6 romantic restaurants in San Francisco for the best date night

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Romantic restaurants in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the most amazing places to head for a date night or even a much longer trip, and you will find romantic restaurants around nearly every corner here. San Francisco is generally a very romantic city, with the Pacific Ocean, sweeping views from its many hills, sandy beaches, and lovely city parks ideal for a stroll.

When it comes to the actual food, this is a place where you can enjoy dining room locations, outdoor seating, and some of the best views in the area. Some of the most romantic restaurants in San Francisco are near the water, but even the spots away from the water's edge can give you access to iconic views and famous menu items.

Other than American, the cuisine in San Francisco generally tends toward Asian, but this cosmopolitan city probably has every type of world food you can think of available somewhere. Everything from modern Cantonese food and Greek food to Japanese cuisine and steakhouses are scattered across the city.

Choosing your romantic date night restaurant location carefully can also allow you to have a romantic evening with a view of the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, or Fisherman's Wharf. There is no shortage of beautiful scenery and delightful neighborhoods to visit in this city. Be sure to consider whether you want to stay in a place like Union Square for your evening out or head down to the waterfront and check out the many seafood-forward restaurants. And in most places you go in the city, you'll find sushi restaurant after sushi restaurant dotting the landscape.

No matter which place you choose for your dining experience in San Francisco, you will want to be sure that you put your bags into secure storage with Bounce. Being free to enjoy your date night without tripping over your luggage is important. Plus, San Francisco is full of steep hills, and it's hard just walking without considering luggage. Let us keep your bags safe while you enjoy these famous date night restaurants in San Francisco.

Date night locations in San Francisco

Café Jacqueline

This delightful French restaurant only just reopened after the original owner fell ill and couldn't run the restaurant anymore. This little North Beach location is as classic as they come, and you can enjoy indoor or outdoor seating as well as the most wonderful wine pairings with every course. Chef Jacqueline Margulis is a renowned talent in the San Francisco area, and the soufflé on the menu here is absolutely phenomenal.

The dining process here is slow and leisurely, and you can count on being here for a few hours. This is part of what makes eating at Café Jacqueline so memorable, but do be sure that you have time for this kind of dining experience. After all, you should never be in a rush when you are enjoying a romantic meal, and the Café Jacqueline experience is made to offer you a chance to slow down and enjoy the moment.

Our recommendation

The handmade soufflés, available in both sweet and savory options, are the highlight of the menu here, but the starters are also really delicious. You will also have access to a full list of wines, and the staff is more than happy to make recommendations. This is a real French restaurant, and you will feel transported to Paris when you sit for your meal.


1454 Grant Ave

San Francisco, CA 94133

(415) 981-5565

Price level


Penny Roma in San Francisco

Penny Roma

This lovely Italian dining room location is great for a romantic evening. The atmosphere is lovely here, and the staff knows how to offer good service. You can dine on Italian classics and fusion dishes at Penny Roma and select your ideal vino from an extensive wine list. The roof over the dining room here is retractable, making summer dining extra special here. Plants are scattered all over to give the space an outdoorsy yet private feeling.

This location really feels like a supper party spot, and the chefs are usually on-site and circulating among the tables on and off to see how everyone is enjoying their meal. The dining room is small but cozy, and you will love the welcoming and fun vibe here.

Our recommendation

Be sure to get a reservation if you dine here because things fill up quickly. You will also want to gravitate toward the rustic dining options since most places do not offer this kind of Italian fare.


3000 20th Street
San Francisco CA, 94110

(415) 826-7004

Price level


Best date night spots in San Francisco

Foreign Cinema

For a dining room that offers dinner and a movie, Foreign Cinema is the right place to visit. This is a classic and contemporary movie location with an outdoor seating area where you can have an al fresco dining experience. The heat lamps keep things warm when it is chilly out, and you will love the cheerful patio lighting that makes this feel like an intimate space where you are enjoying your own foreign movie.

The menu here is a bit zany and really fun, so you can count on things that you would never have thought to try being on the menu alongside classics like the oyster platter and other California cuisine. There are also vegan and vegetarian offerings for those with this need or preference. The foreign cinema that is shown in the background makes the whole experience special and lively, even if you choose to just have a drink and dessert.

