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So easy! Really helpful to be able to do. Thanks for providing the service.

Jennifer QuiggUsed Bounce in Lahaina4 months ago
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Aubrey Laplante
Used Bounce in Lahaina4 months ago

It wasn’t the quickest process but the employees are trustworthy and I could be certain my luggage was safe, definitely worth the price for security.

Steffany Bixby
Used Bounce in Lahaina7 months ago

After being very uncomfortable at another location, this experience was everything I needed and wanted it to be. Highly recommend this particular location in Lahina!

Kivilcim Kilic
Used Bounce in Lahaina7 months ago

It is great not to carry your luggage after checkout! Would recommend :)

Emmalee Butler
Used Bounce in Lahaina8 months ago

Friendly folk! Excellent place to check my luggage before a redeye back to the states. Lovely nap under a banyan on the beach ❤️

Michael B Kibler
Used Bounce in Lahaina8 months ago

Amazing experience. Staff was so nice and helpful the entire time. 10/10 recommend if trying to surf all day and leave your bags in a safe environment.

Leena Ung
Used Bounce in Lahaina9 months ago

Great and easy service! Staff is very friendly and helpful.

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