9 must see parks in Valencia

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With over 300 sunshine days per year, Valencia has countless activities and places to visit that will keep you on your toes. Not only is it a remarkable cultural and historical metropolis, but it’s also a green city blessed with natural wonders and recreational areas.

The gardens and parks in Valencia are a key part of the local community life, where people can discover a serene oasis and take a day or at least a few hours off from the city’s hustle and bustle. Tourists can also de-stress and rest from all the sightseeing or add them to their itinerary, as many Valencia parks feature many attractions and a network of paths among the beautiful gardens, orange trees, statues, and water features perfect for romantic walks.

Below are some of the best parks and green spaces to check out at least once when in town. We’ve also included a few essential details about each one, so you can pick what you prefer the most. If you need a safe storage solution to keep heavy items that hold you back from participating in thrilling park activities, take advantage of Bounce luggage storage in Valencia. Lighten the load to spend as much time as you'd like in these recommended Valencia parks.

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Cabecera Park

Cabecera Park (Parque de Cabecera) is situated in the historical Turia River bed, offering a riverside green space with biking paths and walking trails, children’s playgrounds, sports facilities, and a small café for light lunch, tapas, and coffee. There’s also a small hill where you can witness gorgeous views of the city and the surrounding areas.

The park’s prominent features are the water elements, including the waterways and ponds. On the weekend, it’s common to encounter locals and visitors chilling by the lake or on the water, with swan paddle and rowing boats available for rent. After using your energy to paddle, sample a tasty snack or grab a beer at the bar-restaurant overlooking the water.

While in the park, why not take the chance to stretch your muscles and indulge in your daily exercise routine by navigating the trails for walking, running, and jogging? Cabecera Park also has an open-air auditorium, seating areas, and grassy spaces to sit on and rest. Next door is the new family-friendly wildlife park in Valencia, Bioparc Zoo, offering boundless nature in the city to learn, discover, and appreciate the intriguing wild world around us. You’ll feel submerged in the wild habitats recreated here, including Madagascar, Equatorial Africa, and the Savannah.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia (El Botánico) is a celebrated locale that brings together culture, science, and nature. It’s a living museum in the historical center of Valencia, founded in 1567. The botanical gardens were placed in different places in the city, but in 1802, the University moved them outside the city walls to el Huerto de Tramoyeres. El Botánico fell into abandonment in the 20th century, and it wasn’t until 1987 that the University started fully restoring the botanical gardens, which concluded in 2000.

Today, the Botanical Garden of Valencia boasts a scientific collection of live plants, historical buildings, and monumental trees. It’s also been maintaining the tradition of Valencia’s botanical gardens since the University established a physics garden for teaching medicine in the 16th century.

In addition to the plant collection, the Garden organizes activities for groups, workshops, cultural & historical events, and guided tours to help visitors have a deeper understanding of its history, features, and offerings. It also has a small library and a rental space for meetings, seminars, and social gatherings.

Valencia Royal Gardens

Everyone is welcome for free at the Royal Gardens (Jardines del Real), a famous park in Valencia near the Museum of Fine Arts. It’s located in a former site where a royal palace once stood and is one of the city’s most beautiful green spaces. Some refer to it as Los Viveros, which means “The Nurseries,” due to its former purpose as a horticultural nursery. The gardens have expanded to include more features and greenhouses.

The Royal Gardens of Valencia is an attraction with an abundance of offerings, from the fountains and sculptures to the ornamental gardens and walking trails. There are also shaded areas for picnics and rest, benches, imposing columns, artificial lakes attracting birds, and pavilions. It has an outstanding collection of diverse flora, including rare exhibits. While there are wild and seasonal flowers, you’ll find numerous varieties of beautiful palms, lush magnolias, and hibiscus blooming year-round.

One of the places you shouldn’t miss when you visit this Valencia park is the Natural Science Museum. It is home to an extensive collection of artifacts and displays on paleontology, local ecosystems, technology, the science of music, and more. Take your time exploring this treasure trove of natural and historical resources, as there are many hidden gems throughout the area awaiting discovery.

Turia Park

You can’t go to this Spanish port city and not visit Turia Park (Jardin del Turia), a 110-hectare public park in Valencia. It’s the country’s largest urban garden that runs through the city along nine kilometers of scenic green space from Cabecera Park to the magnificent City of Arts and Sciences. It’s ideal for families, sports enthusiasts, runners, cyclists, nature enthusiasts, or anyone looking for a pleasant spot to unwind.

The park was inaugurated and became open to the public in 1986 in the old riverbed of the Turia River. It snakes through the central city from east to west, making it easily accessible for residents living in several neighborhoods in the city. It was built as a result of an effort to prevent the constant flooding the city experiences. The former riverbed was transformed into a garden that draws in locals and tourists every day.

Turia Park has different sections designed by various landscapers and urban planners, resulting in a unique green space with rose gardens, sports facilities, pine trees, palm and orange trees, fountains, and more. No matter what piques your interest, you’ll find it here, with opportunities for biking, running, strolling, and biking along the picturesque promenades. It also has ping pong tables, skate parks, rugby and football fields, and giant chessboards, to name a few.

