6 beaches near Valencia: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Valencia

If you have planned a trip to Valencia, you probably have a lot of things that you are thinking about seeing and doing while you are in this lovely city. You might have all kinds of activities planned in the city centre. However, you can also find some of the best beaches in the world near Valencia. Valencia beaches can be the perfect destination for those who want to have a day of quiet or for those looking for beach bars to have a drink and watch the sunset.

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Playa de Las Arenas

Playa de Las Arenas

This is one of the best beaches near Valencia for fun in the sun, swimming in the ocean, and lots of beach activities. There is no shortage of things to do here, and you will love the beauty of the area as well as the amenities that are within easy walking distance to the beach. This is a sandy beach where you can simply walk if you enjoy this kind of mild activity, or you can play in the gentle surf.

This is also a really convenient beach to get to, and beach lovers can be on the sand really quickly even if you didn't rent a car. Having one of the best beaches in Valencia so close to the city centre is definitely ideal.

Playa de Las Arenas travel distance from Valencia

This beach is 15 minutes by car from the city centre and about a half hour to get to on the train. The Valencia Train Station can actually take you to quite a few of these beaches if you don't have access to a car while you're in town.

Activity recommendations

The local restaurants by this beach near the city center will allow you to walk up and order and then take your drinks and snacks right back to your sun lounger. You can rent an umbrella and chairs, or you might want to enjoy some volleyball or other water sports while you are at this location.

This is also one of the best beaches for family fun, as the gentle waves are ideal for kids or for those who are not interested in battling high surf just to get in the water. This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Valencia, and it is so close to the city center that you really can't argue with making it your destination for a day of fun in the sun.

Playa de la Malvarrosa

Playa de la Malvarrosa

Many people think about the lovely beaches in Valencia near the city center and want to head from the Valencia Airport right to the beach. You could almost do that very thing if you choose this beach for your day of sunshine and relaxation during your trip. Getting to this beach by public transport is really easy, and this might be the most ideal way for you to get your toes into the sand.

Playa de la Malvarrosa travel distance from Valencia

This is one of the best beaches near the city center, and you will just need about 20 minutes to drive here. You can also get on the train and be here in about half an hour.

Activity recommendations

This is quite a large beach, and it is kept really clean and beautiful. This is a fantastic beach for snacking and bringing drinks to your lounger if you have arrived to enjoy the golden sand in the summer. They do close up most of the shops and eateries if you visit the beach during the colder part of the year. Just like Las Arenas Beach, you can enjoy things like volleyball here, and the surf is friendly enough to allow swimming in the ocean.

There is also a long, smooth promenade to wander and take in the ambiance of the area. This beach is also a blue flag beach, meaning that it offers the highest quality of water for swimming and fun in the ocean itself.

If you have little ones with you, you will be glad to know that this beach offers showers and restroom facilities as well.

Surfing beach near Valencia

El Saler Beach

This is a more remote and wild beach than some of the other beaches in Valencia. Unlike Las Arenas Beach and some of the resort-style beaches, this beach has pine trees and vegetation around it and is considered more of a walking beach than a lounging-in-the-sun beach. Head here for the El Saler Golf Club as well if you enjoy playing a round of golf in a beautiful location.

El Saler Beach travel distance from Valencia

This beach can only be reached by car and is about a half hour from the city center.

Activity recommendations

As mentioned above, there is a golf club nearby, but you can also head here to enjoy some peace and quiet and wander along the sandy beach. There is a nudist beach area near l'Arbre del Gos beach, so you might want to consider that part of this beach off-limits if that isn't your thing.

The area near the beach is also ideal for sitting at a cafe and sipping on some wine as the sun sets, or you might want to wander away from the beach to go shopping near the quaint restaurants. The town is just as lovely and charming as the beach and can offer those who are not looking to stay all day at the beach other activities that will keep them in the area for an extended period of time.