Our recommendation

The organic pop tarts are really popular for dessert, and you should consider getting a lot of sharing-size plates or appetizers and nibbling on them throughout the movie. The venue is mellow and interesting, making it easy to linger and have a few drinks while you cozy up with your date. Few places in the world offer this kind of unique space, and you will love seeing a movie at Foreign Cinema while you enjoy a romantic meal.


2534 Mission Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 648-7600

Price level


San Francisco's most romantic restaurants

Chapeau Bistro

This is a truly special French restaurant; there are so many things to love about coming here. The location is quaint, and the fact that it is in the Richmond District is an added perk to choosing this restaurant. You can order a la carte or enjoy the Prix Fixe Menu, which offers a three-course meal curated for the low price of $68. This is definitely the right way to enjoy a romantic dinner here, and you will also love the wine pairings offered with each course. Unfortunately, there's an extra charge for that.

There are numerous champagnes on the menu here as well, and you might see the chef come by to say hello when champagne is brought to your table. This is a lovely place to have a meal and a location that will make lots of memories for anyone trying to plan a romantic evening.

Our recommendation

Make a reservation for your meal at this location and order the Prix Fixe Menu if you want the full experience. The design of the multiple courses of the Prix Fixe Menu is where the charm of this location really shines the most, and you will not regret this splurge.

French dining is slow, so be sure that you have time set aside to make the most of your romantic dining experience at Chapeau. You don't want to be in a rush, and the service here is always leisurely and friendly, which can make for a really great date night with tons of atmosphere.


126 Clement Street

San Francisco, CA 94118

 (415) 750-9787

Price level


Zuni Café

Located right in the heart of the city on Market Street, this iconic local legend is a great place to head for a romantic meal. You can enjoy their famous warm bread salad here, and you will want to make sure to grab a bottle of Chardonnay to go with it. The menu is variable, and there are always lovely seasonal dishes on offer alongside classic food choices that are staples for this kind of restaurant.

This location is delightful because they also offer some really fun, shareable plates like shoestring fries and large appetizer platters. You will even find that the chicken-themed décor somehow feels upscale and special, as crazy as that sounds.

Our recommendation

The warm bread salad is always a big hit, but if you like traditional salads, their Ceasar salad is famous locally. The roast chicken is also a staple of the menu here, and it is a common thing to order for those looking to have a robust meal with a really great wine pairing. Make sure to get a reservation because they are quite well-known, and the tables are almost always all spoken for if you don't plan in advance. The outdoor seating is also really nice, and you might want to inquire about being placed outside, depending on availability.


1658 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 552-2522

Price level


Romantic views of Sausalito near San Francisco

Sula Lounge

While not technically in San Francisco, this location in Sausalito offers you views of the Golden Gate Bridge that are worth the ferry ride. Plus, being on a boat is definitely romantic. This is the best way to get to see the iconic bridge while dining, and this location is well worth the trip. This is a sophisticated location that doesn't seem too high-brow, and you can enjoy cocktails, delicious food, and good service here.

The seafood at Sula Lounge is always fresh and tasty, but there are other fusion dishes and really nice starters to try as well. The menu consists of a lot of seafood, but you will not go hungry if this isn't your favorite kind of food. The dessert list is also quite good, and the wine list is long and offers lots of excellent reds and sparkling wines.

Our recommendation

Be sure to get a reservation if you want to dine here, and also be sure to leave time to get across to Sausalito. There can be a lot of traffic in this part of the city during peak times, so you will want to make sure to build some cushion into your plans for the evening. You should also make ferry reservations in advance to secure your spot.


601 Murray Circle, Fort Baker

Sausalito, California 94965

(888) 651-2003

Price level


San Francisco's best date night restaurants


If you were looking for something a little different for your romantic evening in San Francisco, there are lots of other kinds of dining to enjoy, as well as these traditional offerings. And remember, with such amazing views all over the city, San Francisco's rooftop bars are a great way to end your date night with the city lit up around you.

In a city known for its food, San Francisco is also home to fantastic street food and other casual dining options that can offset the expense of trying one of these higher-end romantic restaurants. Besides, not every date night needs to be fancy, right?

If you do need to cross over the Bay Bridge or the Golden Gate Bridge or take a ferry to get to your restaurant of choice, do allow some time for the commute. This is a busy and populous city, and there are many times when traffic can add a lot of time to your drive. Plan ahead and also drop your bags off at a luggage storage service to make the most of your time in San Fran.

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