6 romantic restaurants in Naples for the best date night

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romantic restaurants in Naples

Known as the birthplace of pizza, it's not surprising that the culinary scene in Naples is brimming over with fantastic food. Views of Mount Vesuvius, the scenic Gulf of Naples, and an abundance of history all set the scene for an unforgettable date night in the city. Naples is one of the most romantic cities in Italy, and it is also one of the largest cities, which means that there are many romantic restaurants in Naples to choose from. Between shopping, sightseeing, and the lovely weather, there are so many good things to say about Naples besides the dining options.

If you have decided to spend time in Naples, you won't want to carry all your shopping bags, backpacks, or suitcases. The perfect solution is to head to a Bounce storage location in Naples to drop everything off. That way, Bounce will keep your bags safe while you explore this fascinating and often underrated city and enjoy what these romantic restaurants in Naples have to offer.

Enjoying a romantic evening in Naples is a great way to make your trip memorable. You will have no trouble at all creating lasting memories when you choose to sit down at any of these restaurants for your date night experience. While there are many dining options for those who love fish in this area, no classic Italian restaurant is complete without all the usual pasta dishes, Neapolitan pizza, and things like spaghetti and meatballs.

Most of these locations also have allergy-friendly dining as well, which makes it simple to find vegan and vegetarian options if you wish to avoid meat dishes or animal products. While it can be tempting to just find the first local Italian restaurant and book a table there, you might want to take the time to explore these other, more creative locations with incredible views and surprising menus.

Places to take a date in Naples

Ristorante Ciro a Mergellina

While this location is a favorite local pizza place, that doesn't mean that it is not a romantic place to get a meal. The most romantic places in Naples make the most of the sun, both when it is shining down during the day and when it is setting in the evening. This is an ideal place to watch the sunset and enjoy a delicious meal that is made with fresh local ingredients.

The menu is extensive here, and you can order pasta as well as other local dishes that are made using original family recipes. The staff is very friendly and helpful here, and no one will pressure you to head out before you are ready.

Our recommendation

The courses that are offered here when you choose not to eat pizza are cleverly crafted to represent all of the various features of Naples. You can choose from different kinds of starters, then pick from an Earth, a Sea, a Meat, and a Fish course. This is a fun way to get to know more about the classic dishes that are local to Naples, and it gives you a chance to enjoy dishes you won't necessarily get at Italian restaurant locations in other parts of the world.

The menu of tasting courses is the clear choice when heading here for a romantic dining experience, and you will want to think long and hard about missing out on this option in favor of pizza.


Via Mergellina, 21, 80122

Price level


Romantic restaurants with a view in Naples

La Terrazza Dell’Excelsior

The panoramic views that feature at this location are everything that you could ever want for a romantic evening in Naples. This is a rooftop restaurant and bar that is perched atop the Hotel Excelsior. The beautiful bougainvillea winding around the latticework makes each table feel private and cozy, and you will be able to enjoy fresh and local produce on the well-crafted, chef-inspired menu.

You can see Castel dell'Ovo, Naples Port, Mount Vesuvio, and even Capri, Ischia, and the Sorrento Coast from your table here, which makes this a very memorable place to choose for your romantic dining experience in Naples. This is the best choice in our guide if you want to sit down at a romantic restaurant with a view.

Our recommendation

The menu here has many Naples classics, as well as some nice fusion options, which can be a great choice. The specials here are rotated depending on access to fresh local produce and fish, which makes any of these extremely fresh menu items a solid choice. You should also check out the wine list, which is quite extensive and features some really good local Italian favorites.

This location requires that you get a reservation, and when you do, try to request a seating just before sunset at this most romantic of locations with an incredible view. Being able to watch the sun set over the water is really special, which means that we recommend that you don't head to this restaurant at the wrong time of the day.


Via Partenope, 48, 80121

Price level


Date night hotspots in Naples, Italy

La Cantina Del Sole

While the view won't be as stunning at this cute little streetside restaurant as what you'll get at some of the rooftop Italian restaurant locations around the city, you shouldn't miss out on the delicious food here. There are white tablecloths, candles on the tables, and lots of atmosphere here to make the most of. The service is excellent as well, and you can count on the helpful servers to make suggestions about which wines to pair with which dishes.