Playa de la Patacona

Playa de la Patacona

This is a great beach to head to if you want to rent a sun lounger and lay out all day with a cocktail in hand. There is a lot of nightlife near this sandy beach as well, making this a great stop for those who are looking for party beaches in Valencia. You can stay at this beach for longer than other beaches in the area as well.

Being able to spend a whole day in the sun here can be really nice, and you will not regret getting comfortable for hours at a time when you see just how pretty this beach area truly is. Planning to spend a whole day here is a really good idea since there is so much to do and enjoy along this part of the coast.

Playa de la Patacona travel distance from Valencia

You will need 20 minutes to get to this beach by car, or you can use public transport to get here in about half an hour.

Activity recommendations

Renting an umbrella and a sun lounger is always a great choice when you head to this beach. You can get a group of chairs and an umbrella for a great price, and you can stay past the usual 7 pm closing time that other breaches enforce. You will be within walking distance of some bars and restaurants as well if you get thirsty or hungry.

This is a great beach for nightlife, so if you get done on the beach but aren't ready to go home, you can head over to the cafes and bars near the water to continue to have fun as the sun goes down. This is a great beach for many fun activities, and you can spend an entire day here with ease.

Beaches in Valencia

Playa de Pinedo

This smaller, southern beach is very sheltered, which makes it really nice for walking and for swimming. This spot is also close to a nudist beach and different activities like go-karting. You can head here for a blue flag swimming location as well. Locals use this beach to avoid the crowds at tourist-friendly beaches, which means that you can usually count on a quiet beach day here.

Playa de Pinedo travel distance from Valencia

This beach can be accessed within 15 minutes by car, or you can hop on public transport and get here within half an hour.

Activity recommendations

While there are not as many services or amenities here, you can still head over toward L’Arbre del Gos to walk on the golden sand or enjoy a go-kart adventure. Just remember that this is very close to the nudist beach, so don't wander too far. This beach is often surrounded by vendors selling fried fish, and you can simply sit down in the sand to enjoy the sun or frolic in the gentle surf if you want to get your toes wet. This is not a resort-type beach location, but it can still be a great choice for a mellow beach day.

Kite surfing in Valencia

La Garrofera Beach

This area is connected with the La Albufera Natural Park, and you can walk or hike here and enjoy beautiful beaches and lovely scenery. You will head south of the city to enjoy this beach area, and you might want to bring your walking shoes so that you can make the most of the hiking and nature preserve spaces that are adjacent to the beach. This is one of the sandy beaches that is all about nature and flora and fauna, and you will love how wild and untouched much of this region is.

La Garrofera Beach travel distance from Valencia

You can get to this beach in about 15 minutes by car, or you can spend a brief half hour on the train to enjoy one of the best beaches in Valencia.

Activity recommendations

If you have headed to the white sand beach area near El Saler, this is a beach that is close by that will offer a completely different experience. For those who love a walk on the beach, this is a great place to visit, and you can also enjoy access to parts of the nature park nearby. Bring your own water and snacks and hike, walk, and take pictures in the sun here. You can still sit in the sun or walk in the surf, but many people come to this area near Albufera Natural Park to see the untouched and preserved beauty of nature.

Hammock rentals are possible here, and you can still rent beach chairs and an umbrella near certain parts of the beach. You might want to use part of the day for hiking and walking in the dunes and then head down to the beach to get comfortable and read a book. This is a really unique beach area near Valencia, and you will have a lovely day here no matter what kind of beach activities you like to enjoy.


If you are in Valencia on a budget, these beaches all make really affordable ways to spend a day in the Spanish sun. If one day doesn't seem like enough, you can turn pretty much any of these spots into a weekend trip from Valencia. Plus, if you're willing to travel further for a weekend, much more of the picturesque coastline opens up to you.

Even if you have lots of other things that you want to see and do while you are in Valencia, you will need it would be a shame not to add a sandy beach to your plans. These are some of the best beaches to enjoy anywhere in the world. From hiking in nature preserves to lounging in the sun near a beach club, there is no shortage of great ways to enjoy the beaches in Valencia.

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