8 must see parks in Stockholm

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The enchanting capital of Sweden has so much to offer in terms of architecture, shopping, art, culture, restaurants, and museums. But it also provides incredible opportunities to reconnect with our natural environment. Not far from the city limits are hiking trails, nature reserves, gardens, parks, and other lesser-known green spaces and hidden gems often overshadowed by more famous attractions.

While visiting Stockholm parks may not be on top of your to-do list, they are great places to stop, rest, and relax in nature. You have plenty of options, whether you’re a local looking for a break from your hectic schedule or a tourist wanting to do something different. Some parks in Stockholm offer excellent views of the iconic old town, while others feature activities like picnics, leisure strolls, jogging, swimming, kayaking, and biking.

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Looking down a path of trees in a park during fall, with a yellow canopy of leaves

Royal Djurgården

Royal Djurgården is a tranquil oasis near the city center. It’s the green lung of the Swedish capital and the city’s most famous recreation area, with a wealth of museums, culture, and historical buildings. It includes Northern and Southern Djurgården, which has been part of the Royal National City Park since 1995, along with other notable Stockholm parks, such as Ulriksdal, Brunnsviken, and Haga.

The site was a hunting ground for the royal family but is now a vast green space for entertainment and delightful strolls among visitors and residents. It’s also a paradise for cyclists, joggers, historians, and families who visit to escape in vast forests and meadows.

One of the notable attractions at the park is Rosendal Palace, built for King Karl XIV Johan in the 1820s as a summer pleasure retreat. Since its establishment during the king’s time, there haven't been many changes, making it a unique documentation of the impressive European Empire style. This royal park has also been a host to numerous cultural and sports events, including marathons, open-air festivals, concerts, and live performances.


Located on the laidback island of Kungsholmen, Rålambshovsparken is one of the famous parks in Stockholm in summer, where visitors of all ages can meet to play, relax, and exercise. Crowds flock here on a sunny day to bask in the sun, chat, and catch up with friends. It’s in a beautiful location next to the lake, which adds to the calming and inviting atmosphere.

Rålambshovsparken is designed with continuous open grassy areas in the middle, while verdant shrubs and trees are clustered on its outer edges, providing shade if the sun gets too intense. The expansive lawns are great for sunbathing, free play, picnics, or a pleasant walk by the lake. The park has various sports fields, an outdoor gym, and climbing clocks for those who want to stay active outdoors. Other features include a paddling pool, an amphitheater, a skateboard facility, and running tracks.

Dip in the water of Lake Mälaren or participate in an aerobics session. Visitors also play softball, beach volleyball, soccer, or boule. It’s nestled between two famous residential areas, with a view over Gamla Stan, City Hall, and Riddarfjärden.

A large park area with a tree lined pond

Tyresta National Park

Twenty kilometers from Stockholm city center will lead you to one of Sweden’s top national parks. Tyresta National Park was established in 1993, noted for its virgin forest and 20-billion-year-old rocks. It includes marshes, small lakes, rocky outcrops, and towering spruce trees. It’s surrounded by Tyresta Nature Reserve, which, when combined, contains 5,000 hectares with 55 kilometers of walking trails.

The Tyresta village in the southern part of the park serves as the main entrance. It’s where you’ll find the National Parks House to buy maps and obtain essential information about Tyresta National Park. A model farm, adventure trails for children, a bird tower, and a café are also located near the primary entrance. From the village, you can begin your tour by following one of the well-marked nature trails.

Explore Sweden’s largest untouched woodlands outside the alpine areas and admire the wild, magical forest. Watch out for animals that may greet you along the way. Stop for a picnic in one of the clear green spaces or swim in one of the clear lakes. For first-time visitors, it’s best to join one of the guides for a short introduction to the park, and once the tour ends, they will recommend ways to continue your adventure.

A winding path in a park, with orange leaves on the ground


Hagaparken is also part of the Royal National City Park, situated in the northern Solna suburb. It’s one of the locals’ favorite spots to hang out and stroll. On warm days, it’s common to spot people sunbathing and lounging on well-maintained grass.

In the middle is an aquarium called Haga Ocean, welcoming everyone to step into the lush tropical environment to meet hundreds of exotic animals, like frogs, butterflies, and parrots. It’s also one of Scandinavia’s largest shark aquariums, with small and large reef sharks and colorful fish.

Haga Park is also home to a museum and café. Haga Park Museum tells Haga’s history, buildings, and people, with permanent exhibitions that chronicle the park’s development. One of the tents has a café serving light snacks, cakes, tea, coffee, and cold drinks.

While Haga Park is a lovely year-round destination, summer and spring are extra special, perfect for a bike ride and a picnic next to a body of water. You’ll also see wildflowers scattered throughout the park and butterflies flying around. It's a relatively small park, so it wouldn't take long to explore the major attractions in the area. Don’t forget to stop by the gift shop before leaving to buy some interesting items, gifts, and souvenirs to take home.


