Best Day Trips from Dubrovnik

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Even though Dubrovnik is a gorgeous city with sensational views of the Adriatic Sea, stunning parks, and award-winning restaurants, Dubrovnik day trips are not uncommon because of the beautiful islands where you can go island hopping and the sandy beaches along the Adriatic coast.

There is a lot to do in Dubrovnik but if you have time, try to enjoy one of the day trips from Dubrovnik. You can find a charming old town with cobbled streets and a medieval walled town as well as some spectacular wineries for wine tasting on the Pelješac Peninsula.

Or take a trip to Medjugorje, where you can visit Apparition Hill, which is the largest Catholic pilgrimage site in the world. Travel down the Dalmatian Coast to Cavtat and see the Rector's Palace, explore the birthplace of famous traveler Marco Polo in Korcula Town on Korcula Island, or take a catamaran trip to Mljet National Park just off the Croatian Coast.

Any day trips from Dubrovnik can take you to picturesque towns, peaceful beaches, and the Neretva River. One of the best things about day trips from Dubrovnik is that you can start at the main bus station in the city center and get to your day trip without having to maneuver the streets yourself. In case it rains or you miss your train, check out the best museums in Dubrovnik for a backup plan.

Whether you are headed for a guided walking tour of the medieval old town of Kotor, a boat trip to the tiny island of Otocic Mrkanac, or the historic town of Lopud Island, you do not want to drag your luggage along. Luckily, there are many Bounce luggage sites in and around Dubrovnik where you can drop them off. They will be safe there until you return with a healthy tan and a bunch of photos to share on social media.

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How to get out of Dubrovnik

Although the city of Dubrovnik has ample choices of public transport, many just do not go very far. However, if you are traveling to a nearby village, there are 13 different bus lines with dozens of routes to get from the town center to one of the seaside towns, the picturesque countryside, or some other nearby spots in Eastern Europe.

If you plan to visit one of the islands, do not expect to find many ferries. Instead, you can enjoy a ride on a catamaran. The ride itself has its own distinct appeal to those who enjoy water sports. If you are going to Jadrolinija, you can take the ferry but it takes over three hours starting in the picturesque harbor in the capital city. It is best to take a look at our guide on how to get around Dubrovnik.

Rentals cars are a good idea if you plan on visiting several different stops or if you are planning to visit a remote area that has no public transport. No ride-share services are offered in most of the areas so do not count on that to get you around. However, what you will find are taxis.

From Dubrovnik to Lokrum Island

If you are a Game of Thrones fan, this island is one day trip from Dubrovnik you do not want to miss. You will start out at the King's Landing filming location, also known as Blackwater Bay. See the main settings and the screencaps as your tour guide gives you the insider's secrets of how some of the film shoots were made.

This four-hour day trip then takes you up the stairs to the Red Keep where you will get some stunning views of Old Town, the city walls, and the Adriatic Sea. As you enter the gates of King's Landing, the staircase of the Great Sept of Bailor will have you recalling the Cersei walk of shame here, which was one of the most important scenes.

Then you will get on the ferry to Lokrum Island and the Dead Sea swimming hole and surrounded rocky beaches. This is a salty landlocked small lake that is a sort of miniature of the real Dead Sea in Israel. The turquoise waters and forest of citrus trees make this a perfect spot for lounging. They even have a lakeside bar and botanical garden. But the highlight for most is getting a picture on the Iron Throne.

How to get to Lokrum Island

To get to Lokrum Island, catch a ride on one of the boats from Dubrovnik Port or another coastal port. They leave every half hour during the summer. Or you could enjoy a sailboat trip to the island from the Old Town Port. The local ferry company has two to four boat rides per hour. More adventurous visitors can rent a kayak and go on their own.

From Dubrovnik to Kravice Waterfalls

Kravice has a place that many people have never heard of and it is one of the perfect day trips from Dubrovnik where you can get away from it all. Kravica Falls in Herzegovina are created by the Trebizat River and the area has a lovely swimming and picnicking spot as well as a few eateries and souvenir shops.

After spending the day in the water, visit the city of Mostar. You can tour the narrow streets of cobblestones in the old town and see the Stari Most (Old Bridge) crossing the Neretva River. Be sure to check out the local crafts at the Old Bazaar. Then, you will stop at the historic center of Pocitelj to see a stunning medieval town. Be sure to bring your passport because you will need to show it to border control in Bosnia.

You can visit all of these places in one trip which takes about 10 to 12 hours. You will enjoy a guided tour that takes you along the scenic Croatian border and into Herzegovina and Bosnia. These day tours are perfect because they will take you to all of these places and back in one day while still having enough time to enjoy each spot.

How to get to Kravice Waterfalls

You can take the day bus, night bus, or rental car to get to the waterfalls. Line 8 bus takes three hours and leaves every 30 minutes from the Central Bus Station to the Opuzen Bus Stop to the waterfalls. The night bus takes five hours and leaves every four hours from the Dubrovnik Bus Station. Or you can rent a car and drive, which will take you almost two hours.

From Dubrovnik to Cavtat

The lovely town of Cavtat makes one of the most perfect Dubrovnik day trips for those who like nature and beauty. This is one of the day trips from Dubrovnik you can get to by local bus to as Bus Number 10 has local buses every 45 minutes from the Gruz station.

But you can also take a guided tour to Cavtat where you will get the chance to walk along the waterfront promenade and the pebble beaches along the Adriatic Sea. While you are there, be sure to visit St. Nicholas Church and the Rector's Palace. The town is quite old, dating back to the 6th century BC when it was named Epidaurus.

