The Best Time to Visit Turin 2024: The Ultimate Guide

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Turin is the largest and capital city of Piedmont, a region in northern Italy, and is a destination that constantly welcomes tourists from all over the world. This historic city is known for its collection of world-famous museums, magnificent royal palaces, grand Baroque architecture and an impressive dining and coffee culture, to name a few.

Although the city is underrated and is often overshadowed by the neighboring city of Milan, more and more people are starting to discover the beauty of Turin. In recent years, tourism here has grown as millions of travelers visit the city every year. The best part is that Turin is a year-round destination, offering activities and attractions for all seasons.

Are you planning to visit the Piedmontese capital soon? If so, one of the significant factors you have to consider is the weather in Turin. Unlike in other destinations, Turin weather is good just about all year long and each of the seasons is well-defined. Moreover, there are no fast, peak seasons throughout the year. and the decision on when to visit Turin is solely dependent on your preference.

Does your itinerary involve a lot of sightseeing? Or are you looking forward to the different festivals and events that take place throughout the year? Do you feel like visiting some of the outdoor parks in the city? Fans of hot weather activities will want to arrive in the summer and those who detest wet weather will choose the time of year with the least rain. These are some of the things you have to take into account when planning your trip to Turin.

To help you make your final plans, we've created this guide to look into each of the seasons in detail to determine when the best time to visit Turin is for you. If you are out and about and clear skies evade you, don't worry about carrying around items like shopping bags and extra gear. A Bounce luggage locker in Turin is just what you need to keep your belongings safe. Rain or shine, hot or cold, Bounce has your luggage storage needs covered!

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Summer in Turin: June – August

Similar to most cities in the world, summer is the warmest time of the year in Turin. In fact, summer in Turin is generally hot and humid, with average temperatures of 80 degrees F (26.5 degrees C), which means that you need to pack light clothing and bring sunscreen if you’re planning to visit during this season.

However, even though the city is part of Po Valley, its location above sea level and its proximity to the Alps, make the heat bearable compared to other parts of the country. There is also the occasional rain and thunderstorm during this season, particularly during the afternoon or at night.

Because of the warm climate, summer is the best time to check out the different city parks, such as the famous Parco del Valentino. Additionally, it is great for outdoor events; there are numerous outdoor concerts and festivals taking place during the summer months so it is best to do your research beforehand to know which ones you might like to attend.

Of course, no Turin trip would be complete without having some gelato and the summer weather is the perfect time to enjoy this sweet treat as a way to cool off. In case you need a break from the heat while still exploring the city, now would be the time to check out the various museums in the city, such as the Egyptian Museum or the National Cinema Museum.

June is a good time to visit because the climate is just starting to get hot at this point, with average temperatures of 79 degrees F (26 degrees C). During this month, there are plenty of cultural events happening. Enjoy the Festival delle Colline Torinesi and the Festa di San Giovanni.

Meanwhile, July is the hottest month of the year, with an average high of 85 degrees F (29 degrees C). One thing to remember is that some of Turin’s most popular music festivals are held in July, such as the Kappa Futur Festival, Sonic Park Stupigini and the Flowers Festival. If you’re a music fan, you may want to plan your trip in the summer so you can catch world-renowned acts on the stage.

August is a bit cooler than July, with average maximum temperatures of 82 degrees F (28 degrees C). This month is also very quiet in terms of tourism because most of the locals fly out of the city to go on holiday. Because of this, you can easily find some amazing deals on accommodation as well as cheap flights to Turin.

Fall in Turin: September – November

Fall in Turin is considered by some to be the best time to visit the city due to the pleasant weather. In this season, the temperatures begin to drop as the city starts to transition from hot to cold. During the fall, weather data shows the average temperature is around 73 degrees F (23 degrees C) during the daytime and falls to 53 degrees F (12 degrees C) as evening comes around. However, it is the wetter season and because of the unpredictability of rainfall, it is best to pack a waterproof jacket and umbrella on your trip.

September is regarded as one if not the best month to visit Turin, which also means that the “high season” rates start to apply to flight and accommodation prices. While the locals return to their day-to-day lives after their holiday break, the tourists start flocking in because of the excellent climate and the range of cultural events, exhibitions and festivals that are happening during this month. Some of the key events to look out for in September are MITO Settembre Musica, Torino Danza Festival and the Salone del Gusto.

