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I didn’t know a service like this existed. Super easy and I had over 15 bags to leave! I would like to see the address before booking so I could figure out some logistics, but it w...

Katherine KommerUsed Bounce in Washington D.C.2 days ago
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Used Bounce in Washington D.C.10 days ago

Very friendly and very efficient. Using this took a load of stress off and allowed us to walk around at our leisure.

Louis Mbu Kokee
Used Bounce in Washington D.C.16 days ago

Friendly, easy. Be sure to check when the store is open.

Jeremiah Wooten
Used Bounce in Washington D.C.18 days ago

had to check out of our airbnb at 10 am, and needed a place to drop luggage until our 8 pm flight this was the perfect spot just two blocks from the Metro blue line we just picked up our luggage and hopped on the train to the airport.

Asa Thacker
Used Bounce in Washington D.C.23 days ago

Real easy drop off and the staff remembered my face when I came to pick it up!

Gerardino Illescas
Used Bounce in Washington D.C.1 month ago

Very nice people who made me feel confident about leaving my suitcase there.

Sadazia Robinson
Used Bounce in Washington D.C.1 month ago

Very easy process. Located right around the corner from Union Station. Will use again!

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