Kungsträdgården, or the King’s Garden, is Stockholm’s oldest park, with a history dating back to the 15th century. Although it opened to the public in the 1770s, it was a royal vegetable garden in the 15th century and converted into a private walled garden in the 16th century. From a garden, it gradually gained a park-like character with flower beds and rows of Linden trees. Today, it’s a famous meeting place where locals and tourists gather and participate in numerous activities.

The park is centrally located in the busy Norrmaln district, making it a delightful destination to unwind and escape the buzzing city streets and stressful rush hour. Sitting next to the pond is a glass-clad pavilion offering an array of workshops, exercise classes, children’s activities, and dances.

You’ll enjoy visiting Kungsträdgården regardless of the season, but it’s especially popular in spring. Visitors flock here to take photos and admire the blossoming cherry trees, creating a magical feel at the park. In summer, it becomes alive with events, like concerts, exhibitions, and festivals. If there are no happenings during your visit, there are things to do and fascinating sites throughout the park, including several historic buildings bordering the King’s Garden, monuments, and statues.

A large greenspace with a willow tree towering over the park area

Gröna Lund

Feeling refreshed and want to take on more challenging experiences in Stockholm? Thrill-seekers who want to do something memorable and out of the ordinary should head to Gröna Lund, Stockholm’s premier amusement park. It invites visitors of all ages to enter its joyful and magical world, whether riding the roller coaster, exploring the haunted house, or soaring above Saltsjön Bay.

Thirty exciting rides await you at Gröna Lund, so there are plenty of choices for everyone of all ages. Try braving the free fall or challenge your friends at the Giant Wave Swinger. For younger visitors and families, the century-old carousel will never be out of style, whereas the Kiddie Bumper cars remain a favorite for the smallest drivers.

If you get hungry, take a break with a snack and drink at one of the eateries and restaurants at the park. You have plenty of choices, from hot dogs and waffles to sandwiches and local favorites. Besides the rides, the open-air concert stage is also quite popular, where you’ll see local bands and big-name musicians perform.

Unfortunately, Tivoli Gröna Lund isn’t open throughout the year. But if you’re near the area or are visiting from late April to early September, be sure to stop by for a few rides or a lovely dining experience. It can get busy on weekends, so if you want to avoid large crowds, mid-week is always the best time to come.

A park with a gazebo and children playing around it

Flaten Nature Reserve

If you want to venture further into the great outdoors, Flaten Nature Reserve is the place to go. It’s about 14 kilometers from the city center and is the largest nature reserve in the Stockholm area, extending from Skrubba on one side to Orhem in the north. In the middle sits Flaten, one of the capital’s cleanest swimming lakes, and Flatenbadet, a popular summer classic for international tourists and locals.

The Flaten, designated as a nature reserve in 2007, is a varied natural area that allows you to get a taste of an active outdoor life. It features several marked trekking paths and hiking trails along the lake for various skill levels, so don’t forget to pack your hiking gear.

Along the paths are viewpoints with panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and the lake. Some parts are hilly, so plan your route before heading out, especially if you’re with inexperienced hikers or you’re a beginner yourself. You’ll walk past rocky grounds, through ancient woods, meadows, and herbaceous groves. The trails have large differences in altitude, making them famous among climbers.

Not into hiking or climbing? Enjoy a relaxing walk while enjoying the views or jump on the lake to cool off on a warm summer day. There are also areas near the lake for barbecues and picnics.


Östermalm is one of the city’s largest and most populous areas, known for its cultural venues, smart bars, and hip restaurants. If you’re in the area and need to recharge your internal batteries, go to Humlegården, a green oasis just a stone’s throw from the posh Stureplan.

Humlegården is a prominent park in the district of Östermalm. It was the Royal Fruit Garden in the 16th century, established by King Johan III, and then became accessible to the public in the 18th century.

It’s not uncommon to see employees in suits eating lunch at the park or locals lounging on the grass on a warm and sunny day. Dog owners and young families also frequent here to exercise, stretch their muscles, and unwind after a stressful day. Since it opened as a public park in 1869, it's been a peaceful spot for relaxation and recreation.

The park features a skateboard ramp, a restaurant, and a large playground. In the middle of Humlegården stands a statue of the famed flower king Carl Linnaeus. You’ll also find several attractions nearby, including the National Library of Sweden, the Vasa Museum, and the Royal Palace, one of Europe’s most dynamic and largest palaces.

Stunning parks in Stockholm for nature experiences

The capital of Sweden is one of the greenest cities in Europe, as evidenced by stunning natural wonders, gardens, and parks near the center of town. In less than an hour, you’ll find yourself in the Stockholm archipelago, a cluster of thousands of gorgeous islands offering numerous outdoor activities, from walking and hiking to boating and kayaking.

There’s no shortage of things to do in the best parks in Stockholm, whether you’re looking for thrilling rides or an educational museum tour. Many are also steeped in history, having been around for hundreds of years.

If a trip to a park isn’t enough to satisfy your wanderlust, check out our guides on beaches near Stockholm and the best hikes in Stockholm to find more ideas on how to spend your downtime.

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