If you’re not into sports or active play, you can find a picnic spot to chill and eat, practice yoga, or join an outdoor dance class. It is also connected to other beautiful parks in Valencia, like the Royal Gardens and Gulliver Park. Nearby are several significant attractions, including the Serranos Towers, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Jose Benlliure Museum, and many more.

Monforte Gardens

From an orchard the Marquis of San Juan purchased in 1849, Monforte Gardens (Jardí de Montfort) was developed and is now a National Artistic Garden and a favorite venue for weddings and photoshoots. It’s a lesser-known treasure of Valencia but one of its best botanical and ornamental gardens. It’s not as popular as Turia Gardens, and since it’s less frequented by visitors, you can take advantage of its quiet and tranquil atmosphere even at the peak of the tourist season. This makes it a desirable destination to escape the chaotic crowds.

Monforte Gardens has distinct areas: the New Parterre, featuring a water fountain patio surrounded by romantic and lush designs, and the Old Parterre, sporting French-style displays with geometrically clipped hedges. Numerous water features like ponds and fountains, as well as mythological sculptures, are also dotted throughout the garden.

Walk through the tunnels and mazes and admire the gorgeous bushes and topiaries. Other points of interest worth seeing are the garden gazebo and a recreation pavilion with a charming balcony from which you can view different park areas. It’s free admission and welcomes visitors every day.

Gulliver Park

For residents and visitors traveling with kids, another must-visit park in Valencia is Gulliver Park (Parque Gulliver), set in the eastern section of the Jardin del Turia. What makes it unique is the gigantic fiberglass figure of Gulliver, which turns every visitor into a Lilliputian. If you’re familiar with Jonathan Swift’s 1726 adventure fiction, Gulliver’s Travels, an aerial view of this big playground will remind you of the scene when the fearful Lilliputians tie down the ‘giant’ Gulliver.

This one-of-a-kind park was designed to look like a giant stylized Gulliver. It’s nearly 70 meters long and nine meters high in a lying position, which kids and the young at heart can climb over and slide down. The hair and clothes of the large-scale Gulliver form stairs, slides, and ramps, offering hours of fun and entertainment to children.

Gulliver Park is one of the city’s most famous playgrounds and a much-loved destination in the garden. Children can come and play for free, while adults can sit on the fun benches surrounding the park.

Central Park

Valencia’s Central Park (Parque Central) is a long-awaited urban oasis covering a total of sixty-six hectares of green space. Construction and development started in 2011 and is expected to be completed in 2025. But don’t worry because the first stage of this ambitious Central Park project has already been completed, offering everyone an expansive green area with 85,000 bushes, 1,000 trees, and seventy herb species.

The first stage was built on an old rail yard site, representing forty percent of the entire park. It is open to the public between March and October. It’s an ideal place to go with kids and relax in nature, with a children’s playground, a climbing wall, an orchard, and a flower garden. Dog owners will also love the fenced dog area, where you can let your furry friend run around and play with other dogs.

Flower Bridge

If you’re looking for a gorgeous place to rest or take photos of spectacular flowers in the middle of the city, there’s no better place to go than Valencia’s Flower Bridge (Puente de las Flores). It’s a glorious sight to behold, with beautiful blooms and lush greenery year-round.

This fascinating Bridge of Flowers is undoubtedly a miniature garden of its own, planted with nearly thirty thousand flowerpots that create a burst of colors when they all bloom. They vary through the seasons but are typically a mix of white, pink, and red geraniums, creating a magical path along the bridge.

The Puente de las Flores is a beloved spot among locals and visitors. It spans across the Turia River, making it a perfect place for romantic walks and leisurely strolls. The best time to come is in the summer and spring months, when the flowers are in full bloom, creating an awe-inspiring contrast against the river below and the blue sky.

Garden of the Hespérides

The Garden of the Hespérides (Jardín de las Hespérides) is one of the smallest parks in Valencia; still, it’s a pleasure to spend time here. It’s so peaceful and relaxing that it’s not surprising to find a few people sleeping on the benches. Its name comes from the Hespérides in Greek mythology, who were the goddess-nymphs of the golden light of sunsets and evening. Famously, the nymphs were also guardians of the Golden Apples at the Garden of Hera.

The myth inspires the garden’s design, interpreted through different sculptures and plant species you’ll find in the garden. However, one cannot deny its classic French garden style with staggered terraces, low banks, and cypress trees. It’s a nice place to stroll, with wide walking paths lined with tall trees and greenery.

Relax and play at Valencia parks and gardens

Get lost in nature and visit the best parks in Valencia for recreation, fun, and relaxation. They’re a valuable part of Valencian life, so for visitors who want to immerse themselves in local culture and lifestyle, spend some time in these urban green spaces. Since most of them are near the city center, you don’t have to travel far to enjoy nature experiences in this Spanish metropolis.

If you are looking for a day trip, head to Valencia Bus Station and catch a ride to the incredible L'Albufera Natural Park. Or explore your new favorite neighborhood on the outskirts of the city.

Are you looking for more outdoor activities to spice up your trip? Read our other guides on beaches near Valencia and the best hikes in Valencia. Before you head to Valencia Airport and your next adventure, be sure to see the surf, take a walk or relax in a Valencia park.

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