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The receptionist is super friendly and willing to provide outstanding customer service

Emilio KurtenUsed Bounce in Hoboken1 day ago
Hoboken, New Jersey

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Alex English
Used Bounce in Hoboken11 months ago

Great, safe sport to leave our luggage. Super easy and great location.

Vincent Nguyen
Used Bounce in Hoboken1 year ago

At first I was like where am I at? The staff was 10/10 very kinda and kept our bags safe! Literally just came in showed our receipt and dropped off bags in closet! they close at 6:30pm

Ava Ng
Used Bounce in Hoboken1 year ago

Did not know about this service. It worked out great! Store hours on Bounce were not accurate though but it still worked for us.

Erland Eguez
Used Bounce in Hoboken2 years ago

This is a Great place, they were very helpful. Make sure to check the park near by you could see the city across the water.

Eduardo Espinosa
Used Bounce in Hoboken2 years ago

Best place to store your bags. Will use again if me and my girlfriend are around Hoboken

Matt Fleming
Used Bounce in Hoboken3 years ago

The staff was very helpful and pleasant. It worked like a charm.

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