Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Washington DC

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Shopping in Washington DC

Washington DC is a beautiful city full of history and things to do and see. This is one of the best shopping destinations in the United States to spend more than a few hours looking for the perfect souvenirs and items that you will love. There are so many unique places to shop in Washington DC, so you might need a few suggestions to help you find the right high-end stores or shopping malls to get that perfect item that you are looking for.

When you are ready to head out to go shopping in Washington DC, you might need to store your luggage safely. Dropping your luggage off at our services for luggage storage in Washington DC will free up your hands to look at things to buy, and you will not need to worry about fitting luggage with you into stores and narrow streets. If you have arrived via Dulles Airport or Union Station, you will want the peace of mind of your bags being in storage as you enjoy Washington DC.

Once your bags are stored, you can head out to enjoy all kinds of unique shopping experiences in this beautiful and fascinating city!

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Chinatown Washington DC

Downtown Washington DC

This is the right place in the city to head to if you want to have access to stores like Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, and other luxury brands. You will enjoy access to art galleries here as well, and the nation's capital will not let you down with regard to food and drink. Downtown is an area that has been experiencing a revival in an effort to keep people from heading out of the city to outlet malls and other designer brand stores.

You can enjoy everything from boutique shopping in Washington DC's downtown area to department stores and designer stores. There is something for everyone here in the downtown area of Washington DC, and you will be able to spend all day here if you wish.


There is a mix of local stores, trendy boutiques, and major outlets in this area of the city. This is a very interesting place to go shopping in Washington DC because you can stop in at Aveda and then eat some traditional noodles or other dishes right around the corner.

This is the right place to head to enjoy access to really good food, cultural shopping, and common brands. You will also find some antique shops here that can deliver interesting purchases for your needs. This is a well-rounded shopping area that has something for pretty much anyone to enjoy.

U Street NW

This is one of the hippest shopping centers in Washington DC, and you can come here for antique sellers, department store offerings, and access to really unique stores like Salt & Sundry. This is an area of the city that is great for getting some gelato or a beer or glass of wine.

You can enjoy everything from boutique shopping to really good meals in this part of the city, and you will not be sorry that you visited this area if you are looking for a unique experience with a really great vibe. This is a youthful and fun part of the city, and there is a lot to experience here.

Man shopping in Washington DC

Dupont Circle

Not only is this one of the best places to find street food in the city, but you can also enjoy a lot of enjoyable shopping opportunities here. This area offers a shopping mall feel and you will be close to lots of the other attractions in the city like the National Mall. You can come here to visit an Apple store, to get a locally made creation, or to shop for something designer like Kate Spade.

This is a really great area to swing into if you have been sightseeing in other Capitol Hill neighborhoods and want to take a break, get some food, and look at some fun shopping options. Being able to wander and eat as you do can be really nice, and there are some amazing cultural food items that can be enjoyed here alongside the shopping experiences offered in the area.

Friendship Heights Metro Station Area

This location straddles the border between DC and Maryland, and you can find all the high-end stores that you have wanted to visit here. You will have access to the Banana Republic and some more affordable brands as well in this area. If you want a new Louis Vuitton bag or you are looking for the best shopping for other name brands, this is the place to head.

The metro station connects the four large shopping malls that make up this shopping area, so you will not have to walk too much between each shopping mall. These really unique shopping centers offer you access to a large shopping mall that does not feel overwhelming. There is food and drink to enjoy here too if you need a break.

Market offerings in Washington DC

Eastern Market and Union Market

To buy local and enjoy access to artists' wares and goods that have been made by hand, you need to head to either Eastern Market or Union Market. This is a local shopping area that is really special and offers you a view of the Washington DC area that you will not get when you are luxury shopping. This is also a great place for yummy street food and drinks.

Washington DC locals are more likely to come here and avoid the largest shopping malls in the city. This is a great place to enjoy supporting local crafts and creations, and there is a little bit of everything that is sold here. Basically, if you can think of something that you would want to buy while you are in downtown Washington DC, it will be sold here.

Georgetown Flea Market

This older part of the city is beautiful, with lovely views of the Potomac River and stately historic homes. Many people come here to visit the flea market, which is a really fun local event, but you can also head here to see an older part of Washington DC that is not as visible in the city center. You will have access to some boutique stores along M street that make you feel like you have stepped back in time, but there is a sprinkle of chain stores and luxury brands here as well.

Georgetown is well worth the visit, even if you are not looking for any specific items to buy. You will feel immersed in the heart of the city and connected with the history of Washington DC when you shop here. Even if flea market shopping was not on your list of things to do during your visit to the city, you will love the location here and enjoy all the things to see and do besides shopping.

Outlet shopping in Washington DC

Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets

This is a Virginia location that is very close to Washington DC. Like other shopping in the area that borders the city, you will find lots of luxury brands here on offer. The Leesburg Corner Premium Outlets offer some deals on items that would cost more in the center of Washington DC, and you will find this area to be lovely and picturesque.

This is a more affordable shopping mall than some of the other outlets in this guide and this can be the right place to take younger people looking to buy unique items.

Tanger Outlets

Tanger Outlets is another outlet store option that offers access to all kinds of designer and name brands. You will be really close to dining options here as well, so you might want to close out your day in this area. This is a location that has to be reached by taxi since it is about 20 minutes from the center of the capital area.

You will enjoy getting out of the metro center area and having a nice quiet dinner and peaceful shopping experience here. Outlet malls might not be the kind of retail therapy that you were looking for, but this area is a very nice place to head for a quiet evening and a nice dinner.

Shopping in Washington DC

F Street

The F Street area is a good place to head to if you want to buy some clothing. There is a Banana Republic, Macy's, J Crew, and Zara's here, and the area just continues to grow. This is one of the places in the city that has enjoyed some recent revival efforts, and the improved access to shopping and food really shows here. F Street offers a blend of fun, hip surroundings, and affordable shopping, which is hard to find anywhere else in the city.

If you have been worried about getting around the city, this area is an easy jumping-off point for lots of other locations that offer shopping in the heart of Washington DC. You will be able to use this part of the city as your starting spot with ease if that suits your plans. This is a great place to get your feet wet with shopping in Washington DC, and you will be able to branch out from here.

Mazza Galleria

This upscale and designer mall is on the border with Maryland, and you will find quiet and swanky shopping here. This is not as busy a location as some of the other mall spots on this list, and you can shop for designer brands with ease here. This is about as far away from the flea market experience as you can get, but it is one of the retail therapy options that most people are looking for in the big city.

The mall area is close to many fine dining options, so you might want to make this a stop that you enjoy prior to eating a nice meal. You will want to take a taxi to get out here if you are staying in the city center, but the peaceful nature of this area and the dining choices will make the trip well worth your time.

Convenience shopping in Washington DC

Washington DC is a Great Place to Shop and Have Fun

There is no shortage of really amazing things to do in this city and you might have come here for the history or for a visit to the Smithsonian. Even if you are going to spend most of your trip touring museums and historical sites, you need to try to make a little time to enjoy some shopping and fine dining. Washington DC has a lot to offer, from boutique stores run by local artists to designer brands that you usually cannot visit without heading to Europe.

There is a shopping experience for everyone in this large and exciting city, and you will not have to travel far in any direction to locate something special to see or do. This is a great place to plan a vacation and you will not be let down by any of the cultural experiences that this city can deliver. Once your luggage is stored safely, you will be free to wander through the city at your leisure. Head to Washington DC for unique experiences, delicious food, and enjoyable shopping.

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