8 must see parks in Turin

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Turin is the capital city of Piedmont in Northern Italy. It's known for its magnificent architecture, food and wine, parks, and mixture of Italian, Alpine, and French charm and glamour. Although less popular than Milan and Rome, Turin gets its fair share of tourists throughout the year. And with main attractions like the Historic City Center, Egyptian Museum, Palazzo Madama, Palazzo Reale, and Parco del Valentino, it’s no wonder why.

Turin is also known as one of the greenest cities in Italy, so there's no shortage of parks and gardens where people can relax and breathe fresh air. Below is a list of some of the best parks in Turin for locals and tourists to enjoy. Whether you’re looking for vast green open fields to run, hike, and explore or somewhere you can spread a blanket and pose the big question over a romantic picnic, Turin parks won’t disappoint.

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Parco della Tesoriera

This park is surrounded by a wall that cuts down the noise and buzz of Turin, not giving the impression you're in the city center. Officially known as Parco della Tesoriera, but ask the locals, and they'll tell you the name of this park is Giardini del Diav. Parco della Tesoriera isn't a large park, but it's one of the best in the city for a picnic or exploring the history of music in Italy.

Inside the park, there's an 18th-century baroque-style house, the perfect place for music lovers. Within the Villa Tesoriera, you can have a wonderful look at Italian music history through documents, manuscripts, CDs, and records and discover the rich history of dance and dance arts in the Dance Center of the library.

The park itself is home to a mix of species of trees and flowers from Italy and many others from around the world. Featuring a number of trails to wander, fountains, statues, and monuments to explore, Parco della Tesoriera offers numerous activities for all ages. There is a small playground for children with some amusement park-style games and plenty of shaded areas for parents to relax and watch their little ones having fun. While there are no restaurants in the park, you can get something to eat at the small shops nearby.

Parco del Valentino

Just south of the city center of Turin, along the River Po, is where you'll find the most famous and oldest park in the city, Valentino Park. Easily one the most popular places in Turin for both locals and tourists to visit and hang out, Parco Valentino is a true oasis and the green lung of Turin. There are a lot of trails to go for a walk or ride a bike, workout areas, and plenty of green space to enjoy a picnic or to relax and soak in the sun.

In the center of Parco del Valentino, the Castello del Valentino is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Near the castle, you can explore either the rock or botanical garden, both beautiful gardens with fountains and sculptures throughout. You'll even find an amazing open-air museum of a perfectly created medieval village, Borgo Medievale, situated on the south side of the park.

This is one of the few parks in Turin where you can relax and chill out during the day and then enjoy some nightlife in the evening. There are several cafes, restaurants, bars, and disco areas in the park itself, some right near the Fontana Luminosa, where the spray changes color at night. And for the kids, there are children's play areas, including one with electronic games and bumper cars. Just like the city of Torino (as they call it in Italy), Parco del Valentino never closes; it's open 24 hours every day.

Parco della Rimembranza

If you head southeast from Turin towards the mountains, you'll find yourself heading up one of the tallest peaks that overlook the city. You won't find any tennis courts or cute playgrounds for the kids here, but what you'll find is a forested park dedicated to the fallen soldiers of World War I. While this is one of the more somber parks in Turin, it's definitely an interesting place to visit.

Plaques with the names of the fallen soldiers are on almost 5,000 trees, and a lighthouse monument, Faro della Vittoria (Winged Victory), is located on the top of the tallest hill near Turin. This means that the park offers one of the most beautiful views of the city. Spring is one of the best times to visit this vast place, as that's when the azaleas and daffodils bloom, and the park explodes with color.

The large green area is dotted with plenty of picnic tables, mountain biking trails, and lots of nature to explore. Those interested in having a picnic can choose from many spots throughout the park, but if you forget to pack a picnic basket, you can sit at one of the many cafeterias and restaurants nearby.

Parco della Pellerina

This is Turin's largest city park, which is divided diagonally by the Dora River into two parks. The park is easily reached by public transit or car, with the main entrance on Corso Appio Claudio. The northern part is called Parco Vittime del Togo hello Stablimento ThyssenKrupp di Torino, which is dedicated to the seven people who died in a fire in 2006 in the ThyssenKrupp plant. The southern section of Parco della Pellerina (officially known as Parco Carrara) is the more visited side.

