.

Beach parks near Prague

Hostivarska Prehrada

There are two sandy beaches here, and you can pick and choose between them to find that perfect spot to sunbathe or for playing games. There are children's play area locations scattered around the edges of the beach, and you will be able to enjoy peace and quiet, as well as access to Hostivař Forest Park. The nudist beach is on one side of the park here, but the regular beach offers most of the activities and rental choices. There are also interesting food stalls on the side of the beach that does not allow nudity.

Hostivarska Prehrada travel distance from Prague

Activity recommendations

The nudist beach is just one part of the beach offerings here. There is another side among the two sandy beaches, which is not intended for nude bathing. This makes it really easy to head here with your family and avoid the naked beach area if you are not interested in this kind of experience. The sports facilities alone make this beach area really attractive for those traveling with kids or in a large group.

This is one of the best beaches in Prague for access to a wide array of amenities as well, and you can shower, buy food and drinks, or cool off in the shade here with ease. There are also places for boat rentals if you want to try your hand at this activity. River beaches in Prague are really special compared to this kind of beach in other parts of the world.

Best beaches near Prague

Zlute Lazne

For those who love beachside amenities and things like beach volleyball courts, this is the best of the beaches in Prague to visit. Come here for all kinds of activities from beach sports to water sports and bars and drink vendors. You can bring a group of all ages here and find something for everyone to do and enjoy. There is even a dance floor if you want to host a party and dance to some music!

Zlute Lazne travel distance from Prague

This beach might be within walking distance from your hotel, or you can drive in about ten minutes to get here. The train will take about a half hour to drop you off here.

Activity recommendations

This beach is right in the heart of the city, making it a great place to have tons of fun without having to travel a long distance. There are many beach volleyball courts here, as well as places to get a cocktail, a snack, or even to go shopping right by the water and the beach itself. You can hire a boat here and enjoy some time on a tour of the area, or you might want to rent paddleboards or kayaks and adventure out into the water yourself.

There are children's play area locations to use here, and you can rent roller skates and have a great time zooming around the recreational area. The grassy beach spots are also great for sitting in the shade and cooling off if you get too warm. This is the kind of beach area that people think of visiting as soon as they get off the plane at Prague Airport, and this could be your first stop as soon as you land.

Prague's best beaches

Koupaliste Seberak

This lakeside beach offers the best of every available option for activities. This is one of the beaches in Prague that is set up for barbecues, picnic areas, and there is even a dance floor. You can head here to enjoy all kinds of activities like boat rentals, swimming, and playing in the sand.

Koupaliste Seberak travel distance from Prague

This beach area is about 15 minutes away by car or about 40 minutes away by train.

Activity recommendations

There are wooden benches surrounding campfires here by the water, and this free beach area offers you access to beach equipment for rent, as well as food tents and places to get drinks. You can easily go swimming in the calm waters, or you might want to rent a boat and be given a tour of the lake and its surrounding areas.

There is so much to do and see here despite this being a free beach area. You really can't go wrong here, no matter what the ages of your traveling party might be. Kids can get out of the summer heat by splashing in the shallows here, and if you love paddleboarding or kayaking, you will be able to do these activities with ease at this lake location as well. While this is a slightly different experience than the artificial beaches in Prague, you will find that this spot is cozy, comfortable, and much less busy, even during the peak part of the summer.


If you need to travel on a budget, our guide to saving money while traveling in Prague can be a big help for your travel planning. You might also want to check out our suggestions for weekend getaways from Prague. There are so many ways that you can enjoy Prague without breaking the bank. Having some extra time to enjoy the sandy beaches near the city or head out to see other areas that are close by can make your trip even more special and memorable than it would be otherwise.

From paid furnished beach locations to interesting food stalls and boat rentals, there are so many things to see and do at the beaches near Prague. You will have so much more fun at these locations than at the swimming pool at your hotel, and you should make sure that you consider these beach spots for a day of fun and relaxation during your trip.

You might not have thought about playing beach volleyball while you visited Prague. You also might not have known that you could visit a variety of natural and artificial beaches in the city. You have so many options for a day of fun in the sun when you choose to head to Prague for a trip, and this guide can be a big help to make this part of your travel plans easy to nail down.

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