15 Things To Do In Stockholm With Kids

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Visiting Stockholm with kids can be both challenging and fun. It’s daunting because you have to find ways to keep them entertained and ensure that they’re enjoying their time as much as you do. Even if you live here or want to make the most of the school holidays, you’ll want to give them new experiences to treasure for a long time.

The good news is that Sweden’s capital is an extremely family-friendly city. There are plenty of fun things to do in Stockholm with kids and loads of family adventures to keep your little ones busy and amused. You can play mini golf together, swim in outdoor pools in the summer, ride roller coasters, or visit the zoo to see Nordic animals. If you’re traveling with older kids, they will marvel at the science museums, historical buildings, and art galleries around Stockholm city and discover the unique Swedish history.

And be sure to take them to Stockholm Central Station to see the subway and trains. It's the best place to start your day trip from Stockholm if you have one planned.

It's one of the most welcoming places in Sweden you’ll fall in love with, no matter how many times you come here. Besides its loads of exciting attractions, it also has a reliable public transport system, so it’s easy to get around. Just drop off your bags at a luggage storage facility in Stockholm, and you can explore the city centre and beyond with your kids without much trouble.

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Get Lost in the Fairytale World at Junibacken

Junibacken is a one-of-a-kind museum in Stockholm that gives your kids plenty of activities to do, from dressing up and meeting the characters from Lindgren’s books to riding the story train and more. You'll get lost in the fairy tales you'll read in children's books. It's the perfect way to introduce your kids to museums!

There's also no better place for weekend bonding with the entire family than being inside Sweden's largest Moomin playground. Here, you can let your kids play in the giant snail and ride the slide from the six-meter tall playhouse.

If you need to refuel, you and your little ones can take a break at the restaurant and order some traditional homemade food. This fun park is located at Djurgården, by the water behind the Nordic Museum, a short walk from the Vasa Museum.

Discover History and See Animals at Skansen Open-air Museum

Skansen is an excellent choice when planning to visit Stockholm with your family. It’s the world's oldest open-air museum that highlights the country’s history and farming culture from every part of Sweden. It’s the enchanting place where history meets the present day and where craftsmanship lives on. Treat your children to a trip down memory lane and let them find out how their ancestors lived.

Younger kids will love the playgrounds and the Children’s Zoo, home to different small animals and play areas. They can see the animals, go on rides, and play with old-fashioned toys. The zoo also features a classroom equipped with interactive teaching materials.

Enjoy the Thrilling Rides at Gröna Lund

Going to an amusement park is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Stockholm with kids. Located on the western shore of Djurgården island, Gröna Lund is the country’s oldest amusement park, founded in 1883. It is filled with adventures, rides, and other attractions densely packed in an area that’s less than five hectares.

Gröna Lund takes pride in its authentic fair atmosphere in a gorgeous location with a panoramic view of the city. Besides the rides, it also has small snack and candy stands, restaurants, lottery stalls, and plenty of games.

Enjoy a Walking Tour at Gamla Stan

You might find yourself stuck and don’t know how to please your older kids after having done various fun activities in the city. In that case, head to Gamla stan or the Old Town, which is Stockholm’s oldest area. It is home to numerous historical sights, including the Museum of Medieval Stockholm, the Royal Palace, the National Swedish Opera House, and more. You don’t have to visit those buildings, but simply take the time to enjoy a leisurely walk around the cobblestone streets and discover what the area has to offer.

Stop at Stortorget, Stockholm’s Grand Square, and buy a traditional Swedish sausage at one of the hot dog stands in the square. It’s a fascinating way to get acquainted with beautiful Stockholm and get a different insight into its culture and history. If you are not sure where to stay in Stockholm, Gamla Stan is a neighborhood to consider.

Explore the Salvaged Ship at Vasa Museum

No matter your age, anyone will be fascinated with ships, which is why Vasa Museum is one of the best free things to do in Stockholm with kids. Sure, you’ll have to pay an entrance fee, but it’s free entry for children and young adults up to 18 years old. It’s a highly visited museum in the Scandinavian region, featuring a well-preserved war ship from 1628 that sank on its maiden voyage. There's also a garden that displays the herbs and flowers during the Swedish warship's reign.

The story of King of Sweden Gustavus Adolphus' ship would be a great story to share with your young ones. If you need a break between your adventures, visit the Vasa Museum Restaurant to satisfy your hungry stomach and recharge your energy.

Learn about Royal Life at the Royal Armoury

Located in the Old Town at the Royal Palace, the official residence of the Swedish monarch in Stockholm, The Royal Armoury features glittering carriages and magnificent costumes from the country’s royal history. It's Sweden's oldest museum, which displays weapons and ceremonial equipment that tell stories of royal weddings, coronations, and funerals.

Head to the children’s room, and you’ll enter an enchanted world filled with activities and games. You can try on knight costumes and dresses, draw, and play. But the best part about visiting this museum is that it allows you to enjoy history, arts, and culture for free.

Play Classic Toys at the Stockholm Toy Museum

Balancing fun and learning could be difficult when bringing kids to a museum. If you're struggling with this, then bring your children over to the Stockholm Toy Museum. At the heart of Skeppsholmen, Stockholm, you'll find Northern Europe's most extensive collection of toys and comics.