A spacious park, Parco della Pellerina, is loaded with play areas for children, many picnic tables, volleyball and tennis courts, a large public swimming pool, and even an accidental pond from a flood, a great place to feed the birds. This is also one of the few parks in Turin that is also friendly towards dogs, with an off-leash area for your four-legged friends to run and play freely.

Although most outdoor events take place in the summer, like concerts, the circus, and plays for kids, there's almost always something happening here. And when you need a cup of espresso or some Italian pastries, this park has many kiosks to fulfill that craving.

Parco Pubblico di Villa Genero

Located near Villa della Regina, a 17th-century palace and gardens, a few minutes from Piazza Vittorio and Piazza Gran Madre di Dio, is Villa Genero Park, a small but very peaceful green space in Turin. What started out as a simple farmhouse, which is still there, evolved into a vineyard, and now beautiful gardens surround the old villas. Exploring Villa Genero Park will get you a little exercise as it's in the hills of Turin, but it's well worth the effort. Like most parks in Turin, there's public transit access so that you can save your energy for the walk around.

Going for a walk around the park will lead to some breathtaking views of Turin. The park hides a few little gems you won't want to miss, like the two sphinxes that greet you at the temple gates, stone statues, or the large ancient trees. On the top of the hill, you'll come across a stone obelisk and a panoramic terrace with the most amazing view of the Alps and the town below. You can bring your own food and picnic with the best scenery in the background or walk to the piazzas nearby for a large selection of places to eat.

Palazzo Reale di Torino

The Royal Palace of Turin is one of the city's highlights and a must-see regardless of the time of the year. This beautiful place combines art, architecture and nature in the heart of the city. An important part of the palace is the Royal Gardens comprising The Ducal Garden, the Garden of Arts, and the Grove. Designed like the gardens of Versaille, you can immerse yourself in nature for hours, surrounded by many water features, flowerbeds, lush landscapes, geometric avenues, and sculptures.

One of the garden's highlights is the baroque-style Fountain of Nereids with Tritons, which depicts a nymph encircled by tritons and other sea creatures. There's so much to do and see at the Royal Palace and Royal Gardens, from walking along the tree-lined avenues and pedestrian paths to exploring the 17th-century statues and admiring the grandeur of this gorgeous vast space.

The gardens are also home to the Archaeological Museum and the Royal Zoological Garden. Nearby places of interest are the Botanical Garden of Giardino della Principessa, the Concert Hall, Palazzo Madama, Piazza Castelo, Galleria Sabauda, and many more. Being centrally located, you'll find plenty of places to eat and have a drink.

Parco Ruffini

If you're looking to spend a fun day out with friends or family, head down to Parco Ruffini, near stadium Stadio Primo Nebiolo. This recreational park features plenty of sports fields, including tennis courts, a basketball and volleyball court, an ice rink, football pitches, a mini golf course, and a skateboard ramp. Gym equipment is scattered throughout the park, making it easy to break a sweat whenever you feel like it.

Parco Ruffini is ideal for people of all ages, especially kids who enjoy the fun play areas, giant chessboard, and more. Parco Ruffini is also the site for numerous events, like fairs and travel shows. You can also bring your furry friends along, but you'll have to keep them on a leash if you're outside the two fenced dog areas. There are two schools within the park, but that doesn't make the park less peaceful.

There are plenty of spots in the park to sit down and have a drink. You can come here any time of the day, and you're sure to have a great time.

Parco Europa

Located in the village of Cavoretto, in the lower area of the hill above the city, you'll find Parco Europa boasting one of the best panoramic views of Turin. The park is a hidden gem, which means it's less frequented, but that doesn't make it less interesting. Here, you can wander for hours walking on narrow streets and avenues, exploring nature, the beautiful gardens, and its botanical species.

Pine trees, plane trees, hawthorn, cypresses, magnolias, and cherry laurel hedges surround Parco Europa, making it a pleasant trip for botanists and nature lovers. The park also features an iris garden, a cascading fountain, and an olive grove not to be missed. There's also a children's playground and many benches to catch your breath and stretch your legs. While there, you can check out the Cavoretto Museum nearby or The Church of St. Peter in Chain. There's a cafe within the park if you don't want to walk far for coffee and food.

Fill your lungs with fresh air in the best parks in Turin

Turin isn’t all about architecture and food. There are so many green spots around the city, making it easy to retreat from the city noise and reconnect with yourself and nature. Whether you’re looking for a fun day out with the family, a relaxing day reading a book and munching on a sandwich, or perhaps learning about the flora and fauna, Turin parks have you covered. 

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