The 8 Best Hikes In Stockholm

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Swedes like to live an active, healthy lifestyle and spend time outdoors breathing in the fresh air. Hiking through the dense forests that are just beyond Stockholm is a favorite activity for locals and visitors. Hiking trails that wind throughout the countryside are available for all experience levels and you can stroll along for an hour or so or spend a few days hiking and communing with nature.

Grab your friends and make a weekend of checking out the best hikes in Stockholm. Have the kids along? This is a wonderful activity for children. Tackle some of the smaller, easier trails while teaching your kids about the flora and fauna around them. You may want to strike out on your own for a peaceful hike where you can clear your mind and open your senses.

Before hitting the trail, leave any extra bags at a Stockholm luggage storage locker for safekeeping. Make a map and a plan so you know exactly where you are going to hike and for how long. Bring along a supply pack with water, a first aid kit, snacks, and any other small necessities you may need.

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Our Top Hiking Trail Picks in Stockholm

There are a number of hiking trails in and around Stockholm that you can explore. Here are just a sampling of some of the amazing places and trails you can spend time checking out. Each one is fantastic in its own special way.


There are 118 miles of hiking trails that run along the Baltic Coast making it one of the most visited spots for hiking near Stockholm. Roslagsleden is actually split into 11 different sections, each one with spectacular things to see.

It is easy to get there from Stockholm City Centre, just hop on Line 14 of the T-Centralen in downtown Stockholm and then hop off at Morby Centrum. You then just have a short 15-minute walk to Danderyd Church where you can find the trail. The trail is easy to find, it is marked with orange on trees and other markers. The trail in its entirety passes through Domarudden, Norrtalje, Roslagsbro, and Grisslehamn.

You can hike for an hour, the entire day, or plan on spending the night at one of the campsites. There are also B&Bs and hotels along the way if you want to pass the night in comfort after a long day of hiking. As you make your way along the trail, you will see historic churches, Viking rune stones, ancient castles, and even crystal-clear lakes.

If you can only see certain sections of Roslagsleden, there are three sections you absolutely do not want to miss. Angarnssjoangen in section two is one of the best places for birdwatching. Wira Bruk in sections five and six is filled with historical red cottages and ancient churches. Section 11 is home to the studio of Swedish author and artist, Albert Engstrom and it overlooks the Sea of Aland.


The Nacka Nature Reserve or Nackareservatet is only about 30 minutes from Stockholm’s City Centre and is one of the 12 nature reserves located on the island of Nacka. From Stockholm Central Station the T-Bana 17 to Bagarmossen takes you to within just a few minutes of the reserve.

Hikers of all abilities can enjoy several of the trails. From beginners to advanced hikers, everyone can enjoy time in Nackareseratet. Birdwatchers love to meander through the reserve trying to locate as many birds as possible. There are also several lakes throughout the area where you can go swimming.

Stockholm Adventures is available to take you on a guided hike or you can ask for information on a self-guided hike. With the nature reserve being so close to the city, you would expect to see and hear hustle and bustle, but all is calm and quiet while you are out on the trail.

Tyresta National Park

This is another fantastic set of hiking trails that are only 40 minutes from downtown Stockholm. This national park is one of the best treasures of Sweden. It is easy to get to the park, just take the 807 or 809 bus from the Gullmarsplan station or the 834 bus from the Haninge station into Tyresta.

The Tyresta National Park is one of the biggest forests in Sweden. The virgin forest has not been touched and in 1993 it was made into a national park. Bring along a picnic and make a day of spending time in the fresh air.

There are several trails for every skill level to choose from. The Barnvagnsslingan loop is only 3 miles and is an easy hike that takes you around Bylsjon Lake. You can even take a sturdy stroller along the Barnvagnsslingan loop.

When looking for a challenge, follow the orange trail markers and step into a section of the Sormlandsleden trail. This section is about eight miles and will take you about five hours to complete. The rough terrain gives you a workout but is so rewarding when you complete it. Bring along a pack with plenty of water, snacks, and a first aid kit.

In Tyresta there is a café for refreshments and a farm shop that is very interesting. Several of the buildings in the city are from the 18th and 19th centuries. The Naturum is also something you do not want to miss. It is a building that is in the shape of the map of Sweden and is made mostly with eco-friendly and natural materials.

Brunnsviken Lake

One of the best family-friendly hiking trails in Stockholm is the Brunnsviken Lake trail which is seven miles around the lake. The trail is flat and filled with interesting things to grab the attention of most children. Pack a picnic and enjoy a sunny afternoon playing along the shore of the lake and stretching your legs.

Take the T-Bana 14 into Universitetet and then it is just a short walk to Brunnsviken Lake. Within just a short distance you will find a butterfly house, the Bergius Botanic Garden, and the Swedish Museum of Natural History (one of Stockholm's terrific museums). You will also want to see the ornate pavilion that belonged to King Gustav III. Before heading back to Stockholm, stop at Kafé Sjostugan for one of their legendary cinnamon rolls.

