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It was fast, easy and worked perfectly. They gave me a tag for each suitcase and since it wasn't full they allowed me to sit and use their wifi and the restroom if I needed them. S...

Luis E Vera AUsed Bounce in Sao Paulo13 days ago
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Cristian Cicu
Used Bounce in Sao Paulo1 month ago

Nice and wasy. The walk from Lux to the Hotel is challenging, due to the homelessness but if you are coming from Republic, a lot better.

Allison K Poon
Used Bounce in Sao Paulo2 months ago

Great 1st time experience using the luggage storage service with Selina. Staff is super nice, attentive, and available to speak in Ingles. Wifi available, places to sit, the hotel has a restaurant and the vibe was great.

Atal Mofid
Used Bounce in Sao Paulo3 months ago

Very kind team and super helpful. I will definitely use them again

Ijeoma Osakwe
Used Bounce in Sao Paulo4 months ago

The guy with the tattoos who helped us check in was super nice! And he and the doorman (also a nice person) helped us get all of our bags inside. Our stuff was safe and untouched!

Eric Luan De Andrade
Used Bounce in Sao Paulo5 months ago

Everything was okay! It’s a safety place to let your luggage.

Eli Troen
Used Bounce in Sao Paulo11 months ago

It was very easy to drop off and pick up the bag. It’s a nice little lobby, with snacks and a restaurant. The staff spoke English and were very kind and helpful. Would definitely recommend.

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