Wine Tasting in Dubrovnik: 14 Places You Have to Try

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Also known as Ragusa, Dubrovnik is a coastal city located in the Dalmatia area or Croatia on the Adriatic Sea. At first, it may not seem like a place you would find some of the best wine tours in the country but once you start looking around, you will notice the allure and beauty of the hills and valleys full of wineries and vineyards.

The Dalmatia wine region features a variety of Croatian wines such as rosé, sparkling wine, red wine, and white wine. Whether you want to hear interesting stories on a private tour of the best wine in the city or take a guided walking tour in the medieval town where you can enjoy wine tastings, you can find all that and more with Dubrovnik tours.

The old town area is also full of family-run wineries that let you taste wines in their tasting room with an array of homemade cheese and olive oil. These hidden gems get excellent reviews for their wine as well as their foods. Since you are planning a night out, take a look at our guide on unmissable things to do at night in Dubrovnik. You will be glad you did.

Whether you plan to visit Dubrovnik for a wine tasting tour, visit a stunning rooftop bar, dine out at a local restaurant, or have a nice vacation trip enhanced by the local wine, you will not be disappointed in this town. You can even take a sunset kayaking tour. Make sure you find a place where you can store your luggage or large bags in Dubrovnik first, so you can enjoy the city hands-free.

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Peljesac Wine Tour

Enjoy the view of the Adriatic coast where you can choose from several different wine tours. The Wine Lovers Walking Tour brings you to three different wine-makers on the Peljesac Peninsula where they are known for their premium reds including Postup and Dingac. All the work is done by hand and you can see how it's done. Besides wines, you will get the opportunity to try their other liquor, cheeses, bread, and olive oil.

The Ston City wine tour features the longest medieval walls in the world and guides who will explain everything about the Ston Oysters and Bay including facts on the production of oysters and muscles as well as the old salt factory. For a small fee, you can hop aboard a boat for a guided tour of an oyster farm. The trip concludes with a nice meal at one of the famous local seafood restaurants before heading back to Dubrovnik Port at Obala Ivana Pavla. This is only one of many fantastic day trips from Dubrovnik.

Address: Hotel Petka, Obala Stjepana Radića 38, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Ston Area Tour

Speaking of Ston, if you decide to know more about oysters and oyster farming, delicious wines, and the ancient wall of Ston, this five-hour tour is for you. For a round-trip from Dubrovnik to Ston with some of the most stunning coastal views in the area, a short boat ride will get you there.

Learn all about the practice of oyster farming and harvesting, which the people of Ston have been doing for over 1,000 years. Take a stroll along the medieval walls of the old city, stop at a vineyard for drinks and snacks, and then tour the oyster farm by boat. You even get to taste the fresh oysters.

Address: Several departures including Pile Gate, UI, Vrata and Pila, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Konavle Wine Tours

Take one of these six-hour wine tours to enjoy wine tasting from several different places. The Brajkovic Winery is the first stop where you can try four different wines including vranac, veritas, marastina, and malvasia, and a liqueur as well as arancini, sausage, cheese, bacon, and bread.

At the Vodopic Winery in the middle of Konavli, you will learn about the small family winery and try rose, merlot, marastina, and malvasia. They will also serve a plate of homemade prosciutto, budo las, cheese, olives, and bread. The last stop is Mlini, where you can enjoy the beach bar or take a seaside walk.

Address: Several departures including Brajkovic Winery, 20216, Zastolje, Croatia

Korčula Island Tour

Known as the birthplace of Marco Polo, the famous explorer, this walled town on the island of the same name is well preserved and a perfect place to explore as Polo did. But you can also get a tour from a local guide with wine tasting, discover new (old) eateries, and similar to the Ston area on the Pelješac Peninsula, the medieval town of Korcula is full of traditional family-run wineries to enjoy on a day trip.

One of the best places to enjoy an impressive collection of wine is at Toreta Winery on Korcula Island. In their tasting room, you can see some of the oldest winery tools and equipment while you sip some of their delicious reds and whites. The southeastern tip of the island has several winemakers including Adrian's, Bire, Cipre, and Vitis. Enjoy wine tastings all over the island.

Address: Trg Petra Segedina 3a, 20260, Korčula, Croatia

Three-Island Tour

If you want to visit all three of the most popular islands around Dubrovnik, try this boat tour sailing the Adriatic Sea. Set sail from the port at the old city center of Dubrovnik and visit the islands in the Elaphite Archipelago. Lounge on the beach and walk the cobblestone pedestrian streets to search for the perfect souvenirs to take home.

Explore the Sunj Beach on Lopud Island, see a traditional fishing village on Kolocep Island, and stop at Sipan, which is home to the old Skocibuha Castle. Then you can enjoy a full lunch at one of the Mediterranean restaurants that include a variety of local wines and other beverages.

