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To everyone who is unsure. I'm from the UK & it literally did everything I needed it to! It's always a little culture shock when us Europeans come this side lol but this for me was...

Benjamin TrentUsed Bounce in Memphis4 months ago
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Christophe Bur
Used Bounce in Memphis10 months ago

Booking was easy to manage. Staff at the store knew what to do and everything went smoothly. Very convenient service and perfect delivery

Savannah Reynolds
Used Bounce in Memphis1 year ago

Very friendly staff and easy process for storing and picking up. Would definitely use again!

Carlos Davis
Used Bounce in Memphis1 month ago


Black And Chocolate
Used Bounce in Memphis8 months ago

Great customer service

Timothy R Harman
Used Bounce in Memphis10 months ago

Luggage storage works as advertised!

Used Bounce in Vancouver2 hours ago

Only thing that could have been better was the time it took for my bag to be taken in, other than that it was everything I could have needed

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