The seafront is loaded with things to do like dining, shopping, and other entertainment. Pack your swimsuit because there are some great beaches too. This has also been the location of the annual Epidaurus Festival of Music since 2007. In late August, this fun gathering is one that music lovers should not miss. See our guide to find other music festivals in Dubrovnik at other times of the year.

How to get to Cavtat

For the quickest route, you can drive or take a taxi and get there in 20 minutes. Or the ferry will get you to Cavtat from Dubrovnik in 30 minutes. The least expensive way is to take the line 8 bus to the line 10 bus, which takes about one and a half hours.

From Dubrovnik to Kotor Bay

One of the most popular Dubrovnik day tours is Kotor Bay, which is often referred to as a southern fjord. You can rent a car or take a guided tour from Dubrovnik to Montenegro along the Konavle Valley, the popular resort town with the largest bay on the sea. Montenegro has tons of rugged mountains and medieval villages in Balkan Country for you to explore.

If you take the guided tour, you will stop at Verige to see some of the gorgeous landscapes before heading out along the coast through Perast and Risan to spend three hours on Kotor. This city is a UNESCO site and fortified city with its famous town walls and Venetian architecture. You can learn about the shipping and maritime trade and see Our Lady of the Rocks Church and museum.

Surrounded by beaches like Belane Beach, Plaza Ponta, and Kalardovo Beach in Tivat and Plaza Krasici, Nikki Beach, and Dobrec Beach in Montenegro, you can enjoy swimming, diving, and sunbathing here too. It is worth it to check out the Blue Cave and the Kotor Fortress before you leave.

How to get to Kotor Bay

To get to Kotor Bay, it will take about three and a half hours on the line 8 bus to the Kotor Central Bus Station. The nice thing about this is that you will get to see a lot of the coast and the countryside that you cannot take in while driving yourself. However, you could also rent a car and drive, which would take you about two hours.

From Dubrovnik to Korcula Island

St. Mark's Cathedral is the main highlight of this day trip. Constructed in the 1400s, this iconic building is a must-see. There are only a couple of ways to get here whether you want to take a catamaran ride or rent a vehicle and drive yourself. The whole place is like something from a fairy tale and is, in fact, where Marco Polo was born.

Once you get there, you can enjoy a variety of activities from mountain biking to kayaking. There are plenty of places where you can rent equipment to use at your leisure. If you take a guided tour, you will most likely be enjoying some wine tasting and olive groves.

Wine tasting in Dubrovnik is a wonderful activity. And besides beaches and parks, Korcula Town is full of wineries and other green spaces to explore and enjoy. One place you should definitely not miss is the Korcula Town Museum. Located in a 16th-century palace, you can learn all about the history of the island and its people, including Marco Polo.

How to get to Korcula Island

The most popular way to get to Korcula Island is the taxi and ferry, which takes about two and a half hours. The bus lines 1ABC and 3 take almost five hours but you will get to see a lot of the countryside that you would miss on the ferry. You can also drive to the line 634 car ferry and then take a taxi to get there in about three hours.

From Dubrovnik to Mljet National Park

Located on Mljet Island, this oasis is draped in lush greenery and thick woods making it an ideal spot for hikers and nature lovers. There are also two saltwater lakes that include the Big Lake (Veliko Jezero) and Small Lake (Malo Jezero). Take a boat ride through the two lakes that are connected by a small channel that eventually takes you to the sea.

Right in the middle of the large lake, Veliko Jezero, you will find the small island of Sveta Marija. The building on this island is the 800-year-old Benedictine monastery which now holds a restaurant where you can grab some lunch.

The national park boasts over 13,000 acres of cliffs, islands, and beaches as well as a forest where you can see a variety of creatures if you are quiet enough. Musk ox, deer, wild boars, and rabbits are all common on the island as well as the mongooses that have wiped out the poisonous snakes there.

How to get to Mljet National Park

To get to Mljet Island, you will need to take a boat or ferry. Although you can take a local bus, the trip is long and confusing as you have to transfer several times and spend most of your day traveling. You will take the bus from Dubrovnik to Ston on the Peljesac peninsula and then a bus to a nearby city where you can jump on a ferry. Or you can rent a car and drive, which will take you about three hours and you get to see much more of the beautiful D8 coast road.

From Dubrovnik to Elafiti Islands

This tour is called island hopping for a reason; you are going to hit several islands in one day. Enjoy three of the most picturesque islands just off the coast of Dubrovnik including Lopud, Sipan, and Kolocep. You will get picked up at your hotel and taken to meet your skipper at the local port.

Start your boat ride with a drink in hand and you will soon arrive at Kolocep where the lush forest awaits. Take an hour to explore the beach or visit the Chapel of St. Anton. Then, meander through the charming streets of Sipan where you can see historical buildings made in the 1400s surrounded by fig and citrus trees.

The boat finally stops at Lopud Island where you will enjoy lunch on the boat (you may get to eat Dubrovnik treats) before heading to Sunj Beach with its white sand and clear blue waters. This island hopping group tour from Dubrovnik takes about 10 hours and sells out fast, so book in advance if you are interested. It is certainly worth visiting.

How to get to Elafiti Islands

You will be taking a boat to get here no matter what but it is the speed and experience that matters. To get there quickly, the speedboat trip is best. Or you can enjoy a leisurely slow boat trip with lunch or a private day cruise.

Dubrovnik Day Trips

No matter whether you are looking to enjoy several day trips from Dubrovnik or just one really awesome one, there is something for everyone around this King of Thrones city. You can take a day trip to the Elafiti islands, Kravice waterfalls, or the Peljesac peninsula. You can even go enjoy the wineries on Ston a few times to enjoy their wines. Whatever you do, drop off your luggage first at a nearby Bounce site to travel light.

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