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Only thing is it was a bit hard to find app took us to a different location

Sandy RamosUsed Bounce in Sorrento22 days ago

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Ryan J Anderson
Used Bounce in Sorrento1 month ago

They were great, easy to find, and very close to the ferry port. Everything went very smoothly. I would definitely recommend this place for bag storage.

Roger Orsinelli
Used Bounce in Sorrento1 month ago

Great location and easy to drop our luggage. Friendly people as well.

Joshua Marantz
Used Bounce in Sorrento1 month ago

Service was excellent, probably cheaper if you don't go through bounce

Nicky Rossi 27 Folly Fields
Used Bounce in Sorrento11 months ago

All good. Easy access arriving from port. If you’re leaving from train station, you will have a lot of steps to climb so consider your options around how you’re travelling. Bounce at Faro was great.

Tanya Parkins
Used Bounce in Sorrento1 year ago

We arrived by ferry from Amalfi and we’re headed by ferry to Naples. We stopped in Sorrento to enjoy some time at the beach. The hotel was right across from the pier at sea level and super convenient to drop and pick up bags to and from pier. We didn’t have to wait for drop off or pick up and our bags were stored safely. The hotel staff knew what we were talking about when we said we had reservations with Bounce. Perfect!

Gina Dilillo
Used Bounce in Sorrento19 days ago

Excellent help at front desk.

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