If you want to soak up the feeling that you are at a real Italian restaurant, you should consider sitting outside in the street while you dine. There is so much that is charming about being immersed in a city like Naples that you won't run out of things to look at or things to discuss on your date.

Our recommendation

The tiramisu is excellent here, so plan to try it out for your dessert course. There are vegetarian menu choices for those who don't eat meat, and the mozzarella di bufala is excellent as well. The Chef's Dessert is always unique and surprising, and you might want to consider splitting a tiramisu and one of these delightful surprise specialty desserts as you sip on wine and chat.


Via Giovanni Paladino, 3, 80138

Price level


Most romantic restaurants in Naples, Italy

Giuseppone a Mare

When it comes to atmosphere, there are few places in the city that scream romance as much as Giuseppone a Mare. There are a lot of seafood dishes on the menu here, but you can get vegetarian and other meat dishes as well. You will sit alongside the sea as you dine, enjoying the fresh air and the views, which are second to none.

This location has been in business since the late 1800s, which makes it a must-visit for history lovers or those who love to soak up the local culture of a place when they visit. Of all the romantic restaurants in Naples, this one is probably the most in keeping with the classic Italian restaurant experience, which can make dining here really enjoyable. You will feel welcomed in with open arms, and you will love the private and romantic ambiance of this restaurant.

Our recommendation

You will need to get a reservation to be able to dine here at night. Be sure that you ask to sit near the water so that you can maximize your view and the ambiance as you dine. All of the menu options that are made with fish are excellent, and you should ask for suggestions about which wines to try. The staff knows how to create a special dining experience and can be counted upon for excellent guidance when it comes to choosing from the wide array of menu offerings.


Via Ferdinando Russo, 13, 80123

Price level


Naples' best romantic restaurants

A ‘Fenestrella di Marechiaro

Named for the famous song by Salvatore Giacomo, this beautiful restaurant is a great option when it comes to romantic restaurants in Naples, Italy. You can sit right at the edge of a cliff overlooking the water here and enjoy the fresh air and the setting sun as you sip on wine and snack on delicious starters. The terrace here is the star of the evening, and you will want to sit out here to make the most of your time at this lovely little spot.

Much of the menu here is dedicated to fish, but there are some classic pasta dishes on the menu and also gluten-free offerings for those with allergies. Make sure to check out the craft cocktails and the wine list to ensure that you enjoy the right drinks to match your delightful meal.

Our recommendation

You will be missing out if you don't reserve a table on the terrace when you come here to dine. You should also be sure that you consider just ordering a bunch of delicious starters and sharing them. Things like the crusted shrimp and the scalloped tuna make excellent sharing platters and are truly unique in their flavor and presentation.

The serving staff will be happy to help you pick out a bottle or two of wine, and you should ask about specials in case there is something unique that is not displayed on the regular menu.


Calata Ponticello a Marechiaro, 27/a, 80123

Price level


Date night options in Naples

Borgo 50

This unique location looks like a miniature castle on the outside and offers you access to a hipster-style dining experience that includes experimental cuisine and really delightful and innovative cocktails. While aimed at a young audience, people of all ages can have fun eating here and can find things that they will love on the diverse and colorful menu.

If you really want to splurge, call and see if you can reserve the private tower room, which is made only for two people. This might require some planning in advance, but if you love this kind of unique experience, it's worth it to pay for the added perks of using this room for your meal.

Our recommendation

The menu is seasonal here and is focused on access to the freshest and most delicious ingredients. It is hard to recommend specific courses, as the menu changes all the time, but when you call ahead to make a reservation, you can also inquire about the current menu. Typically the menu includes something that will appeal to everyone, and you should have no trouble discovering delicious dining options here.

The cocktail menu is just as creative as the dining menu, so be sure that you plan to check out the bar list as well as the wine menu.


Via Castello, 50B, 80070

Price level



Planning a romantic date night in Naples doesn’t have to cause you a bunch of stress. You can visit any of these lovely restaurants and ensure that you and that special someone have a night to remember. If you don’t want the night to end, consider a trip to one of the best rooftop bars in Naples to prolong the evening. Being able to see the city with all the lights on and chat over a cocktail can be a great way to make some more memories before the night is over.

If you want to wander and check out what Naples has to offer as the sun sets, you'll come across tons of different Naples street food options, which are ideal for meals on the go. There is no wrong way to enjoy your time in Naples, and you will find that some of the best food in the city is served from locally-run food stalls.

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