This Toy Museum is a perfect meeting place for kids and kids at heart. Adults will be captivated by the antique toys from as way back as 15th-century times. Grandmas and grandpas will also have nostalgia as they find many of their favorite toys from their youth.

The National Museum of Science and Technology

The largest museum of technology in Sweden offers some of the best things to do in Stockholm with kids. It has over 10,000 square meters of coverage and receives an average of over 350,000 visitors each year. With things like 100 Innovations and Mega Mind on display, you and your little ones will be blown away by everything science and technology.

One of the main attractions of Tekniska is Zero City. Here, adults and kids can come together to plan a fossil-free and climate-friendly city of tomorrow. Over 800 audio tapes, 400 films, and 700 video cassettes comprise the National Museum of Science and Technology's collection.

Take Photos inside the Milajki Style FactOH!Ry

Have you ever heard of a selfie museum? You and your kids will have a unique experience inside Milajki Style FactOH!Ry. It’s the first pop-up selfie museum in the country, with a plethora of playful activities you’ll enjoy within the bright colors and photo-friendly settings.

Every day starting 10 am to 8 pm, let your kids explore the creative environments of the selfie museum. Get inside photo booths that come in various themes like freakshows, unicorns, and disco wave mermaids. The irresistible and unforgettable world of Milajki Style FactOH!Ry is waiting for you at Space, Sergelgatan 2.

Travel to the past at Spårvägsmuséet

After a five-year hiatus, the popular children's museum Spårvägsmuseet, or The Transport Museum, is reopening its doors. The museum will be celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, so expect some mind-blowing adventures. Bring your kids to see objects and activities that illustrate the role of public transport and how it has changed people’s lives for over a century and a half.

Spårvägsmuseet is open every Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm. If you're a member of any museum association, this place is one of the free things to do in Stockholm with kids. It welcomes educational tours so kids can see nearly 70 vehicles, 20,000 drawings, and 10,000 other objects inside the museum. The museum is located in the Gasworks District in Norra Djurgårdsstaden.

Take them Outdoors at Äventyrsbanan Stockholm

It’s time to challenge your entire family at an adventure park in Stockholm. Situated in Älta at the south of Nacka's spectacular nature reserve, Äventyrsbanan offers challenging rope courses in an unbeatable setting. It’s ideal for adults and is undoubtedly one of the best things to do in Stockholm with kids, especially if you want them to be more physically active.

Besides the rope courses, it also features one of the longest and fastest ziplines in Stockholm, perfect for the family. It gives everyone an inner challenge, tons of fresh air, and a sense of accomplishment once the courses are completed.

Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities

Another museum housed inside the Stockholm Royal Palace is Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities. Countless attractions depict the decorated life of the former Swedish king inside this museum. From stone galleries to classical paintings, there's a great display of antiquities displayed inside Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities.

Over 200 sculptures will help the kids travel back in time. Two stone galleries with a marvelous view over the Logården or "Shot Yard will welcome the entire family to the exhibition hall. Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities, one of Europe's oldest museums, is open from May to September every year.

See Priceless Treasures at The Treasury

Introduce the kids to the most priceless objects in Swedish history inside The Treasury. Inside The Treasury, one of Stockholm Palace's museums is the home of The Regalia. Presented to the King or Queen during the coronation, The Regalia was made in 1650 by Jürgen Dargema.

The oldest object preserved inside the inner sanctuary of The Treasury is the two swords of state belonging to Gustav Vasa. Strolling inside The Sanctuary will feel like a literal treasure hunt adventure to kids. The Treasury is open every day from 10 am to 5 pm.

Visit the Museum Tre Kronor

The remains of a 13th-century defensive wall and other artifacts are waiting for kids and adults alike inside Museum Tre Kronor or Museum Three Crowns. The wooden blockade built by the Vikings in the 900s is one of the most popular features of this interactive museum. Actual objects and models rescued from the fire of 1697 in the original Tre Kronor Palace in Stockholm are also displayed.

Museum Tre Kronor is located on the ground floor of the Royal Palace's northern wing. Your tickets to the Royal Apartments also give you access to Museum Three Crowns. Operation hours are 10 am to 5 pm daily.

Marvel at the Nobel Prize Museum

Inspire the kids with the milestone and achievements of famous personalities inside the Nobel Prize Museum. The Nobel Prize Museum aims to spread knowledge on natural sciences and culture, especially among children. It is situated in the former Stock Exchange Building, presenting information about the Nobel Prize, including its founder Alfred Nobel, and all the winners of the most coveted prize in the world.

Found inside the Nobel Prize Museum are inspiration initiatives, educational resources, and games. Educational tours are always welcome. Through the museum's collaboration with schools, they can help develop kids' creativity.

Visiting Stockholm With Kids

There’s no shortage of fun things to do in Stockholm with kids, no matter which part of the city you explore or what time of the year you visit. While some main attractions are specifically aimed at young ones, others are designed to ensure that the entire family, including the kids and the kids at heart, are entertained. If you’ve been to Stockholm and are running out of places to see and take your little kids, don’t despair, as this children-friendly city has got you covered.

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