Norra Jarvafaltet

Just to the north of Stockholm is Norra Jarvafaltet which is home to four nature reserves and covers over 4,700 acres of meadows, lakes, and forests. You can hop on the T-Bana Line 11 into Akalla where you can walk to Hansta and join one of the trails there or take the 567 bus into Saby Gard where you will be able to join several trails that meander through the nature reserves.

Several of the trails will take you past Bronze Age ruins including burial mounds and forts. If you are a birdwatcher, head over to Getholmen Island to visit the bird sanctuary. Remember the sanctuary is closed from April to June.


This trail was touched on briefly at Tyresta National Park where a section can be accessed, but Sormlandsleden is one of the longest trails not just in Sweden but all of Scandinavia. With over 621 miles to cover, very few people actually hike the entire trail when visiting Stockholm.

The trailhead is very close to the City Centre and is easy to find, just take the T-Centralen subway Line 17 to the Bjorkhagen station. Then walk to the trail which is divided into more than 100 hiking trails. Hikers of all skill levels can pick and choose which one they want to tackle. Trails range from one mile to 11 miles in length.

One of the trails takes you past Skottvang, an old mining area. You will make your way along paths that follow coastlines, beside breathtaking lakes, and through meadows filled with wildflowers. You may even see a roe deer or moose or maybe an eagle or two soaring high.

Sormlandsleden will take you through several towns if you are planning on hiking several of the longer sections. You could visit Oxelosund, Eskilstuna, Nynashamn, Nykoping, Sodertalje, and Trosa while hiking along the Sormlandsleden.


The Uppland Trail is one of the best hiking trails near Stockholm and there are sleeping cabins, rest areas, and firepits along the way for those wanting to stay overnight on the trail. The sleeping cabins are free and are first-come, first-served.

The trail is for intermediate hikers and is divided into several sections ranging from a 3-mile hike to a 19-mile hike. Hike past wetlands, through ancient forests, and along rocky beaches. The four-mile hike at Lanna is a great trail when looking for a fun day trip or the five-mile trail at Sunnerstaasen will take you through the forest and is another fabulous day trip.

There are 14 loop trails in Upplandsleden for those looking for a quick hike that is still somewhat challenging. If you are feeling ambitious, you can plan to hike the 310 miles from Malardalen bay to the Dalalven archipelago, but that will take you several weeks to complete.  

One of the more popular trails is Kolarmoraan in section nine where you can canoe down the river if you want a change from hiking. Another popular trail is Farnebofjarden National Park in sections 18-20 which is filled with small islands and sandy shores. Both places are good for birdwatching or searching out local wildlife.


A fascinating collection of hiking trails that wind through a few islands located on Lake Malaren. The Malaroarna hiking trails are wonderful fun for all skill levels and a good way to get out and enjoy nature while staying in Stockholm.

The Lovo hiking trail meanders through the Lovo Nature Reserve, along beaches and through forests. This trail is about 11 miles and leads you right past Drottningholm Palace. The Adelso hiking trail is 9.9 miles long and will take you past ancient tombs and a lookout tower you can climb up to see breathtaking views of Lake Malaren.

Then the Ekero-Munso hiking trail takes you along an 11-mile journey leading into Skytteholm where a golf club and hotel await. The second part of the Ekero-Munso trail is nine miles long and has several places to dive into the cool, clear water to cool off and swim.

Easy Hikes in Stockholm

There are several easy hikes for beginners or those just looking for a nice stroll through a nature reserve. Try Malarolederna, Upplandsleden and Tyresta National Park. The trails are not always marked with their skill levels but you can always check the AllTrails app or check with the visitors’ office for more details.

Intermediate Hikes in Stockholm

Whether you are traipsing through national parks or challenging yourself with a coastal hike, you will find plenty to keep you busy in the great outdoors. Grab your pack, lace up your hiking boots, and hit some of these recommended trails. Tyresta National Park, Roslagsleden and Upplandsleden are ideal for moderate to heavy exercise. Afterward, reward your group with brunch in Stockholm!

Difficult Hikes in Stockholm

Experienced hikers will find plenty of trails in and around Stockholm to challenge them. Through nature reserves and national parks, the sheer beauty of the outdoors will take your breath away. Check out sensational difficult hikes such as Roslagsleden, Sormlandsleden and Malarolederna.

Stockholm Hiking Trails

With so many fabulous hiking trails in Stockholm, you will find plenty to keep you moving. Through pine trees and along the Baltic Sea, trail passes will leave you in awe. Sweden's Baltic Coast is one of the most awesome places to hike, from easy trails to more challenging trails for experienced hikers, Stockholm is the place to trek!

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