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Great customer service!! We had some trouble booking through the app and called the store directly. The manager sorted us out and was very accommodating. Easy drop off and pick up ...

AnonymousUsed Bounce in Newport3 months ago
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Dylan W Lusk
Used Bounce in Newport7 months ago

Like most places on bounce, this is a business. The store hours won't be later than a typical business. They were nice, employees knew what bounce was and what to expect, and they took my bags and kept them safe while I got to walk around. This site is a 5 to 15 minute walk from just about anything in Newport, so highly recommend.

Eric Marti
Used Bounce in Strasbourg2 hours ago

Easy to get to from the train station. Staff spoke French, English and German.

Jung-hwan Youn
Used Bounce in London2 hours ago

Place is near the museum, and they keep my laugage safe

Talal Khan
Used Bounce in Milan4 hours ago

7mins walk from the centrale fs station … deposited my luggage in 3mins .. and collected it 1minute Very good

Ann Podolske
Used Bounce in Seattle9 hours ago

Storing our luggage was super easy. The people at the Purple Store were friendly and we felt safe leaving our bags with them. The Purple Store was very convenient to PikesMarket. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Daguilh
Used Bounce in London9 hours ago

Very easy to drop your luggage for the day. Inexpensive also!

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