Address: Obala kralja Zvonimira, 21220, Trogir, Croatia

Old Town Wine Bars

If you would rather enjoy a variety of wines at one or more of the local wine bars, you will not be disappointed because there are so many to choose from right in the middle of Old Town. Bakus is one of many wine bars within a few blocks at 6 Prijeko ul. It is a cozy and friendly place with a cave-like space to enjoy the best wine in the city at decent prices.

Across the street at 4 Dropceva ul, Malvasija Wine Bar is a charming spot right on the water with over 60 different kinds of wine to enjoy. This bar has won two awards in the past including the 2014 Gold Medal at the GAST Spilt Fair and their prices are a bit steep but well worth it. You may even be able to get a tour and some classes.

Address: Multiple addresses including Prijeko ul. 6, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Pucic Palace

Visit the Pucic Palace at 1 od Puca ul to enjoy the finest dining with wine pairings at either of its award-winning restaurants. The five-star hotel is sophisticated and stunning with two eateries to choose from. Restaurant Lucijan is an open-air terrace on the edge of Gundulic Square and features tasting menus with wine pairings that you will not believe.

Restaurant Magdalena is on the terrace above Lucijan with a spectacular view of the church domes and Old Town. You will be surrounded by Mediterranean herbs, flowers, and olive trees as you enjoy French or Croatian dishes with the best wine in the city. These include Dubrovacka Malvasia, Postup, Plavac Mali, and Dingac.

Address: Ul. od Puča 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Edivo Underwater Winery

For something completely unique, the Edivo Underwater Winery is perfect for those who love the sea as much as the wine. You can visit one of the underwater cellars at one of the three locations just a short drive from the city. Besides getting to taste some of their spectacular wines, you get a real taste of those wines that are aged under the sea.

The winery keeps a limited number of bottles of wine they call Navis Mysterium in a sunken boat. If you are so inclined, you can enjoy a supervised dive to choose your own bottle. If you are not into that kind of thing, you can still purchase a bottle or amphora of wine that has been aged for six months under the sea. The prices vary from $97 per bottle and up.

Address: Drače 18 A Drače, Pelješac, 20246, Croatia

D'Vino Wine Bar Dubrovnik

Whether you want to learn how to be a professional wine taster or just want to taste a few wines, D'vino has it by the taste, glass, or bottle. They offer tastings all day long with some of the most unique wine country spots in Croatia. Stop by whenever, no appointment or reservation is needed.

The casual and cozy winery/wine bar/restaurant is located in the middle of Old Town on Palmoticeva Street. You can be wined and dined, talk to the experts, or request a special private tour with wine tastings. With more than 60 different wines, you are sure to find your new favorite.

Address: Palmotićeva ul. 4a, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik Markets

If you enjoy shopping at open-air markets, Dubrovnik has quite a few for you to peruse. The Gruz Market is the main one in the middle of Old Town on Padre Perice Ul and features all sorts of food, crafts, gifts, and beverages including some of the best buys on local wines.

Old Town Market in Gundulic Square is a busy summer market with scents of flowers, produce, and liqueurs including wine and hand-crafted souvenirs. From red wines to sweet brandy, homemade soap, and jewelry, you will find a little bit of everything here. Don't miss the Christmas Market in Loza Square.

Address: Multiple addresses including 20000, Obala Stjepana Radića 21, 20000, Croatia

International Food & Beverage Fair

Sajam GAST is an international fair that pulls together restaurants, bars, and wineries from all over Croatia and Dalmatia. The event is held annually in March at the Spaladium Arena at 211 Zrinsko Frankopanska Ul. During the fair, you can enjoy wine tasting with some of the best wines in the world.

You will likely need to make a day trip out of this one since it is in Split, which is about three hours up the coast. Besides wine, you can also enjoy the best food from local restaurants and hotels as well as food and drinks from local shops and producers. Do not miss the dessert wine tasting that comes with sweet treats.

Address: Ul. Zrinsko Frankopanska 211, 21000, Split, Croatia

Festival of St. Blaise

Learn about the history of the region as well as how Dubrovnik started its wineries and wine tours. While you are there, why not indulge in some of the other fun activities? The Dubrovnik Day Fest at the beginning of February features parades, concerts, theater, and dance.

You can play bingo at Luza Square and enjoy the games, rides, and drinks at the Karnevale from the 8th to the 13th. There will be all sorts of delicious food, desserts, and wine tasting as well as culinary workshops. The venues are spread across the city and have been going on since 972 AD.

Address: Multiple addresses including Rkt. crkva sv. Vlaha, Luža ul. 2, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

A wine tasting tour and more in Dubrovnik

There is plenty to do during your free time in Dubrovnik from drinking wine to learning about the history of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The entire city center is full of stunning beaches, historic fortresses, and ancient architectural wonders. In addition, the small town boasts a vast array of restaurants and bars that have local and international wines to enjoy. Learn about what to eat in Dubrovnik and try some of the local treats along with your drinks.

You may be in the city for weeks or only have 3 days in Dubrovnik. But no matter how long you are here, be sure to try a little wine!

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