October is another excellent month to visit Turin because the weather is still nice (not too warm and not too cold) and the city starts to look autumnal with the foliage changing colors. Additionally, if you are a foodie, this month is an ideal time to check out the city because it’s around this time when wine grapes are being harvested and fall truffles are freshly dug up. One major event worth checking out in October is the Turin Chocolate Festival (Cioccolatò), where you can discover, taste and buy a wide range of chocolate products.

By the time November comes around, the weather gets really cold and wet. The relative humidity will climb but it's still a great time to see the sights. At the same time, the prices start to drop as a way to encourage more tourists to visit the city despite the cooler climate. It is one of the wetter months of the year, with rainy days getting more and more frequent during the late afternoon or evening. Thus, this is the ideal time to explore the indoor attractions in the city, such as the museums, art galleries and film screenings. Some noteworthy events that are happening in November include the Torino Film Festival, the C2C Festival and the Luci d’Artista.

Winter in Turin: December – February

As expected, winter in Turin is the coldest time of the month, with average temperatures of 44 degrees F (7 degrees C) during the daytime and 28 degrees F (-2 degrees C) in the evenings. It is also the least rainy season but the sun shows up every once in a while. Also, it does not really snow much in Turin (snow falls at least once a year) but it can get really dark and cloudy, so outdoor activities are less popular but as we'll mention below, holiday time is lovely. Due to the cool weather, it is a must for you to pack warm clothing such as coats and windproof jackets as well as other gear that protects you from the cold.

Just like most cities in Europe, Turin turns into a Christmas village in the month of December. During this time, art installations pop up all over the city, particularly in the public squares and the streets. The Piazza Castello is also given the holiday treatment, with a massive Christmas tree put up in the square as early as December 1st. Numerous festive markets and ice skating rinks are also placed in various parts of Turin.

January is the coldest month of the year and is not ideal for those who don’t like cool climates. However, if you love to shop and get a bargain, this is the best time to come to Turin. As the winter season kicks off and the holiday celebrations start to die down, practically all shops in the city start to offer their “winter sales”, where you can shop for a range of items at heavily discounted prices.

February is when the weather starts to get warmer, but not by much. This is also considered Turin’s ski season when locals head out of the city to the nearby ski resorts and slopes in Piedmont. When in Turin during this month, you can take in the spirit of Carnival. During this time, children wear fancy costumes while clubs start hosting themed nights and costume parties. It is also a good time to visit the different museums and galleries around the city or enjoy a cup of bicerin to keep you warm.

Spring in Turin: March – May

Spring in Turin signals the coming of the warmer months and the sun starts to show up more often while the flowers start to come to life. For the months of spring, the average temperatures lie between 55 degrees F (13 degrees C) and 68 degrees F (20 degrees C). The climate alternates between mild and chilly and thunderstorms are likely, which is why having an umbrella and a waterproof jacket is a must.

During the month of March, the maximum temperature is around 55 degrees F (13 degrees C). As for monthly rainfall, you'll see an average of 6 days of total precipitation. What’s great about this month is that there are still smaller crowds around the city, which means you can take advantage of this and explore the first-class museums and lovely palaces around the city. Major events to look out for in March include the Giornate FAI di Primavera and the Biennale Democrazia.

The month of April boasts longer and warmer days, with average high temperatures of 66 degrees F (19 degrees C) and average lows of 50 degrees F (10 degrees C). During this time, there are also a lot of activities and celebrations happening all over the city. Being a predominantly-Catholic city, Settimana Santa (Holy Week), particularly Easter Sunday, is widely celebrated in Turin, with various concerts and events happening in churches.

Late spring sees warmer weather but the rainy days become more frequent, with May being the wettest month of the year. In fact, thunderstorms in the middle of the day are a common occurrence during this month. Despite this, however, the city still comes to life as most al fresco cafés and bars can now accommodate outside seating and start to come back to life. Numerous cultural events take place during this month, and one of the biggest is the Salone Internazionale del Libro (International Book Fair), which is the largest book trade fair in all of Italy.

When is the best time to visit Turin for you?

Even though Turin is a year-round destination, each season has its own pros and cons and each has something unique to offer. There are certain times of the year that you might find more in line with your interests and this is something that you have to take into account before booking a flight.

Do you want to attend a music festival in Turin? If so, then the summer months of June and July would be ideal for your trip. Would you like to visit the city when the weather is colder? If yes, the winter season is the best time to go. Maybe you are on a budget and want to get the best deals. If so, both August and November are months when accommodation and flight rates drop significantly. All in all, the perfect time to visit Turin is dependent on what you want to see and do. Turin, Italy is always a terrific place to visit.

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